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  1. First of all and despite yesterday's announcement, Massive thankfully decided to extend today's maintenance downtime for an hour in order to deploy the bugfix for the invisibility glitch, which is now live. In addition, Community Developer Hamish Bode gave us a small preview during the latest State of the Game episode of what we can expect from the next client-side patch, which will primarily focus on improving the player experience. Read on
  2. Last Stand, The Division's latest DLC addition was released around 3 weeks ago, but instead of being able to enjoy the newly introduced objective-based PvP experience in a fair and controlled environment, the majority of players has to fight against cheaters and exploiters who apparently have already gained the upper hand in this game mode and the entire Dark Zone. Read on
  3. Operation ISAC is apparently back again. Although it was planned to continue the story around Simon, Esmay and Asher with the release of The Division’s second expansion Survival, nothing really happened since then until last week, where Ubisoft has released two new transmissions – 23 and 24. Read on
  4. Tom Clancy’s The Division turned 1 year old three days ago on March 8th, 2017. The first year of the game was a very intense one, for all the players out there as well as for the developers. Read on
  5. In less than 24 hours Ubisoft will release The Division’s third major expansion Last Stand together with the free Update 1.6. This time, the patch will be deployed for all players on Xbox One, PC as well as PlayStation 4 simultaneously and be ready to play tomorrow Tuesday, February 28th. In case you want to skip the details of the full patch notes below, take a look at the recently published DLC launch trailer. Read on
  6. In today’s State of the Game episode from February 24th, the developers have finally revealed the answer to when The Division’s Update 1.6 and the Last Stand DLC will be released. Next week Tuesday, on February 28th, the new patch will be deployed during a maintenance downtime starting at 09:30-12:30 CET. Read on
  7. A few days before the release of Update 1.6 and Last Stand the developers of The Division have published a sneak peek for the new Season Pass' exclusive Incursion called Stolen Signal. Some of you have probably already tried it out during the public test phase and realized that it plays a bit differently compared to the other existing ones. Read on
  8. Another regular maintenance day is over. Without any changes or bugfixes on the game itself, today’s State of the Game episode unfortunately hasn’t revealed the information most of us might have waited for, the release date of The Division’s upcoming Update 1.6 and Last Stand. Read on
  9. The public test phase for The Division’s upcoming Update 1.6 and the major expansion Last Stand has ended today and the PTS is now offline. Although we still don’t know the final release date yet, both updates will go live simultaneously on all three platforms. Read on
  10. They haven't announced it yet.
  11. This is probably the last test week before The Division's Update 1.6 and Last Stand go live. We are talking about PTS version 4, which was deployed today and besides the usual bugfixes, the developers were able to resolve the problem with Last Stand's "Join on the Fly" mode and applied further tweaks to its Gear Normalization. Read on
  12. We have reached week 3 of The Division’s PTS for Update 1.6 and Last Stand. Currently it feels more like a back and forth between changes than well-thought-out implementations and decisions from the developers. Read on
  13. A new patch has been deployed on The Division's Public Test Server. Owners of the Season Pass can now try out the new Last Stand PvP game mode for the first time, which features a new multiplayer experience where 8vs8 players are fighting each other to secure tactical terminals from the SHD. Read on
  14. The Public Test Server for The Division’s Update 1.6 and Last Stand will open its doors tomorrow Tuesday, January 24th. This was announced some hours ago in the official forums of the game. In addition, the developers have released the first preliminary patch notes with a more detailed insight on the upcoming changes. Read on
  15. The Division’s free Update 1.6 will be released at the same time as Expansion III: Last Stand and on all three platforms simultaneously. While 1.4 and 1.5 were mainly focusing the PvE aspect of the game, 1.6 will primarily address The Division’s PvP part and the Dark Zone, but will also improve the PvE experience. Read on