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  1. No luck for me either. I have run it so much Im getting sick of it lol.
  2. I like the fact that only the hard mode is available at first. Makes sure that just incase there is a glitch like the last time it will only be for hard mode and everyone wont be getting top gear from challenge mode. And stash boxes at DZ checkpoints are such a welcomed addition.
  3. I've read that the APC this time is a Navy Vessel. Should be pretty cool.
  4. you actually don't even have to start matchmaking. Just simply start the mission and It will instantly make you group leader and people will start to join. Skips over the annoying invites stage. Just make sure your group privacy is set to open cause I think default is friends only.
  5. they will be at supply drops as well in any zone I believe
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/4g6lnk/tested_confirmed_protection_from_elites_increases/ Just a heads up. It seems the protection from elites skill actually causes you to take more damage from elites.
  7. I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be condescending it's just your original post sounded like a over the top rant. I do agree there should be more brackets at least a 200 bracket, your next 2 post definitely have a good argument to them. On the other hand I'm at GS186 and just like any other game I've killed some rogues easily and theres been some that I felt didn't take any damage from me. But the last thing I want is for me to be just as balanced playing along side someone who is GS165.
  8. Simply avoid them. This is why they show up on the map. It seems like your not happy that you died. I've never had problems avoiding rogues.
  9. I haven't been able to come across any HE ones yet I keep getting smgs lol
  10. I feel like I have no choice but to be a tank lol. Any tips to get the DPS higher?
  11. Oh damn lol. Im at 42 I guess I'll wait and hopefully a decent level 40 weapon will appear soon.
  12. Isnt that a level 25 though? Or are they selling the blueprint and the actual gun itself.
  13. Ah thanks. So most likely need to wait until the vendors restock again I guess. No one is carrying a half decent one this week.
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