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  4. Are level 15 able to be in the 1 - 14 level area. I thought that it can not happen this way. Why is it allowed!
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  6. The first Global Patch Notes for the upcoming Quality Update 1.6.1 have been released. Besides a small issue with the character import, the PTS should be running fine now and be available for all PC players who own Tom Clancy’s The Division. Read on
  7. Today's primary topic in a new episode of State of the Game was tomorrow's go-live of the Public Test Server for The Division's upcoming Update 1.6.1, which is still scheduled to be released somewhere in May. Read on
  8. Moin Moin , falls ihr eine aktive TheDivision Community sucht. Schaut bei uns auf der Webite vorbei oder direkt bein uns im Teamspeak. Da wir nach wie vor Aktiv auf der suche nach verstärkung sind.
  9. Another wallhacker.
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  11. There are a lot of people here who have a PS Vita, and some that may also have other PlayStation-brand devices, like the PS3 and PS4. All of these systems have options for earning trophies as you play through each game you have for the system. We all have trophies that come up regularly and here is a way for you to keep everyone on the up-and-up for it. Just mention the game, platform and the trophy.
  12. Come take advantage of the easter rewards ingame with Team SF!
  13. In case you haven't found the solution yet, just open the in-game mega map and the Supply Drop should either be close to Lexington Event Center, or the Russian Consulate mission (you might have to zoom in a bit to see it).
  14. You can still buy the Year 1 Season Pass and receive all three expansions. There are currently no plans for a new Year 2 Season Pass.
  15. Today's maintenance fixed an SHD Tech related resource bug in The Division's Last Stand mode. Besides that and in a new episode of State of the Game, Hamish and Yannick have announced a Spring Celebration Event which is starting tomorrow, as well as unveiled more details about the still for May scheduled Update 1.6.1. Read on
  16. The developers are aware of the problem, but it's just a visual glitch. I think they said it requires a client patch to fix it. The next client patch is planned to be released in May.
  17. Tach zusammen , Ghost sucht nach wie vor aktive spieler für The Division. Schaut doch eifach mal bei uns auf der Website oder auf dem teamspeak vorbei
  18. plzz subscribe
  19. i wanna help anyone who needs it ive played the division since the start and i am like number 6 or 7 on the leader boards for rouge kills plzz subscribe
  20. if you need help in what to run or have any problems go to my YouTube and look at all my builds you can use any of them witch are usfull and if u have and problems message me ive been playing division from 1.0 so i would love to help anyone that needs it plzz subscribe
  21. Could we get a 'Mark as Sell' button added on inventory screen. Sometimes you want to scrap half your pickups and sell others without having to go through all the screens. Or if your at 999 fabrics and you scrap more maybe autosell instead. Just an idea.
  22. Today’s State of the Game episode from April 6th was very short, with only 8 minutes probably the shortest one we ever had. The reason for this is more or less obvious – there is nothing really new to talk about yet while the developers are still working on the next Quality of Life Update 1.6.1, which is scheduled to be released in May; and of course the content for Year 2. Read on
  23. I am looking for china time zone players. I am active every night. Add me bacardi_manuel1
  24. you can add me ps id:bacardi_manuel1
  25. you can add me bacardi_manuel1 i've never been into the dark zone yet but i can handle anything my level is 30 in the normal zone
  26. Hej hej , meine mit Agenten. Wir suchen nach wie vor mitstreiter um Manhattan aus dem Caos zu ziehen.Schaut eifach mal bei uns auf dem TS vorbei oder auf unserer Website und schließt euch uns an. Und hab spaß zusammen mit unsere Leuten . Wie sehen uns bei Ghost!!! TS3
  27. I use two lightweight M4's.. or a mp5 and an AUG. Never thought about using LMGs, may try that.
  28. Build: Predator + Barret + Savage Gloves.Base: 7200 Firearms / 369k ToughnessWeapon: Lvoa-c and M4
  29. I just want to play legendary mission and have failed due to others in public lobby's always leaving dying and not knowing what to do i have four spots open message me on my gammertag UnderW4terBear, im male 23 years old. just so u know im not a child.
  30. Rund um die Uhr gibt es bei GHOST Leute, mit denen man spielen kann. Schaut mal rein! Richtig coole Leute hierWir suchen immer noch nette und aktive Member. schaut doch einfach mal vorbei.
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