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  2. looking for a crew to run with in/out of the dz and try and pick up all the named gear pieces. I'm GS 256/ DZ 36. On almost every night on PS4. look me uo - UH60CrewDawg
  3. I think the developers still haven't fixed all of the bugs related to ECHOs. Could you maybe forward this to Ubisoft Support please? There seems to be no other way in the moment.
  4. Primarily you should only care about stats. The main difference between those versions is just the look.
  5. I know to some this may sound like a silly question..But,Are you running it in challenge mode? I only ask because I know some people that thought it would drop in hard mode as well and it won't..They spent a lot of time running LEC on hard mode going for that chest. I'm having a hard time on the knee pads dropping for myself..
  6. I like predator's mark for pvp and pve. Need a help? Its very easy with gs256 reach 350k dps and 450k toughness. First tip is: roll armor on chest, kneepads, backpack and holster. Second tip: get 5.5k firearms and see your gun talents
  7. No official information yet, but we will probably know more after tomorrow's State of the Game stream.
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  9. I think they are something like 1% per run.. I don't even bother with the odds anymore..The ones I've gotten have all dropped when I wasn't trying for them.. so that's how I look for them now,by not looking for them when I really am The kicker was, they all rolled electronics. they are great for my skill build.. Would have been nice to get a couple for my tanky and spanky builds though.
  10. this is stupid how u goin to do a hotfix on farming when u cant even play the game long enough b4 u get kicked for delta are mike which is ur problem ubi i havent been able to play for the past two days u need to be fixing this and the fact that we bought the dlc survival and cant even play it when are yal goin to do ur job and fix the server delta mike
  11. I'm in Japan and I can't find a community that plays and I can't change servers cause I don't have anybody that plays regularly. Any ideas with the division my Xbox or the wifi router
  12. Running this,is probably the best way. Madison Field Hospital (Hard, World Tier 5), Hutch (Named Boss) . i've gotten all of the named boss gear so far ,but the Pads and the Bliss holster.. When I got he chest piece,I ran lexington again right away and it dropped the Showstopper..I figured maybe I was in some kind of wave or something and ran it like 4 more times and nothing else good dropped..LOL But I was more than content.. Really I would say run the hospital till it's an easy quick run for sure..
  13. I usually yell at the screen something about "yeah, you BETTER run!"
  14. the division

    They still owe me money or credit for two of the outfit packs that they failed to deliver back on the 23rd when the store was having problems.. Made a ticket that day and have updated it and updated it and still not a word from them.. I ended up re- buying them on sale because I wanted them.. Have to say,I'm not impressed at all with their customer service..
  15. well, be pleasure to help. U can add mine, chik0ng87
  16. I thought you can change the difficulty on site or on your map before you go there.
  17. My character's appearance, gender, and accessories I want to change. But there's nothing like that in the game and most low-budget games this way, but there's a legend in the game ubisof you said There's nothing like that. If you want to make any changes without deleting your character friends from the company Ubisoft, please make a request by email, perhaps a change is the possibility of making good games to everyone.
  18. Hi guys I have a problem with my las echo it says it's the number 5 but this one it's on the Hudson camp and when I get there I can't pick it up...the same with the drone pictures just missing one and when I get there it's nothing....and also missing 7 phones recordings.....anyone know how to fix this please?
  19. Hi dude! The first one is not a bug, when you are in PvE Survival and you are down, people can still finish you and get your items. It's their choice. Also, the loot boxes thing is not a bug, it's just how the game works. If you open a chest, the loot is not only yours! It is shared. The first player to press the button gets the loot. Try to open the chests when there are no players nearby, or let them open the chest first.
  20. if you are in WT5 and want to run challenging, just do matchmaking, I have had some really great rounds that way and met some good folks, made new friends that I now play with on a regular basis
  21. Yea,I'm just enjoying trying to find and craft stuff right now. I've only been doing survival for a few days. At first I kept trying to extract and failing and getting kind of frustrated. Then said to myself,what's the hurry? Just a few minutes ago I went to make a flare gun but was short on mats. So I heard someone else extracting and figured I would distract their hunter enough for them to be able to kill it and let them have my stuff. lol I think I lasted about a minute forty-five before he slit my throat with that axe of his. LOL Have to say,those hunters move so real that it's hard to tell them from the players at first. I'm having a ball with this survivor for sure.
  22. Or are you experienced and your regular crew has since moved on from this game? Or have you mostly been a solo player who sometimes needs some help with certain activities? Join this club on XB1 xxDivision Agentsxx We run search and destroys on Mondays or Tuesdays so that on Thursday you'll have plenty of intel to run all the HVT's. The owner of the club has four characters and will run these non stop until they're done on all characters. Join the club and shoot him a friend request. Or maybe you need some bird bucks and don't have an efficient farm squad. We run CS in about 10-15 minutes for 350 PxC's. Do you like to hit the DZ? We'll farm rank, keys, loot, players, etc. This is a great opportunity to learn some great tips on PVP. Or are you a new agent looking to power level or even if you have an alternate character; we dedicate time during the week to power leveling members as well. We're also huge into Survival. If you're struggling, let us know and we can help/provide tips. Or if you have another activity you're up for the club is over 600 agents and all you need to do is throw up an LFG in the club.
  23. Last week when they did their weekly server shut down they deleted my 2 characters. I had 56 day of play time on my original character all the named gear except for the mask n holster good solid build just gone. I emailed support and they are just dragging me along over 1300 hr of game play whyped. I need some odeas of what my next step should b.
  24. Last week when they did their weekly server shut down they deleted my 2 characters. I had 56 day of play time on my original character all the named gear except for the mask n holster good solid build just gone. I emailed support and they are just dragging me along over 1300 hr of game play whyped. I need some odeas of what my next step should b.
  25. Hi my son deleted my main charecter and was wondering is there any way of getting it back as it was lvl 30 lvl44 in dz gear score 250 i am a season pass holder aswell i really dont wanna put game bk on shelf and not play i play on xbox one gamer tag is HeadShotYaDeadd please somone help me
  26. GT= badasskilla man. I'm 43. I'm a firefighter and in the evenings at work I get quite a few hours in. The division is kind of lacking in content right now, I just play survival and don't really even care about the rewards cause I don't play the story missions hardly at all anymore.
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