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  4. Hey agents, I've been gone for a pretty long time. Last I play was when they introduced Incursions. Would love to be a squad with other casual or hardcore players out there. Whether you're based in Singapore.. Asia or all over the world. Playing on PS4. Add me up if you're keen aight. I have 2 current accounts. One is at 220level and DZ only at 50. The other is only at 10. PSN ID:ZharTan Have fun and stay warm folks!
  5. Gear Set Chart

    Neat. Thanks!
  6. Returning Casual

    I never loved The Division and got rid of it well over a year ago. After hearing about the 1.8 update, and generally being bored of everything else, I bought used copy at Gamestop and I'm so glad I did. I dislike grinding in games. I also dislike games that seem overly complicated. I see the DZ, Optimization Stations and Gear Sets and I start to panic a bit buuuuuuut so far I'm having an absolute blast with this game. The last few days I've begun just clearing the map of ECHOs and Phone Messages and doing just that has provided lots of fun and lots of good drops with the enemies I run across. Now that I'm back please forgive me in advance for stupid questions I may ask in the forum.
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  8. Friends and I

    You guys still looking for casual players?
  9. PS4 Agent

    Hello Agents, Hope you are all enjoying 1.8, I know I am! I don't get to play very often and I'm not a pro by any means, but I really do enjoy this game. I'd have to say my best skill is communication, I'm always on my mic! Would like to know if there is anyone out there that would like to join up a couple of times a week? I am usually on in the afternoons to evening and I am on GMT +3 (Arabian Standard Time). Give me a shout if interested. Take care, a-lo
  10. Looking for consistent players

    Mature gamer here, looking for other mature gamers to play with. I currently love running DZ. I have all classified sets, minus D3... Just not my play style. Im regularly on, so add me on Uplay.. c0penhagenmanTV
  11. [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  12. Join our #XboxOne community for #TheDivision! 1) Trade classified gear set pieces (Dark Zone) 2) News from the official Division Twitter account 3) LFG messages to find games (PVE AND PVP) 4) Theory-crafting, builds and more. Discord:
  13. Dark Zone 1.8 B.S

    Prior to the 1.8 update I NEVER went into the dark zone not even for “Daily’s” because you would ALWAYS have some ass hat come up behind you and shoot you dead before I even knew what was happening. I was kind of excited for the 1.8 update and being able to get some sort of warning that someone was going rouge so I could get the hell out of Dodge before they could kill me. I started going back in to the dark zone with my friends and we seem to be having the same damn issue. ISAC DOES NOT warn us when someone is going rouge. Nor does the map tell us that there are rouge anywhere in the dark zone. On more than one occasion we have had people come up behind us while we are in a fight somewhere in DZ, They go rouge and we have NO warning and we are dead. Just yesterday I was in the middle of an extract, some ass hat comes up behind me goes rouge and Im dead before I know it was happening. You say there have been changes to the DZ for the better? Besides having to hit a button for 3 seconds, there are no changes. There are no warnings. Iv stopped playing the game due to idiotic trolls. And I see its time to stop playing the game yet again. Thanks for nothing “Division” I expect ass holes in the DZ, but if you say certain things are suppose to happen with “Warnings” Then deliver on what you have promised otherwise keep your damn mouths shut and keep your false advertising to yourselves.
  14. Long Loading Screen

    wassup every one I'm trying to figure out why do we have to wait on the longest loading screen in division before 1.8 came out 1.7.1 loading screen was so fast but now it take like 20 min or 30 min to load into a game come on with that fix that please.. but the game is wonderful I love playing 1.8 something new keep up the good work.
  15. [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  16. Can not use LFG fuction

    So i choose this site because of the lfg function. Only problem im having is everytime i try to find players or attempt to list my agent ,red text appears at the top of the screen saying "Connection to Sever interrupted, Attempting to reconnect, only it never connects. Would anyone know if im doing something wrong or does that feature just not work anymore.
  17. Hi! We are a couple who plays together and we are sharing our contents (mostly in-game captures) about Division. Not only story, we also sharing news about the game on Instagram. We are waiting for you. You can follow us our page - > @divisionstories
  18. Friends and Clan

    Hey guys, i'm looking to get back into the game and i need some friends and or a clan to join. Im a vet and played up till late early 1.7 so won't be an issue getting back into the swing of things. I'm really trying to give this game another chance and im trying to get other people i know to either get back on here or give the game a try, but its hard. I play on PC and if anyone is interested in adding me, my Uplay tag is DARK_GENOCIDE
  19. Friends

    Hey guys i'm just getting back into The Division since late 1.6 and early 1.7. im pretty caught up with everything other than the raids (which none of them i completed). I really want to get back into this game but playing solo sucks, so looking for any agents who want to group or clan up.
  20. Hi guys Got six piece classified reclaimer but when my healing station is down and I fire a heal down as well the station immediately blows up anyone know why? This seems to happen me no matter what build I'm running. Thanks in advance
  21. [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  22. Vendor Reset

    Not sure if I understand this correctly, but the items are available for a full week after each reset (then a new set of random generated items will be available to buy).
  23. [GER] [Clan] ★Ryzing Gaming e.V. sucht! ★

    Ryzing Gaming e.V. aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi.
  24. Team Special Forces is recruiting agents! [PC only, 16+]

    Or not! But it is now apparently, an early-to-mid December release approaches! Be there with Team SF!
  25. If your just starting the game you have no choice you have to make it to LV 30 to get the equipment and weapons at 256. Play all missions and you should reach Lv 30 before you reach the last two safe houses - do not collect any intel , echos or lost division agents except what you have to to complete missions. When you reach level 30 change world level to 5 and go back and carefully collect all the intel and you will get tons of equipment with field proficiency - 3-4 pieces of Intel will get you a cashe - easyist way to get the equip and you will have money galore by selling what you don't need - i have so much equipment and weapons I don't know what to do with it and have over 20,000,000 credits
  26. The [Anarchist] | PC | MATURE CLAN 25+ | US

    Im 30, from Ohio, Im new to pc and only a level 13 right now. But i wanted to join to find people to play the Division with and possibly other games. I haven't ventured into the DZ yet but I'm down for anything In there.
  27. Vendor Reset

    When the vendors reset, is everything available and it's a first come - first serve thing where if you snooze you lose or is it random? It seems when I go there on the casual, there's not much I'm interested in acquiring. You know what I'm saying? I have enough to buy whatever unless its impossible to buy a Ninja bag or an LVOC. Thanks
  28. closed

    Die suche ist noch aktiv, schaut einfach mal auf unserem Teamspeak vorbei. Webseite: TS3:
  29. die fast

    I need some help...My toughness is over 400.000 and my stamina is 9,300, my build is striker & predator and i still die fast..can someone assist me.
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