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    Gearing up / MODS

    I'm 46 and I really enjoy military and strategy games, and Division is a keeper in my opinion good fiction that borders on possible reality it is intriguing . I've played division over the last year off and on - and really enjoy the game play and the story line. I have a question for those players who like to teach and just share knowledge. I'm currently 256/17 I would like to know how to team up with some one and learn the ropes of dark zone : not a total stranger to weapons ,but when it comes to some of the mods and there functions id like to get a another view on specialized weapons and there function in the game. My fire power is 152,045 fire arms 5440 Toughness 232,586 stamina 2564 Skill power 151,870 electronics 4582 .... Just looking for some advice on how to get better and faster with the process , some gamers don't want to play with you if your not a certain level and I get that , but we all started low at one point. Just looking for some friendly advise and direction...