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  1. Prior to the 1.8 update I NEVER went into the dark zone not even for “Daily’s” because you would ALWAYS have some ass hat come up behind you and shoot you dead before I even knew what was happening. I was kind of excited for the 1.8 update and being able to get some sort of warning that someone was going rouge so I could get the hell out of Dodge before they could kill me. I started going back in to the dark zone with my friends and we seem to be having the same damn issue. ISAC DOES NOT warn us when someone is going rouge. Nor does the map tell us that there are rouge anywhere in the dark zone. On more than one occasion we have had people come up behind us while we are in a fight somewhere in DZ, They go rouge and we have NO warning and we are dead. Just yesterday I was in the middle of an extract, some ass hat comes up behind me goes rouge and Im dead before I know it was happening. You say there have been changes to the DZ for the better? Besides having to hit a button for 3 seconds, there are no changes. There are no warnings. Iv stopped playing the game due to idiotic trolls. And I see its time to stop playing the game yet again. Thanks for nothing “Division” I expect ass holes in the DZ, but if you say certain things are suppose to happen with “Warnings” Then deliver on what you have promised otherwise keep your damn mouths shut and keep your false advertising to yourselves.
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