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  2. Are level 15 able to be in the 1 - 14 level area. I thought that it can not happen this way. Why is it allowed!
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  4. Another wallhacker.
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  6. There are a lot of people here who have a PS Vita, and some that may also have other PlayStation-brand devices, like the PS3 and PS4. All of these systems have options for earning trophies as you play through each game you have for the system. We all have trophies that come up regularly and here is a way for you to keep everyone on the up-and-up for it. Just mention the game, platform and the trophy.
  7. In case you haven't found the solution yet, just open the in-game mega map and the Supply Drop should either be close to Lexington Event Center, or the Russian Consulate mission (you might have to zoom in a bit to see it).
  8. The developers are aware of the problem, but it's just a visual glitch. I think they said it requires a client patch to fix it. The next client patch is planned to be released in May.
  9. i wanna help anyone who needs it ive played the division since the start and i am like number 6 or 7 on the leader boards for rouge kills plzz subscribe
  10. if you need help in what to run or have any problems go to my YouTube and look at all my builds you can use any of them witch are usfull and if u have and problems message me ive been playing division from 1.0 so i would love to help anyone that needs it plzz subscribe
  11. Could we get a 'Mark as Sell' button added on inventory screen. Sometimes you want to scrap half your pickups and sell others without having to go through all the screens. Or if your at 999 fabrics and you scrap more maybe autosell instead. Just an idea.
  12. I just want to play legendary mission and have failed due to others in public lobby's always leaving dying and not knowing what to do i have four spots open message me on my gammertag UnderW4terBear, im male 23 years old. just so u know im not a child.
  13. I want to know how to use my agent from my pc division. And use him on my xbox one
  14. Ran Lex a lot and had two fall within two days of each other. Not really all that good with the builds I run. Ferro's Mask was a better score and that dropped in a field cache. It's cool when one drops, not so much when you try to add it to a build that's already working well. And as far as I know, it only drops on Challenge. You can run all day and night with randoms and never see one drop. I like running Lex just to farm what ever falls. It's a quick, easy mission if your group is balanced evenly, a tac link or two, health link or two, flame turrets and seeker mines. I've only run two times where the group struggled. Good luck!
  15. When playing a Last Stand match, the game is freezing on the map showing your spawn location. You can see the map and your team's icons moving on the map, but it never fully loads and allows you to rejoin the game (it keeps saying 'Loading'). In some cases, when the defeat or victory is declared, you spawn back. In other cases, it kicks you from the server altogether and you have to essentially restart the game from the character screen (you get nothing for the match played). I don't know if this is a Ubisoft programming bug, or DOS attacks, but it needs to be fixed or it will kill the game. No one wants to put 10 minutes into a match, and get nothing for it. For me, it is happening 20-30% of the time. I'm going to start posting some videos of these matches so people can see what is happening.
  16. Hi, I have been playing division for a while now but I have not found a good main weapon. When I play in dark zone or last man standing people can kill me with just a few shots. And it can take me over 60 shots. Please help
  17. There's more and more of these clowns. I just keep coming at them, two on one, three or four on one, they're just a part of the PVP scene. Yeah I get dropped every time but I ain't afraid of no ghosts! If they're mic'd up I call them out. Like in real life, they're everywhere. I doubt any of them have ever been in the military or they'd go toe-to-toe with decent odds. On the plus side, if you solo as I do, you can get picked up by rogue hunters and get some pay back. It all works out. I've taken far worse beatings at computer chess but I still play.
  18. Hi. Me and a friend of mine having the same the issue but on PC... my computer overheats in a matter of minutes, in my case it's the CPU and in his case it's the mobo. If anybody has any idea what's wrong pls let us known.
  19. It's called The Banshee Hat. Apparently get level 40 in Underground for the full set
  20. Today their was a glits or a big lag in the subway in DZ01 when you open a chest. Also an ambuse of npc just popped in standing as I almost got killed by.. bugs bugs and more bugs!
  21. Figures, Another way to screw the player in the subway. Not only the virus now we have to watch out for but the nornal NPC as well @ss holes high level asshats to be killed by! No Level cap yet as I believe that should happen since they cap the player level!
  22. Once again a level 80's and a 99 kills a lower level player... Why in the hell no one is fixing this problem. Perhaps no one wants to get off their ass or to damn lazy to fix it
  23. I recently resumed playing division. I haven't logged on for a month or two. When I first logged on, my vendor restock time was 140 hours.. So I thought it was penalty because I haven't logged on in a while. I waited and finally, yesterday it said 14 hours left. But today, I was reset to 150+ hours... It may have been more than 14 hours since last time, but 150+ hours is insane! All my vendors : Base weapon, special and gear, and also all the safe house vendors have 150 hours... Is it just me or did one of the updates/patches changed the restock time??
  24. Hello i was wondering if anyone isn't too busy or maybe just bored and if they are running Lexington or anything i could tag along to try to level up an alt character sorry if this annoys anyone just wanted to ask and see =D thank you and have a nice day
  25. I believe there should be a lvl gap in the DZ levels just like the orange color level cap. Why, Well so that the very high up levels should not be able to go after the lower level guys that are trying to freaking level up. It feels impossible with the jerks that are being an Ass! Either that or add just PvE in the damn dark zone. However I don't see that ever happen. Makes you feel of not wanting to play this Damn game sometimes. But that's just me I guess. Have a nice day all!
  26. UPDATE: unlink uplay account via computer, then login to game link account there and now you can play.
  27. I am having problems with Return to base of Operations, Return to Camp Hudson and a few other places. It says it's there but they are not responding as the missions will stick there forever. Does anyone else have this problem?
  28. They haven't announced it yet.
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