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  1. FN/BT

    Barrett's vest

    Ran Lex a lot and had two fall within two days of each other. Not really all that good with the builds I run. Ferro's Mask was a better score and that dropped in a field cache. It's cool when one drops, not so much when you try to add it to a build that's already working well. And as far as I know, it only drops on Challenge. You can run all day and night with randoms and never see one drop. I like running Lex just to farm what ever falls. It's a quick, easy mission if your group is balanced evenly, a tac link or two, health link or two, flame turrets and seeker mines. I've only run two times where the group struggled. Good luck!
  2. FN/BT

    A Jerk player preying on the doors of the DZ

    There's more and more of these clowns. I just keep coming at them, two on one, three or four on one, they're just a part of the PVP scene. Yeah I get dropped every time but I ain't afraid of no ghosts! If they're mic'd up I call them out. Like in real life, they're everywhere. I doubt any of them have ever been in the military or they'd go toe-to-toe with decent odds. On the plus side, if you solo as I do, you can get picked up by rogue hunters and get some pay back. It all works out. I've taken far worse beatings at computer chess but I still play.
  3. FN/BT

    Need advice.

    Long time player, play every day, mostly solo. Only started playing with groups recently, mostly joining in on missions and a bit of DZ if I get an invite. Balanced stats for the most part but far below the DPS some players are kicking out. It's always a trade off and what works solo Free Roam is well below par for DZ. Alpha Bridge and have a pair of each weapon but only my Famas/LVOA-C give me any chance of surviving in the DZ. Managed to eke out to Level 54 in the DZ but always get iced by rouges, solo or in groups so I'd like to get more into the fine tuning, build more firepower and stamina (About 300/420/84, respectively). Use pulse turret and multiple seeker mines with all my mods dedicated to the latter. (Do they stack?) Some folks on FB have been a lot of help and my thanks to the many players and groups in the DZ who have helped me out! I'd have never reached 54 were it not for you folks. I've read all the negative posts on FB about the game and yeah, there were problems but those for the most part have been addressed. Can't please everyone I guess. So you play or you don't.