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    Qualified Personal Trainer, Studying Sports Science and Injury Prevention Degree
  1. DefiantDucky

    Libertas Legion: Gaming Done Right!

  2. DefiantDucky

    Libertas Legion: Gaming Done Right!

  3. DefiantDucky

    Libertas Legion: Gaming Done Right!

    Libertas Legion The Libertas Legion is an International Multigaming Community based on strong/dark humour, fun and unrestricted gaming with a core belief of team mentality and an active, social community of older members. Doing so we can provide members with access to a variety of gamers, activities and games therefore being able to complete anyone's gaming experience and take it to the next level. ---------------- REQUIREMENTS ---------------- - 18+ - Be able to take jokes - Have access to Discord and a microphone ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- FAQ ------- - Q Can I join just to play one game? - A Yes. But we encourage multigaming for the best experience. - Q I've been to similar clans, so what makes you guys different? - A Our community is made up of a variety of gamers and operate under our 'c*ntstitution' which is how we can maintain freedom with no one guy taking charge of everything. Players can interact with members from all over the world and get their own activities, events and gaming sessions running. - Q Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join? - A No. We are all equally worthless. - Q Is the LSLN a gender specific community? - A No. We have both male, female, and Apache members. ---------- For more info or to join, come check us out at: [Click me!] http://www.libertaslegion.com/
  4. DefiantDucky

    Last Man Contingent: Multigaming: Division Branch Recruitment

  5. DefiantDucky

    Last Man Contingent: Multigaming: Division Branch Recruitment

    Ranks and Recruitment Changes We have changed the application process on the site to better accommodate everyone preferences. Basically a new group which has been created will be only for those wanting to help with recruitment apps and only for those wanting notifications from the suite to alert new or updated applications. We hope this will fix the issue of guys just wanting to help coordinate without having the constant alerts from the recruitment side of things. Also the LMCT has a new Ranking system which has come into effect day before yesterday, for all of those unaware this is for people wanting to help organise certain branches and aspects of the group. More info can be found under our forum in the 'LMCT HIERARCHY' thread Rocket League expansion The LMCT Community has expanded to the Game: 'Rocket League' the most intense, fun and craziest game we have played to date, it is an absolute must play for everyone as trying to play soccer but with cars and jet engines try to win against of the other team. Great laugh and great all round cheap but fantastic game.
  6. Last Man Contingent 'Consistere Ultima Hominis' The Last Man Contingent is a International, Multi gaming community based exclusively on the PC. We are a paramilitary theme but without the extreme Rules and Regulations often accompanied by similar groups and clans out there. We do not roleplay in anyway shape or form, we are normal people and casual gamers. We offer an team base across multiple games and branches and have a strong community. Here at the Last Man Contingent, members can say what they want, do what they want and play any game however they want. Expect Strong humor, good team play and random and crazy sh*t. We are specifically reaching out to older players and gamers who are looking for a good strong group without extreme rules or limitations, who are active, who would be willing to participate and interact with the group and who are willing to help out with growing or improving the group in anyway shape or form and prefer Teamwork with Voice Communications and have a good sense of humor as we are not for sensitive or the easily offended. The LMCT absolutely loves the combat, teamwork and game-play experience which The Division has to offer for us, getting our guys the best gear, rouge hunting or becoming rouges ourselves, protecting our members whilst we obtain high gear and extract valuable loot and helping players and agents find their feet in the Dark Zone or beating challenging missions and pushing with brute force in the new and upcoming Incursions. Our Games