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  1. I like predator's mark for pvp and pve. Need a help? Its very easy with gs256 reach 350k dps and 450k toughness. First tip is: roll armor on chest, kneepads, backpack and holster. Second tip: get 5.5k firearms and see your gun talents
  2. Alpha Bridge + Famas do more damage than Predators Mark and i cant understand you... are you asking for buff or nerf? Its a confused text
  3. Only items dropped from NPCs.
  4. " I spent 1150 hours optimizing my character to b a top tier character" In my calcs you was forced to do it 3x then 1.0 to 1.1 (he to gear combos) 1.1 to 1.2 (they nerfed sentry / stryker) 1.2 to 1.3 (SP / Shooty metas) I know that some players are very very frustrate with this patch and the challenges, but 90% of the player base dont, because they cant grow. In 1.3 i was able to do lexington solo in heroic mode and now all what i have is trash but im happy testing and building my own gear to play at my style
  5. Im still testing but i can give my opinion: Pvp: Im testing combinations and hybrids gear, but till now banshee + reckless chest / savage savage gloves looks pretty good for pvp For pve: well... there is lots of combinations here... 3 lone star + 3 banshee + LMG is a great combination for PVE solo or in groups if you like play as dps
  6. Im still testing everything, but i have 2 considerations till now: - Gear mods = Firearms + armor bonus - My meta now is Mitigation and CHC in gear/mods/talents Im testing right now 3 DE + 2 strikers + savage gloves for PVP Gun: Mk 17 with vicious, brutal and deadly (this gun needs stability )
  7. Kalibhan


    They will not add new guns on 1.4, they will change base damage and fix some talents Source: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1499869-Global-1-4-PTS-Patch-Notes
  8. I have just one rule for any kind of RNG in the division: Try 3 times... If you didn't get what you want (or close what you want) stop and try another day
  9. If you need complete this add me.. I do not care about GS
  10. Just wait till the 1.4 patch launch next week... now this game is focused on hardcore gamers... no chances without strong friends. After 1.4 you will be able to play solo if you want. Suggestions: see youtubers like: skillup, Likebutter or Marco Style, lots of tips and details about this game
  11. Sure!!! I'm just farming Phoenix Credits running Lex on Heroic mode for the next update (1.4) Call me later, you have strong friends... enjoy!
  12. My hybrid set is just for solo dark zone. 3 LS + 3 Tactician + L86/M1A, solo players need dps and skills haste (30k) For ug... well, depends I have all sets
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