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  1. That vendor is still messed up... will there be a fix for this?
  2. Rewards Claim Vender is messed up. Had a keys and such and on your birthday as well month of my birthday the vender guy has nothing. including losing my DZ keys as it says 0 so something is messed up!!
  3. Today their was a glits or a big lag in the subway in DZ01 when you open a chest. Also an ambuse of npc just popped in standing as I almost got killed by.. bugs bugs and more bugs!
  4. Figures, Another way to screw the player in the subway. Not only the virus now we have to watch out for but the nornal NPC as well @ss holes high level asshats to be killed by! No Level cap yet as I believe that should happen since they cap the player level!
  5. Once again a level 80's and a 99 kills a lower level player... Why in the hell no one is fixing this problem. Perhaps no one wants to get off their ass or to damn lazy to fix it
  6. I have notice since the new update today that something different happened in the Dark Zone. The filter cap in the subway change to higher then the level 4 filter I get. Will we get more filters later in the game or will it just be crap subway when some time limit crap happens in the subways. I don't find it smart it raising the Dz filter when we just have level 4. I guess this just be part of he new patch maybe but what the hell are you guys thinking?
  7. Should level 99 Dz level players kill easy targets of way below say Dz Level 50 or lower! Should any high level DZ players be pricks in being Rouge knowing the other player doesn't have a damn of a chance in fighting back when getting hit with 3 bullets or less! I believe it should. You short out the player's yellow or orange color and breaking it down to like level 0 to 14 then 15 to 19 and so on. Why can it not do the same to the purple level of the game. If you don't do that then why have the level cap gap be the same way in the Dark Zone. Maybe I am the only one that feels that way, I don't know nor care at this moment! I doubt their will be a change in this as the people in the Division maybe not to want to loss players in that way!
  8. Now i havea glits that says I have something new and I don't have something new! I am now logging off then back on to see if it gets fixed that way!
  9. I believe there should be a lvl gap in the DZ levels just like the orange color level cap. Why, Well so that the very high up levels should not be able to go after the lower level guys that are trying to freaking level up. It feels impossible with the jerks that are being an Ass! Either that or add just PvE in the damn dark zone. However I don't see that ever happen. Makes you feel of not wanting to play this Damn game sometimes. But that's just me I guess. Have a nice day all!
  10. I am having problems with Return to base of Operations, Return to Camp Hudson and a few other places. It says it's there but they are not responding as the missions will stick there forever. Does anyone else have this problem?
  11. Yes I have almost got to the very end and enjoy it over DZ.
  12. Thanks, I will give that a try...
  13. Here is a Video of that lvl 73 that is now 74. killing a lvl 39. Big Differance. I'm not going to respond point over and over again so the jerk gets my DZ money.. it's just not right!
  14. I have proof in a few video's of different players being jerks in the DZ area in this game. Sadly it will make other players not want to play this good game.. Take a look: My other video of another player is not showing up. But Is a lvl 29/ 73. I think this should be fixed of a lvl DZ should not interfere with a low lvl DZ lvl. Otherwise it's not worth it and Feel like being bullied by a higher up level.
  15. I had a glitch when you kill those npc guys they dont fall to the ground , they disapear. Also the bat guy once reapear out of no where near a wall. I wished I had captured it but wasn't streaming at the time.