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  3. Colt

    [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  4. Colt

    [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  5. Colt

    [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  6. With Ubisoft being at PAX West 2018 in Seattle this weekend, Senior Lead Designer Keith Evans from Redstorm Entertainment was talking about Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and the decision for why it plays in Washington D.C. - seven months after the outbreak in NYC where the original game took place in. Moreover, and in addition to the glimpse of the mega map that was already shown in the game's official announcement trailer, the full map and its districts has been revealed. Read on
  7. Colt

    [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  8. While the extended free week of Survival has ended today, The Division's Global Event Strike is now back for another week and allows you once again to collect exclusive rewards and Classified Gear Set pieces. Read on
  9. This week was all about the gamescom 2018 and the at the same time announced special editions as well as pre-order bonuses for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Moreover, The Division Update 1.8.3 has been released and the free Survival week extended. Read on
  10. The Division Update 1.8.3 is now live on all three platforms! The changelog is not really surprising, so received the Classified Gear Set version of Striker’s Battlegear the already announced balancing update in form of an adaption of heal rate and the way stacks are maintained... Read on
  11. Just in time for the start of gamescom 2018 in Cologne this week, Ubisoft has published the official Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Gameplay Trailer as well as Screenshots and Concept Art showing the White House for the first time and more details of the new in-game environment. Read on
  12. The Australian Microsoft Store has revealed first details about the game’s editions that will be available for purchase and pre-order, two months after The Division 2’s E3 announcement and just in time for the upcoming gamescom 2018 in Cologne this week. Read on
  13. Are you still looking for a way to cool yourself down during these hot summer days? Then it's time for some preparation work, grab a Pom Pom beanie, a pair of gloves, winter jacket and whatever else it takes to stay alive during the next couple of weeks. The now in August released The Division Shield called "Phoenix" leads you into the game's Survival mode and will challenge you in form of 3 objectives in order to unlock this month's rewards. Read on
  14. QXARE

    Vanity Outfits

    Hi, the only confirmed information we have at the moment is that the rewards (arm patches and stuff like this) you can earn via The Division Shields will be available in The Division 2. Because the environment and setting will be a different one, nobody can really say for sure what the developers have planned so far, but there will be definitely new outfits as well as vanity items. The hat you are talking about might find its way back into the sequel, but we will have to wait and see.
  15. Benfister

    Vanity Outfits

    Greetings guys figured I'd throw in my own curious question for the up coming Division 2 which I'm very excited for. I watched so many YouTube vids on recent gameplay and excellent news for the new game one thing I found most exciting other than new weapons and gear but also the more verity in outfits for the game play. So my question is regarding one particular item I really hope returns in the Division 2 is the Mafia style black fedora hat so will it return as an outfit item ? I ask this odd question because its become a defining part of my character in the first game and tho obliviously I wont be able to carry over gears and weapons into the Division 2 I do however hope in the Division 2 I can retain my trademark fedora as an outfit piece as if I'm continuing my character's story from the first game into this next game like a new Indiana Jones so to speak with new weapons, gear sets and missions but one thing remaining consistent is my trademark fedora. So I hope its able to return and very excited for continuing the Division story and can't wait to finally get into the action.
  16. Looking for some other old people that want to team for some Division time in the evenings after work. Maybe on the weekends sometimes.
  17. The main focus of this week's State of the Game episode was on the upcoming The Division Update 1.8.3. Besides the developers revealing more detailed information about what has been planned for this next on quality-of-life oriented patch, agents can still expect plenty of new in-game activities such as double High-Value Target elimination rewards as well as a new Shield and a Global Event in August. Read on
  18. The Base of Operations will apparently find its way back into Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. While players of the original game were able to establish their base in New York City’s U.S. General Post Office, the White House in Washington D.C. will be the new headquarters of agents in the game’s sequel if it’s true what has been said during one of on Ubisoft Brazil’s channel hosted Ubi Live Shows. Read on
  19. Colt

    [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  20. No Season Pass, but free DLC for everyone in form of 3 Episodes, that has been confirmed alongside Tom Clancy’s The Division 2′s official announcement at this year’s E3. However, players were still a bit concerned about the way the original game handled the releases for its timed exclusive content. Read on
  21. xXapplemasterXx

