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  2. Dark Zone 1.8 B.S

    Prior to the 1.8 update I NEVER went into the dark zone not even for “Daily’s” because you would ALWAYS have some ass hat come up behind you and shoot you dead before I even knew what was happening. I was kind of excited for the 1.8 update and being able to get some sort of warning that someone was going rouge so I could get the hell out of Dodge before they could kill me. I started going back in to the dark zone with my friends and we seem to be having the same damn issue. ISAC DOES NOT warn us when someone is going rouge. Nor does the map tell us that there are rouge anywhere in the dark zone. On more than one occasion we have had people come up behind us while we are in a fight somewhere in DZ, They go rouge and we have NO warning and we are dead. Just yesterday I was in the middle of an extract, some ass hat comes up behind me goes rouge and Im dead before I know it was happening. You say there have been changes to the DZ for the better? Besides having to hit a button for 3 seconds, there are no changes. There are no warnings. Iv stopped playing the game due to idiotic trolls. And I see its time to stop playing the game yet again. Thanks for nothing “Division” I expect ass holes in the DZ, but if you say certain things are suppose to happen with “Warnings” Then deliver on what you have promised otherwise keep your damn mouths shut and keep your false advertising to yourselves.
  3. Long Loading Screen

    wassup every one I'm trying to figure out why do we have to wait on the longest loading screen in division before 1.8 came out 1.7.1 loading screen was so fast but now it take like 20 min or 30 min to load into a game come on with that fix that please.. but the game is wonderful I love playing 1.8 something new keep up the good work.
  4. Friends and Clan

    Hey guys, i'm looking to get back into the game and i need some friends and or a clan to join. Im a vet and played up till late early 1.7 so won't be an issue getting back into the swing of things. I'm really trying to give this game another chance and im trying to get other people i know to either get back on here or give the game a try, but its hard. I play on PC and if anyone is interested in adding me, my Uplay tag is DARK_GENOCIDE
  5. Hi guys Got six piece classified reclaimer but when my healing station is down and I fire a heal down as well the station immediately blows up anyone know why? This seems to happen me no matter what build I'm running. Thanks in advance
  6. Vendor Reset

    Not sure if I understand this correctly, but the items are available for a full week after each reset (then a new set of random generated items will be available to buy).
  7. If your just starting the game you have no choice you have to make it to LV 30 to get the equipment and weapons at 256. Play all missions and you should reach Lv 30 before you reach the last two safe houses - do not collect any intel , echos or lost division agents except what you have to to complete missions. When you reach level 30 change world level to 5 and go back and carefully collect all the intel and you will get tons of equipment with field proficiency - 3-4 pieces of Intel will get you a cashe - easyist way to get the equip and you will have money galore by selling what you don't need - i have so much equipment and weapons I don't know what to do with it and have over 20,000,000 credits
  8. die fast

    I need some help...My toughness is over 400.000 and my stamina is 9,300, my build is striker & predator and i still die fast..can someone assist me.
  9. Discount

    We should have a discount on holiday for ((DLC)) $9.99 instead of $14.99
  10. Shadow menu problem on my new pro

    PS4 pro need tv's 4 K.
  11. Hiya new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact spawn times for the bosses in the Light Zone?
  12. i just need help

    I'm lv 27 and i need to finish the last mission and i think that i need help
  13. how to build character

    im level 12 still learning the game haven't played in long time so im been confused on what to keep or sale or how to build character
  14. Game Suggestion - PVE

    To keep the game fresh. I think it would be a good idea to have dynamic AI Elites and Bosses with gear sets. Meaning Randomized elites bosses and rouge division agents who have Tactician, Dead-eye, Predators Mark, builds or Exotic pieces. These builds could consist of 2 to 6 piece sets with notification over the AI's head. This would be great as players will use strategy and different gear to take down AI enemies. Other low level enemies could have just extra damage, health or skills in yellow gear. In some cases you could even put 4 AI enemies together to help compliment each other gear sets making the fight even harder. It would be refreshing to even see an AI enemy have weaker to stronger turrets and health boxes depending on the AI tactician gear etc. In addition the players will see what type of gear or guns the AI may drop. This will increase cover to cover game play as we will not no what to expect from the AI each go around. Even though we play the same modes we could at least expect a different AI fighting experience.
  15. What does this icon mean?

