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  1. Am I the only one who hasn't bothered with supply drops yet? Ive been grinding away all the bosses and went from 44 gs to 189 in one day. It was a lot more fighting and going rogue, but not once have I chased a supply drop. I feel as if they're just not worth it, especially when there is so many better ways to get better gear. I plan on going after a few tonight just for the experience, but am I wrong for saying that it's not worthwhile to chase supply drops?
  2. I hadn't noticed but i plan on grinding for more HE again tonight (its so easy in the new update lol). I'll see if what you're saying is happening to me as well
  3. Am I the only one who wished trading would have been more "open" for lack of a better term? Like I wished that you could trade with anybody, not just group members, and I also really hoped that it would go from one player's inventory straight to another's, not dropped on the ground for the other player to pick up, Idk, maybe Im just misinformed on this whole trading process.
  4. I find that running into a group of rouges that are spread apart is more frequent now than ever. Pulse is a must. Battle strategy should be 1. Locate your target or targets, 2. Pulse and get ready. Always start with your aim mid chest to head level depending on the kick of the gun. 3. Take out any in view and wait to see if anybody runs to their aid. Check your surroundings. Dont forget to use skills and your signature skill when needed. 4. Clean up any stragglers and take the loot. I find it best if you have more health and firearms if you plan on running solo.
  5. Im trying to grind all weekend until I'm a monster in DZ and have at least 2 HE drops. Need to be able to put goups of rouges to justice. Atm i can kill two before going down by a third or having to run away.
  6. I hope the April 12th(my birthday lol) update fixes the crafting system and the DZ vendor rank stuff and makes purchasing from DZ vendors more worth it. The new crafting ideas (takes more to craft, get less results from deconstructing) sounds like it's gonna be game breaking for people who dont grind for supplies because we all know that the best results come from crafting, but trading sounds so cool. I can already see people trading and then killing the person they traded with to get the items back. In my mind, they are really working to make the rogue system better but cutting back on more necessary game points.
  7. So im at the last main story mission of the game, and I plan on doing all missions, but Im very lost on the HE process. They never drop in missions on normal difficulty, so will redoing them on hard make things any easier?(in terms of HE drops being more frequent). After playing in the DZ quite a bit now, killing rogues, going rogue, and slaying at PvE, all I seem to get is purples. I dont even see HE crafting blueprints for sale anywhere. Logging anywhere from 1-4 hours in game a day, 5+ on weekends, Im wondering how are people getting them so easily, and Is my luck just that bad?
  8. LMGs are more accurate when spraying which leads to getting crits way easier than you'd think. I have the purple rpk and I really enjoyed using it until I found my purple Aug. As good as smgs are, I just cant pull away from ARs lol
  9. So I recently got home and started playing again and checking forums again, and ran some dz with randoms and got some ok blue and purple drops, (only a level 21). I was wondering what are some good loadout pieces to run, any tips on getting more HE drops, and anybody wanna run the dark zone together and farm?
  10. Trying to hit around level 20 (im at 17 now) before I head in, but definitely looking forward to it. Gonna lone wolf it all the way through.
  11. With the 3/22/2016 update, do you guys feel like the dark zone will see more popularity? I would like to see more killing and more rogues. Playing bounty hunter seems like it would be fun. Also, what other changes would you like to see be made to the dark zone in the future?
  12. I recently purchased the Division (saturday) and am having a blast. However, I am getting tired of playing with randoms. Looking for anybody to play with (missions, dark zone soon etc.) on PS4. I am not max level or anywhere close but I built up a good medic character and know the ropes. Very high skill for my level. My PSN is JayMontana646. Comment below and I'll add you and we can play. Looking for anybody around my level (11) or slightly higher (10-13 is perfect). Age: 16 Mic: Yes PSN: JayMontana646 Level: 11 Looking to Play: Story missions to level up, Collect better loot, and Dark Zone I play almost every day from 5/5:30 to around 8:30/9.
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