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  1. Vendor Reset

    Not sure if I understand this correctly, but the items are available for a full week after each reset (then a new set of random generated items will be available to buy).
  2. Today's maintenance downtime was used to deploy the next build (version 3) of The Division's PTS for Update 1.7 for players on PC while console players have to be a bit more patient to try it out. Read on
  3. In just a couple of days The Division's Public Test Server will - for the first time since the PTS initiative was started - also be available for agents on both consoles. While players on PC will start right away into test week 3 of Update 1.7, the on console deployed builds will run PTS 2 due to the quality verification process of Sony and Microsoft. Read on
  4. Hi, I'm Deno~!

    Hi @KingDenonono! Welcome to the forums!
  5. We are now in week 2 of The Division’s public test phase for the upcoming Update 1.7. YouTuber MarcoStyle has spent some time on gathering the preliminary stats for the new Classified Gear which will be introduced with this next patch. Read on
  6. Thanks to the ETF preview about Global Events and Commendations last week, we already know in which direction The Division's Update 1.7 is heading to. A recently published official article now sheds more light on Global Events and tries to clear up a couple of uncertainties that arose since then. Read on
  7. Patch 1.7 suggestions

    I was thinking about that when they first mentioned Global Events, but it's apparently something completely different. The idea is nice, however, the limited time you have to explore the underground in the already existing Contamination Events is probably the reason for why it's so exciting and tense down there^^. Could be hard to apply the same for other existing content.
  8. Deadeye question

    Although your Critical Hit Chance will become 100% when aiming down sights, you will lose the full Headshot Bonus at the same time which is usually around 150% for Marksman Rifles. You can find all bonuses for the DeadEYE gear set here. Hopefully this helps!
  9. Connect befor playing screen

    Ubisoft had some server issues during the last couple of days, maybe that was the reason you weren't able to create it? If it's still not working for you, I would suggest to contact the Ubisoft Support directly to sort out this problem. There is unfortunately nothing more we can do on our side here.
  10. The Division’s dev team is using tomorrow’s server maintenance to deploy some bug fixes related to Underground Assignment rewards as well as Talents in combination with the Mobile Cover skill. Read on
  11. Expansions

    As far as I know you need to be level 30 for the Underground and Last Stand DLC, while the Survival DLC can be played at any level. If you want to play PvP, it might be good to gear up before - like in the DZ as you have mentioned, but it's definitely not a requirement since the gear and stats of all players in this mode will be normalized to some extent anyways.
  12. After the quick recap of the ETF Charlie workshop from last week, 2 community members who actually attended this workshop have now revealed some interesting news regarding Update 1.7 and 1.8. Read on
  13. The Division’s servers will be restarted tomorrow Tuesday, May 30th at 9:30 AM CEST / 3:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT in order to deploy a hotfix which should resolve the connectivity issues and DELTA errors that were introduced with the release of the latest Update 1.6.1. Read on
  14. The ETF Charlie workshop has ended yesterday after 4 days of knowledge and opinion sharing between the invited players as well as The Division’s development team. Hopefully the expectations on both sides were met and fulfilled and everybody has taken some nice and useful impressions back home. Read on
  15. The Division's Quality Update 1.6.1 is now out for 2 days, apparently quite enough time to upset the whole community again. A new thread in the game's subreddit shows the whole extent of this and lists dozens of old and new bugs the quality update should have already fixed. In addition, the way of how things are getting communicated is unfortunately getting worse again, not only because of the ETF workshop this week. Read on