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  1. Ubisoft and Amazon have partnered up to give away free Tom Clancy's The Division 2 loot through Twitch and its Prime subscription service. Read on
  2. The Division 2’s Title Update 4, including the fourth Specialization, has been released earlier today on June 18th during the planned maintenance downtime! Read on
  3. Today’s State of the Game episode #124 from June 12th, 2019, was almost entirely dedicated to this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. Read on
  4. We have briefly mentioned them in our initial E3 coverage - Expeditions - and want to bring them a little bit closer to you based on the recently published Intelligence Annex. Read on
  5. Yesterday's E3 Media Briefing was also used to shed some light on the official The Division Movie that is now coming to Netflix instead to local theaters as previously assumed. Read on
  6. Ubisoft has held its E3 2019 Media Briefing once again in the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown LA, and besides a couple of new game announcements, Terry Spier, Creative Director at Ubisoft Red Storm, has finally revealed some more information about the content of the three Episodes that are coming in The Division 2's Year 1. Read on
  7. You can check it out here https://division.zone/the-division-2/items/brand-sets/.
  8. This site helped me to find some in the area if you still need it https://division2map.com/.
  9. The Division 2's Title Update 3.1 has been successfully deployed earlier this week, followed by the first preview of Title Update 4 including the fourth Specialization "Gunner," which can now be tried out on the Public Test Server. Read on
  10. The Division 2's first Raid is out for almost two weeks and while players are understanding the missing but in the future coming Matchmaking, the console community has become very vocal about its challenging difficulty. Read on
  11. Hi primelink, how did you upgrade your Chatterbox? Did you find another Exotic during your playtime, or did you craft one and dismantled it afterward, or?
  12. Hi, yes, it's basically all about replaying a mission with activated modifiers. There are three different types of modifiers, Global Event, Activity and Group Modifiers that can be enabled before starting a mission. You can find more info about Global Events here https://division.zone/global-events/.
  13. I wouldn't say I'm mad about this, but the loot table needs to be drastically improved in general, and these Gear Sets should also drop outside of the Raid, I agree. Exotics aren't dropping at all or are only available through time-gated events throughout months of work (e.g. Nemesis), same goes for Gear Sets where it's not really clear when is dropping what and where. The drop chances are too low.
  14. While Title Update 3.0 was successfully deployed earlier this day, players are now eagerly waiting for the game’s first Raid to become available in less than 48 hours. Read on
  15. The Division 2's Title Update 3.0 is finally live. The around 6.5 GB update includes the first two Classified Assignments, Post Mission Activity Summaries, preparations for the upcoming raid, a Neutral Lighting setting on all platforms and a lot of changes to the game itself. Read on
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