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  2. I believe there should be a lvl gap in the DZ levels just like the orange color level cap. Why, Well so that the very high up levels should not be able to go after the lower level guys that are trying to freaking level up. It feels impossible with the jerks that are being an Ass! Either that or add just PvE in the damn dark zone. However I don't see that ever happen. Makes you feel of not wanting to play this Damn game sometimes. But that's just me I guess. Have a nice day all!
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  4. LEC takes about 10 minutes a run just doing it solo for me.. I don't grind for the named pieces..I just grind the places where my set pieces drop the most.. D3-FNC drops well for me at LEC..One other set drops there a lot for me also..I just can't remember which one at the moment.. Named items are just a bonus if they drop..Half the time the only good thing about them is the talents.. The stats on any I have need rolled on.. Would be nice if they actually had some gear that was a must have because of being so awesome.. It's all pretty much just an RNG fest .. Nothing like being in survival and opening 3 masks in a row on the same
  5. UPDATE: unlink uplay account via computer, then login to game link account there and now you can play.
  6. I am having problems with Return to base of Operations, Return to Camp Hudson and a few other places. It says it's there but they are not responding as the missions will stick there forever. Does anyone else have this problem?
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  8. Yea,I used to die a lot until I got the hang of it and got my routes down for materials and weapons and stuff.. Those hunters are not so bad once you start to kill them a few times.. It used to be that by the time I got to the darkzone,I would have like 10 to 12 minutes left to get my anti-virals and make my flare gun and then try to kill the hunter.. Now I'm getting in there under 30 minutes and being able to farm in there.. I have four level 30's that all have their inventory full of survival caches.. I guess when 1.6 goes live,The survival and weekly caches are guaranteed to give you exotic gear and weapons..So I've been saving mine for that.. Any gear that I get..If it's not a god roll,I just burn it for materials.. I've already gotten just last week,Two MDR assault rifles from the survival there is no sense grinding for that anymore.. I just love the whole experience in survival..I wish they would have added to it more in 1.6
  9. They haven't announced it yet.
  10. I had a glitch when you kill those npc guys they dont fall to the ground , they disapear. Also the bat guy once reapear out of no where near a wall. I wished I had captured it but wasn't streaming at the time.
  11. I have a picture of the player's name that had cheated death in the dark zone that could have been killed by me and 1 other player. Players name is Makavel1249. Be on the watch!
  12. 1.6

    These are changes I would like to see in the upcoming update. I am trying to voice my opinion here for the PTS. I am open to criticism, so If anyone thinks any of these ideas are flawed please tell me. Talents: Critical save: in your last segment of health get bonus healing from a med kit (20-30%) On the move: when not in combat gain a movement speed increase (5-10%) Battle buddy: when assisting on a kill with a squad mate gain health on kill for the target killed (5-10%) if revived from a downed state from health on kill you are unsafe (20-30 sec) (note: this will both get rid of the resistance meta that everyone keeps forcing while keeping the game interesting in both a PVP and PVE context. Critical save would give players bonus healing when on low health allowing them to stay in the action without making them unnecessarily tanky. On the move would work as a good counter to the dreaded dark zone rouge runners (people who go rouge and just run from all combat). while rouge, this perk should not activate; this would force rouges to set up somewhere to hold off or if they do run than they can’t do it unpunished. Battle buddy is another good way to keep people in the fight without making them unnecessarily tanky. The health on kill gives bonus health to players without upping damage mitigation and if the health on kill picks you up from a downed state than you are forced into the unsafe status for around 20 seconds. The unsafe status should balance out the immediate revive you have received. Skills: Smart cover: remove damage resistance and implement increased healing while in cover Mobile cover: remove weapon damage resistance and implement decrease stagger when shot and weapon stability Seeker mines: all: remove bleed and stagger Multi mine: limit to only split to two per target Talents: Savage: change talent to allow the 7% crit while in cover (this is a cover based shooter after all) DZ map change: Some areas on the map for example the latter next to the DZ-2 west checkpoint should receive a change in contamination level to 5 to prevent people from sitting up in these areas and being essentially un-killable. Take note, I am a console player and i have not played the PTS. This is based off of what I have seen and heard other people talk about.
