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Cant equip back original armpatch. (help) General Discussion3.34 / 1by Ubi-Johan 81 days ago
Devs are asleep. Post spelling errors from the White House.056 / 1by dinusty 81 days ago
My D.C. Photo Journey061 / 1by UbiAmper 82 days ago
Y'all are thinking too small with petting the dogs.065 / 1by UbiAmper 82 days ago
Anyone else having console frame issues?026 / 1by UbiAmper 82 days ago
Left trigger being mapped for both "Mark as Junk' and "Navigate Items" in the mod menu is infuriating.081 / 1by UbiAmper 82 days ago
ECHO - DAS AUGMENTED-REALITY-ERLEBNIS News Deutsch0-by thedivisiongame 82 days ago
This is so so wrong General Discussion6.5210 / 1by Ubi-Johan 83 days ago
Thank you again Massive and Ubisoft, you may actually save my life.0531 / 2by dinusty 84 days ago
Marking Mods As Trash Is The Worst Thing In The Game On XBOX!059 / 1by UbiAmper 85 days ago
[Confession] Girlfriend is away work for two days and I'm secretly taking those two days off work to play without interruption0718 / 1by UbiAmper 86 days ago
I'd love to see an Odyssey style transmogrification system added to this game!058 / 1by hamishbode 86 days ago
Is anybody else's sleep schedule messed up all to hell since you started playing this game?0358 / 1by UbiAmper 87 days ago
Agent Highlights: Welcome to D.C. News English0-by thedivisiongame 88 days ago
Agent Highlights: Willkommen in D.C. News Deutsch0-by thedivisiongame 88 days ago
[PSA] Directly to the right of where you teleport into the Base of Operations is a crafting bench without an annoying voice bothering you.095 / 3by dinusty 88 days ago
With the skill bug being just about fixed, I really hope the next top priority is the level scaling00 / 1by UbiAmper 89 days ago
The people who designed the game world, you deserve an award.0204 / 3by dinusty 89 days ago
Any ETA on the scaling bug being fixed021 / 1by UbiAmper 89 days ago
16 Minutes later029 / 1by UbiAmper 89 days ago
Index, Tipps und Einführungen News Deutsch0-by thedivisiongame 89 days ago
This is who you are Ubisoft. General Discussion0.997 / 1by Ubi-Johan 90 days ago
So World Tier 5 isn’t available at launch? General Discussion4.2925 / 1by Ubi-Johan 90 days ago
Patch Notes Forum post got deleted General Discussion1.463 / 1by UbiAmper 90 days ago
The "Skill disappearing" bug needs to be TOP PRIORITY for Massive to fix.0549 / 1by yannickbch 90 days ago
World Tier 5? General Discussion4.2982 / 1by Ubi-Johan 91 days ago
Fix your $%&@*!? Game!!!!!!!!!!!! General Discussion1.4316 / 1by Ubi-Johan 91 days ago
To the level designers and artists.014 / 1by dinusty 91 days ago
This is how game sequels should be. Thank you Massive and Ubisoft for this masterpiece0185 / 1by aemond 92 days ago
Who else is at work rn browsing this sub wishing they were home0616 / 1by UbiAmper 92 days ago