    Suche Spieler

    Spiele das Spiel erst seit kurzem. Zuerst auf der Ps4 gespielt ( Weltrang 31 ), weit gekommen und später auf PC gewechselt. Auf dem PC bin ich erst LVL 15 und spiele grade die Mission durch, bin aber auch öfters in der Darkzone oder erledige Nebenmissionen. Wer Lust hat die Story mit mir durch zu spielen oder was anderes zu erledigen, kann sich melden. jetzt kommst ID: xXapplemasterXx :D
  22. Yesterday's State of the Game episode was short but concise and confirmed that Global Event Assault will be playable once again, starting next week Monday already. In addition, the by the community raised balancing concerns about the Striker's Battlegear Gear Set will be addressed in upcoming weeks, same goes for the "Running Bug" fair players are currently plagued by in the Dark Zone. Read on
  23. Were a clan of sociable people that play a few different games but we are recently playing the division looking forward to division 2 coming up, and looking for a few more people to play with. We do everything through our discord channel https://discord.gg/txsk7Cd , feel please join and check us out, were all friendly but know how to have a good laugh and willing to help out other players, we mostly farm the darkzone,manhunt,and pier 93 atm still experimenting with different builds, and we all loot share to help each other out.
  24. The San Diego Comic Con has started 2 days ago and with it, Dark Horse Books has confirmed a partnership with Ubisoft to provide fans an extensive and unique insight of the The Division franchise. “The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division”, so the name of the 192-page hardcover book, will include details about the game’s lore as well as detailed art and will go on sale March 19th, 2019. Read on
  25. The new The Division Shield for July named "Sacred" has been enabled today and is now ready to be unlocked in the game. This time it leads agents into the Underground of New York City and requires you to complete 3 challenges in total to unlock the rewards. Read on
  26. Likwidflux

    [NA][EU] Ferrous Core is Gearing Up!

    A PC gaming community with an RNG problem; founded in June 2017 on PC Destiny 2 as a community of gamers with similar interests, we are now expanding to The Division and continuing to recruit hobbyist players, awesome people, and anyone seeking to learn, adapt, and improve at this hobby of ours. ------- **About Us** Name: Ferrous Core Platform: PC Main Time Zone: EST / GMT-5 Age Floor: 18+ Average Age: 27 CORE was founded by a group of friends and r/fireteams acquaintances frustrated with past experiences in other communities; we came to the realization that to play in the community we had always wanted we would need to build it ourselves. We're based on four principles (below) of fun, teamwork, maturity, and the priority of our real lives above all else. We’re presently a majority Destiny 2 community, with The Division being a new addition to our stable of supported titles in preparation for The Division 2. While we enjoy Destiny and want D2 to succeed, it has reminded us not to put all of our eggs in a proverbial single container. For more information about our expansion plans, check the games page on http://www.FerrousCore.com/ Drawing parallels from our Destiny playerbase, we are primarily PvE focused with sub-sets of PVP. We use Discord for almost everything; text and voice, supplemented by a the100 page for game scheduling. We also just celebrated our first anniversary as a community in June, and we made a little video compiling some of our members videos, gifs, and screencaps. [Feel free to give it a watch.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd-wDGCFjsA) ---- Our principles: 1. **Games are meant to be fun.** Games are an escape, an entertaining and challenging diversion from our day to day lives. Thus, if you're not having fun playing in any given group, why are you playing with them? At Ferrous Core we're about mutual respect among adults while playing for good fights, good loot, and more tally marks in the win column. 2. **Teamwork is overpowered, so USE IT.** We are unashamed tryhards. We play to win, because victory and personal success in these digital realms is always more rewarding and fun than the alternative. We will joke and laugh and screw around, but all players here are expected to put on their game face and play hard when the caller says it’s time to be serious. 3. **Maturity, Responsibility, and Self-Improvement.** We seek to foster an environment in which players identify and take responsibility for their own actions and defects, and seek assistance in improving both their level of play and themselves at and away from the keyboard. It is only in cooperation and pushing each other to be better that any of us may reach our full potential, both as gamers and as human beings. 4. **Real life always comes first.** There might be some good-natured ribbing if you have to go tuck in your kid, kiss your SO, or let the dog out, but as much we love the games we play our meatspace lives and responsibilities *always* take priority. ----- **Requirements and Application Process** Requirements Platform: PC Age: 18+ Language: English, conversational at minimum Once you join our Discord and speak with a recruiter we tag you as an "Auxiliary" or green name; think of being an Auxiliary as a "test drive." We want you to get a feel for the group, play with people, and hang out in Discord. During this time the regulars will review and vote for you in a private channel, and once you receive enough positive reviews you'll be elevated to the rank of Regular yourself. Once you convert to regular, if you need to go inactive and come back later, you'll retain all your old access and we will make a bungie clan slot for you if necessary. To be clear, *you get out what you put in here*, if you're active in voice you'll be noticed for sure. If you just sign up but never talk and never party up with people, don't expect votes. We place an emphasis on teamwork and camaraderie, not lone wolfing it. **Links** Discord: (Provided upon request, or use the link on our website) Site: http://www.FerrousCore.com/ If you think that Ferrous Core could be a good fit for you: message Likwidflux#8092 on Discord, or u/Likwidflux on reddit. Once you get in touch with myself or another recruiter we'll have a quick chat to get to know each other, and then get your role/permissions sorted out on Discord. Cheers folks, / Lik
  27. Although it’s only been a month since Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was officially announced at this year’s E3, the game is already breaking first records when it comes to the number of beta registrations. Read on
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