  13. Long time player, play every day, mostly solo. Only started playing with groups recently, mostly joining in on missions and a bit of DZ if I get an invite. Balanced stats for the most part but far below the DPS some players are kicking out. It's always a trade off and what works solo Free Roam is well below par for DZ. Alpha Bridge and have a pair of each weapon but only my Famas/LVOA-C give me any chance of surviving in the DZ. Managed to eke out to Level 54 in the DZ but always get iced by rouges, solo or in groups so I'd like to get more into the fine tuning, build more firepower and stamina (About 300/420/84, respectively). Use pulse turret and multiple seeker mines with all my mods dedicated to the latter. (Do they stack?) Some folks on FB have been a lot of help and my thanks to the many players and groups in the DZ who have helped me out! I'd have never reached 54 were it not for you folks. I've read all the negative posts on FB about the game and yeah, there were problems but those for the most part have been addressed. Can't please everyone I guess. So you play or you don't.
  14. Need people that are willing to help me get to a respectable combat score and builds as i played this game the first 3 months and stopped trying to get back into it feeling discouraged as no one is playing lower tier stuff.... any helpers? Screamh2ogaming is my uplay
  15. looking for a crew to run with in/out of the dz and try and pick up all the named gear pieces. I'm GS 256/ DZ 36. On almost every night on PS4. look me uo - UH60CrewDawg
  16. I think the developers still haven't fixed all of the bugs related to ECHOs. Could you maybe forward this to Ubisoft Support please? There seems to be no other way in the moment.
  17. Primarily you should only care about stats. The main difference between those versions is just the look.
  18. I like predator's mark for pvp and pve. Need a help? Its very easy with gs256 reach 350k dps and 450k toughness. First tip is: roll armor on chest, kneepads, backpack and holster. Second tip: get 5.5k firearms and see your gun talents
  19. No official information yet, but we will probably know more after tomorrow's State of the Game stream.
  20. I think they are something like 1% per run.. I don't even bother with the odds anymore..The ones I've gotten have all dropped when I wasn't trying for them.. so that's how I look for them now,by not looking for them when I really am The kicker was, they all rolled electronics. they are great for my skill build.. Would have been nice to get a couple for my tanky and spanky builds though.
  21. this is stupid how u goin to do a hotfix on farming when u cant even play the game long enough b4 u get kicked for delta are mike which is ur problem ubi i havent been able to play for the past two days u need to be fixing this and the fact that we bought the dlc survival and cant even play it when are yal goin to do ur job and fix the server delta mike
  22. I'm in Japan and I can't find a community that plays and I can't change servers cause I don't have anybody that plays regularly. Any ideas with the division my Xbox or the wifi router
  23. Running this,is probably the best way. Madison Field Hospital (Hard, World Tier 5), Hutch (Named Boss) . i've gotten all of the named boss gear so far ,but the Pads and the Bliss holster.. When I got he chest piece,I ran lexington again right away and it dropped the Showstopper..I figured maybe I was in some kind of wave or something and ran it like 4 more times and nothing else good dropped..LOL But I was more than content.. Really I would say run the hospital till it's an easy quick run for sure..
  24. I usually yell at the screen something about "yeah, you BETTER run!"
  25. the division

    They still owe me money or credit for two of the outfit packs that they failed to deliver back on the 23rd when the store was having problems.. Made a ticket that day and have updated it and updated it and still not a word from them.. I ended up re- buying them on sale because I wanted them.. Have to say,I'm not impressed at all with their customer service..
  26. well, be pleasure to help. U can add mine, chik0ng87
  27. I thought you can change the difficulty on site or on your map before you go there.
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