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  2. See video for details This Build shows how to reach over 432K skill power, with cluster mines doing 117K base damage each with only 5.0 second cooldown. Bleed damage from blasts at 48K per second. This build is a work in progress, but shows the gear, mods, abilities and talents needed to create a seeker mine tank. This build can be converted to a support build for 8v8 matches in the new 1.6 Last Stand release.
  3. I believe there should be a lvl gap in the DZ levels just like the orange color level cap. Why, Well so that the very high up levels should not be able to go after the lower level guys that are trying to freaking level up. It feels impossible with the jerks that are being an Ass! Either that or add just PvE in the damn dark zone. However I don't see that ever happen. Makes you feel of not wanting to play this Damn game sometimes. But that's just me I guess. Have a nice day all!
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  5. Ghost sucht noch aktive Gamer schaut vorbei wir freuen uns
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  7. LEC takes about 10 minutes a run just doing it solo for me.. I don't grind for the named pieces..I just grind the places where my set pieces drop the most.. D3-FNC drops well for me at LEC..One other set drops there a lot for me also..I just can't remember which one at the moment.. Named items are just a bonus if they drop..Half the time the only good thing about them is the talents.. The stats on any I have need rolled on.. Would be nice if they actually had some gear that was a must have because of being so awesome.. It's all pretty much just an RNG fest .. Nothing like being in survival and opening 3 masks in a row on the same
  8. UPDATE: unlink uplay account via computer, then login to game link account there and now you can play.
  9. I've been trying to login to The Division server for 4 days now and all I'm getting is the connecting screen with the orange circle. Please help I just want to play the game.
  10. Hallo wir suchen noch aktive gamer wir freuen uns immer auf nette mitspieler unser support freut sich auf euch lg
  11. I am having problems with Return to base of Operations, Return to Camp Hudson and a few other places. It says it's there but they are not responding as the missions will stick there forever. Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. A few days before the release of Update 1.6 and Last Stand the developers of The Division have published a sneak peek for the new Season Pass' exclusive Incursion called Stolen Signal. Some of you have probably already tried it out during the public test phase and realized that it plays a bit differently compared to the other existing ones. Read on
  13. Hallo Gamer & Gamerinnen "Ghost" sucht nette aufgeschlossene Leute im Alter von mind. 18 Jahren. "GHOST" ist eine lustige Gemeinde, die aus allen Lebenslagen und Berufsgruppen besteht. Unser Alter reicht von 18 bis 60+ Jahre. Der Durchschnitt liegt bei ca 25-35 Jahre. Nun zu uns. Wir bestehen seit dem 01. Juni 2016 und haben uns seit Gründung zu einem der erfolgreichsten und organisiertesten Gamingclan Deutschlands entwickelt. Aktuell werden einige Games angeboten: Overwatch, Heroes of The Storm, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, The Division, Rainbow Six Siege & Battlefield 1. ESL ist mitvertreten, wir bieten aber auch Interne Ghost Cups mit tollen Preisen an und starten jeden Monat Verlosungen wie z.B Gamecards, Spiele uvm. Unsere Serverrange kann sich sehen lassen, "Ghost" hat nun viele hundert aktive Gamer. Die Mitglieder sind der Clan und so wird auch verfahren. Wir suchen nette Leute, die in unseren Clan passen und Spaß am Spiel in der Gemeinschaft anstreben. Störenfriede die die Absicht besitzen dem Clan schaden zu wollen werden "entsorgt". Cheater sowie arrogante Highskiller können wir nicht gebrauchen. Die Mitglieder sollen sich absulut wohlfühlen und wissen, dass sie immer nette Supporter bei jeglichen Fragen und Anliegen hinter sich stehen haben. Was wir suchen: Im Bereich The Division suchen wir Fun als auch Pro-Gamer, die tolle Teams suchen oder auch es einfach satt haben alleine zu spielen. Es werden bei uns Gamer mit High & Low Skills angeboten, d.h für jeden Geschmack ist etwas dabei. Egal, ob Ihr nur mal kurz Darkzone laufen wollt oder doch mal den ein oder anderen Boss legen möchtet. Unser TS3 Server Webseite
  14. Sign up at if you think you have what it takes.
  15. Another regular maintenance day is over. Without any changes or bugfixes on the game itself, today’s State of the Game episode unfortunately hasn’t revealed the information most of us might have waited for, the release date of The Division’s upcoming Update 1.6 and Last Stand. Read on
  16. Hey guys and gals just wanted to get some feedback on what everyone will be running or plan to run in 1.6. My current thoughts are striker with savage and specialized backpack. All mods will be 267 stamina mods with skill haste and electronics with skill haste. For the Weapon I'm going with Fumas with sawed off shotgun with adept and comp. so save up all those max armor strikers they will be the new DPS meta. For my 2nd main gun Navy MP5 adept , vicious , responsive.
  17. finished the Lincoln tunnel checkpoint.
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  19. I mean't the Lincoln tunnel check point.
  20. I need some help getting thru this tunnel checkpoint if anyone out there wants to help, add sealteamsix26.
  22. Whats up Rage, you and your friend are always welcome at JTF4, its a Clan we are in Several games including all Tom Clancy's games. search JTF4 Clan in Communities you will find us, or add me my handle is BBlessed1313
  23. I'm trying to do it but I don't know how some of you can run this shit so many times in one sitting. I get bored of the same mission.... and for what? A vest that might not even be as good as what I've already got?
  24. Yea,I used to die a lot until I got the hang of it and got my routes down for materials and weapons and stuff.. Those hunters are not so bad once you start to kill them a few times.. It used to be that by the time I got to the darkzone,I would have like 10 to 12 minutes left to get my anti-virals and make my flare gun and then try to kill the hunter.. Now I'm getting in there under 30 minutes and being able to farm in there.. I have four level 30's that all have their inventory full of survival caches.. I guess when 1.6 goes live,The survival and weekly caches are guaranteed to give you exotic gear and weapons..So I've been saving mine for that.. Any gear that I get..If it's not a god roll,I just burn it for materials.. I've already gotten just last week,Two MDR assault rifles from the survival there is no sense grinding for that anymore.. I just love the whole experience in survival..I wish they would have added to it more in 1.6
  25. we are 240+ gear score and have only been playing for a week or a little longer,we are located in the usa,we both have mics and are looking for a couple other people with mics aswell and that have the underground dlc and so on,we will eventually be getting into pvp aswell,we don't mind helping people get their gear score up,if interested send me a message on psn rage-x-core
  26. Yes I have almost got to the very end and enjoy it over DZ.
  27. Supposedly just disappears... I want it back and soon, I modified and scored everything legit.
  28. Have you tried Survival yet? You can pve or pvp in that and end up with lots of mats and gear each run.. You get in the darkzone without having to pvp.. I've gotten addicted to that part of the just another option if you haven't tried it out yet.. I have a blast in that thing just doing it solo..
  29. Thanks, I will give that a try...
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