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  1. The Public Test Server for The Division’s Update 1.6 and Last Stand will open its doors tomorrow Tuesday, January 24th. This was announced some hours ago in the official forums of the game. In addition, the developers have released the first preliminary patch notes with a more detailed insight on the upcoming changes. Read on
  2. The Division’s free Update 1.6 will be released at the same time as Expansion III: Last Stand and on all three platforms simultaneously. While 1.4 and 1.5 were mainly focusing the PvE aspect of the game, 1.6 will primarily address The Division’s PvP part and the Dark Zone, but will also improve the PvE experience. Read on
  3. I think the developers still haven't fixed all of the bugs related to ECHOs. Could you maybe forward this to Ubisoft Support please? There seems to be no other way in the moment.
  4. Primarily you should only care about stats. The main difference between those versions is just the look.
  5. Hello, it doesn't matter whether you are playing solo or in a group, chances are the same. Sometimes and if you are really lucky, one of your teammates might even give one of those pieces away!
  6. After yesterday’s teaser trailer release we have finally got the full picture of The Division’s third expansion. The Last Stand DLC comes with a new 8vs8 objective- and at the same time session-based PvP game mode in the Dark Zone, one of the most requested features since the game launched in March last year. Moreover it includes another Incursion without any further details on it. Read on
  7. Before we are going to see the first State of the Game episode in 2017, Ubisoft has published a half minute long teaser trailer for The Division’s upcoming major expansion Last Stand a few hours ago. Read on
  8. No official information yet, but we will probably know more after tomorrow's State of the Game stream.
  9. Tomorrow is Friday, the 13th of January 2017. Usually this date doesn't mean anything good, but the developers decided to deploy a hotfix regarding a recently unveiled farming exploit at WarrenGate Power Plant. Read on
  10. Update 1.6 will address the balancing in the Dark Zone and The Division's PvP mode as well as introduce a new feature, namely DZ Leaderboards. Also ETF Bravo will head over to the studio of Red Storm Entertainment at the end of next week to provide feedback on various aforementioned topics. Nothing new so far, but in the meantime dataminer iamunkn0wn decided to not wait for new information and scanned through the game files on his own. Read on
  11. The year 2016 is almost over, but before that and in addition to the recently released Let it Snow and Parade Pack, the developers want to thank all agents out there and wish happy holidays by giving away two pom pom beanies for free. Read on
  12. Still not in the Christmas spirit? Maybe these 2 new DLCs for Tom Clancy’s The Division could help you to get there. On the one side the Let it Snow Pack includes five weapon skins and two pullovers while the Parade Pack comes with two complete outfits and three weapon skins. Read on
  13. They will be picked this week as far as I know, however, they won't be announced to the public, so make sure to check your inboxes.
  14. Only a few hours left until PlayStation 4 players can get their hands on The Division’s Survival DLC. Furthermore, tomorrow’s maintenance will bring support for the PS4 Pro as well as a fix for the CE-34878 error. Read on
  15. I don't think that they are fake since the Splinter Cell outfit is already available, however, there is no way to obtain the AC one or the WD (what does WD stand for?). I think only some players received them.