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  2. Please go to the link in the description and ask to join the facebook group. We would then know you and discuss. Thanks for your interest in pur community
  3. I want to know how to use my agent from my pc division. And use him on my xbox one
  4. Would love to join.
  5. Team Special Forces is here for you!
  6. Last week
  7. What platform you guys on?
  8. Wir suchen immer noch nette und aktive Member. schaut doch einfach mal vorbei.
  9. He buddy, dunno if you still need some help building or playing? Let me know, cuz it could use help also with both xD
  10. Hi guys! Im Mike, 30 and just started The Division a month ago and loving it. Reached lvl 30 and completed my first incursion today! Im looking for any and all players wanting to team up and teach me a thing or 2. I dont use the mic that often because i usually play when my daughter naps or when the whole house is asleep. Ive played Destiny since the beta so i understand a lot of the Division mechanics since there are some similarities. Take care, Mike.
  11. That vendor is still messed up... will there be a fix for this?
  12. We're still recruiting, sign up today!
  13. First of all and despite yesterday's announcement, Massive thankfully decided to extend today's maintenance downtime for an hour in order to deploy the bugfix for the invisibility glitch, which is now live. In addition, Community Developer Hamish Bode gave us a small preview during the latest State of the Game episode of what we can expect from the next client-side patch, which will primarily focus on improving the player experience. Read on
  14. Last Stand, The Division's latest DLC addition was released around 3 weeks ago, but instead of being able to enjoy the newly introduced objective-based PvP experience in a fair and controlled environment, the majority of players has to fight against cheaters and exploiters who apparently have already gained the upper hand in this game mode and the entire Dark Zone. Read on
  15. Nice one Jay Supoer Handy
  16. Earlier
  17. Operation ISAC is apparently back again. Although it was planned to continue the story around Simon, Esmay and Asher with the release of The Division’s second expansion Survival, nothing really happened since then until last week, where Ubisoft has released two new transmissions – 23 and 24. Read on
  18. "Ghost" sucht noch aktive Spieler. Schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei.
  19. Ran Lex a lot and had two fall within two days of each other. Not really all that good with the builds I run. Ferro's Mask was a better score and that dropped in a field cache. It's cool when one drops, not so much when you try to add it to a build that's already working well. And as far as I know, it only drops on Challenge. You can run all day and night with randoms and never see one drop. I like running Lex just to farm what ever falls. It's a quick, easy mission if your group is balanced evenly, a tac link or two, health link or two, flame turrets and seeker mines. I've only run two times where the group struggled. Good luck!
  20. Been using a M700 Tactical (only cause it has higher headshot damage than my Carbon), and I was looking into using a couple gear sets for higher headshot damage and cool perks. I think I'm pushing about 200% headshot damage with the ole girl and would like to maximise damage here (don't most of us?). I'm currently getting more damage using the Skulls MC gloves and Colonel Bliss' holster. My question here is this. Who uses what for a solid sniper build?
  21. When playing a Last Stand match, the game is freezing on the map showing your spawn location. You can see the map and your team's icons moving on the map, but it never fully loads and allows you to rejoin the game (it keeps saying 'Loading'). In some cases, when the defeat or victory is declared, you spawn back. In other cases, it kicks you from the server altogether and you have to essentially restart the game from the character screen (you get nothing for the match played). I don't know if this is a Ubisoft programming bug, or DOS attacks, but it needs to be fixed or it will kill the game. No one wants to put 10 minutes into a match, and get nothing for it. For me, it is happening 20-30% of the time. I'm going to start posting some videos of these matches so people can see what is happening.
  22. Tom Clancy’s The Division turned 1 year old three days ago on March 8th, 2017. The first year of the game was a very intense one, for all the players out there as well as for the developers. Read on
  23. Looking to join the squad, on most days during daytime hours except weekends. If you got crews that run and looking for a player I'm in.
  24. Rewards Claim Vender is messed up. Had a keys and such and on your birthday as well month of my birthday the vender guy has nothing. including losing my DZ keys as it says 0 so something is messed up!!
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