    Pretty much says it in the title.
  16. Hi all! I’ve been periodically checking my commendations and there’s one I can’t figure out. It’s called “top gear” and it’s under the General section. The description for the commendation is, “equip all gear slots with gear set and named weapon items”. I’ve tried everything I can think of (like all gear set items and named exotic weapons), but no go. ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  17. Female character models

    Just a little suggestion about the female character models in The Division is that the females should look like females and not small versions of the males. Real females have curves on the body and longer hair. Why do the females look like the males too? Why can't the be a little prettier? You know and look like real women we see on a day to day in the real world. I just think it's not that hard of a fix.
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  19. Je chercher des joueurs qui parle français

    Salut CrazyHead07, Si c'est toujours d'actualité, je veux bien rejoindre ta team pour jouer en Co-op, c'est mieux à plusieurs... Cependant, je n'ai pas encore de casque Mon GamerTag est shuba276. Bye

    FIX THE DAMN SERVER LAG ALREADY!!! ADD MORE!! DOUBLE UP!! Your future updates aren't going to mean crap if you lose the other half of your players because you keep adding content but never bother to fix the existing issues in this game! The biggest issue right now are your severs, or lack there of. PVP right now is a damn JOKE!!! Last stand consists of who ever has the better connection to your severs. Watching one guy get shot by six, taking little to no damage and then mowing all six of them down with half second blasts. Constantly damage is being dealt by other players who haven't even come out from the corner of a building yet. Taking death damage before coming around the corner of a building and then watching the person fly around the corner instantly, melee you and run off is infuriating! . Bullets aren't registering at all times either. Oh and there is still a delay when using skills. Or they just randomly decide not to work at all. They'll just chime at you to let you know the button register occurred but nothing happens. Also, heals are hitting the ground and never actually producing a heal. They just sit there on the ground as the aiming marker and it consumes your heal. So now you don't have means to heal and have to wait for cool down. You also now have an issue with invisible grenades and fire. And don't tell me it's my connection because we all know it's you! I am not alone in these experiences. Get your shit together already! One has been devoted Division, now fed up fan!
  21. I bought a rifle for my group member in DZ vendor, but sadly I can't share it. Any specific reason for that..??
  22. I tried coming back

    I used to play all the time but stopped due to lack of content. So i came back for Global Events. They were fun at first but after opening a crap ton of boxes and not getting a single 6 piece set sure i got like 5 Lonestar chest and not a single set of gloves. Which wouldnt be so bad. But I was trying Dragons nest and Clear sky both we just stupid hard without a perfect group. Which is hard to find with the matchmaker. If something is going to be stupid hard then be generous with the drops you cant have it both ways where it is stupid hard and the drops are shitty. You can only do Lex so many times before you would rather play other games which is where Im at now. Maybe next month it will be worth it but Im hanging my controller back up until next time. I really wanted to start playing again but there are just to many hurdles (pve and pvp are balenced the same, drop chances, difficulty on console vs pc, and lack of engaging gameplay). All my gear is 256 and I have at least one of almost every set. Edit to add notes on gear
  23. All this gear

    They keep adding, when will they increase the size of agents stash?
  24. Barrett's vest

    Just wanna share my experience with you , don't wasting your time , you ll get nothing ! Try warrengarden mission on heroic or hard , or do napalm hard or heroic , after playing around 470hrs , now im full of exotic items with 520000dps and 373000 thoughness ,
  25. Legendary Missions

    Are you still looking to do this?
  26. looking for friends

    I tried to find him but his username doesn't exist, could you add me instead?
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