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  4. I'm 46 and I really enjoy military and strategy games, and Division is a keeper in my opinion good fiction that borders on possible reality it is intriguing . I've played division over the last year off and on - and really enjoy the game play and the story line. I have a question for those players who like to teach and just share knowledge. I'm currently 256/17 I would like to know how to team up with some one and learn the ropes of dark zone : not a total stranger to weapons ,but when it comes to some of the mods and there functions id like to get a another view on specialized weapons and there function in the game. My fire power is 152,045 fire arms 5440 Toughness 232,586 stamina 2564 Skill power 151,870 electronics 4582 .... Just looking for some advice on how to get better and faster with the process , some gamers don't want to play with you if your not a certain level and I get that , but we all started low at one point. Just looking for some friendly advise and direction...
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  8. To keep the game fresh. I think it would be a good idea to have dynamic AI Elites and Bosses with gear sets. Meaning Randomized elites bosses and rouge division agents who have Tactician, Dead-eye, Predators Mark, builds or Exotic pieces. These builds could consist of 2 to 6 piece sets with notification over the AI's head. This would be great as players will use strategy and different gear to take down AI enemies. Other low level enemies could have just extra damage, health or skills in yellow gear. In some cases you could even put 4 AI enemies together to help compliment each other gear sets making the fight even harder. It would be refreshing to even see an AI enemy have weaker to stronger turrets and health boxes depending on the AI tactician gear etc. In addition the players will see what type of gear or guns the AI may drop. This will increase cover to cover game play as we will not no what to expect from the AI each go around. Even though we play the same modes we could at least expect a different AI fighting experience.
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  14. Pretty much says it in the title.
  15. Hi all! I’ve been periodically checking my commendations and there’s one I can’t figure out. It’s called “top gear” and it’s under the General section. The description for the commendation is, “equip all gear slots with gear set and named weapon items”. I’ve tried everything I can think of (like all gear set items and named exotic weapons), but no go. ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!
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  17. Hey all. I'm looking for an active clan. Been playing since day 1, but been away for a while and now I'm back. Experienced sniper with military training and a mic. Please invite
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  20. Just a little suggestion about the female character models in The Division is that the females should look like females and not small versions of the males. Real females have curves on the body and longer hair. Why do the females look like the males too? Why can't the be a little prettier? You know and look like real women we see on a day to day in the real world. I just think it's not that hard of a fix.
  21. Hi agents, i play this game for a while but i cant make a strong PvP DZ build like "widzz" from youtube for exemple. Basically im running: -3 pieces of banshee, 1 tactitian, refreshed mask and ninja bike -50% Skill Haste -1 lightweigh m4 with (adept-responsive-competent) -6800 Firearms 2900 Stamina 4900 Eletronics -Scramble Pulse and Overdose With all of this im feeling weak against other players. I hope you can help me with tips on what to improve bye bye agents
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  24. Hello guys, Im new here in The Division world. I've reached 256GS already but Im wondering if there are still 268 GS items. Ive been searching internet for answers and all I found were answers from last year. If there are still 268 items, where I can find them? Thanks in advance, cheers
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  26. Salut CrazyHead07, Si c'est toujours d'actualité, je veux bien rejoindre ta team pour jouer en Co-op, c'est mieux à plusieurs... Cependant, je n'ai pas encore de casque Mon GamerTag est shuba276. Bye
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  28. Im running the Bullfrog primary, mp7 sec. On a 4 piece Final measure gear build flame turret and first aid with tac link all at gs256. Rest of the perks to many to type out
  29. 1.8 is right around the corner! Make sure you're ready with Team SF.
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