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  1. Looking for a squad on PC

    Sup bud, you welcome to join my Discord: Lots of players like yourself there - so come join us and have some fun.
  2. Hello

    Welcome to the game dude... Please ignore all the SALTY players. We not all like that.
  3. Need 3 Agents to play Division with

    Sup dude, you welcome to join my Discord: Lots of players there to play with daily - I'd like to say that I have a pretty friendly group of guys. So come say hi.
  4. PC player looking for possible teammates

    You welcome to join my Discord: There are lots of players there who play DIV daily, including myself.
  5. Hi from South Africa

    Thanks bud.
  6. LFG tool working?

    Hi admins, Is the working? It's not working for me
  7. Pre-ETF Charlie Survey

    Closed. I tried to do it now...
  8. Season 2 pass

    I think with the addition of the PREMIUM CREDITS vendor, this is how they plan to avoid making people pay for a YEAR 2 SEASON PASS - or at least, that is what I hope their thinking is because I'm not going to pay it unless they really make it worth my while.
  9. Seeker mine nerf?

    I saw on Youtube that the NERF for this was NOT done... There are alot of people who are upset about it bud - not only you. I personally am not phased because I hardly venture into "Last Stand" mode because of all the issues.
  10. Hi from South Africa

    Hi all, My name is Nick or medicnick83 - my profession is a Paramedic in Cape Town South Africa but I really enjoy playing "The Division" I am not a big fan of GOING ROGUE but I enjoy trying to kill rogues - especially since 1.6. I have a Discord server: Where many of the people I've met online meet up and play "whatever" If you keen, join and say "HI"
  11. Gun Name difference

    He is correct.
  12. DZ Agents

    I'm always keen to run in the DZ Join me on Discord: and let's venture out there.
  13. new Uplay player

    I'm on Discord: Come join and play with my buddies if you still looking for DIV players.
  14. looking for friends

    If he was on PC, I'd have no issue - I've heard lots of stories about kids with Autusim enjoying Forza Horizon 3 ALOT - being a Paramedic, I understand - it must be hard I hardly touch DIV on XBOX ONE If he comes on Forza Horizon 3 and is enjoying that, he is always welcome to join me as I play that alot on PC (But it's a PlayAnywhere title)
  15. Ps4 players teleporting in dz

    Could you not be affected by LAG? Hacking is so much harder on CONSOLES than it is on PC and you hardly see it on PS4 or XBOX ONE but if it is LAG, that is another story.