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  1. Jiggy517

    Do you pay it forward?

    I try to be a nice guy and usually it pays off. Theres only been a few times really someone has just wanted to take me out for no reason that i can recall. If they turn on me though then i usually try to return the favor.
  2. Jiggy517

    Season Pass Expectations

    Yeah when i heard underground i thought expanding more on the tunnel system in bith the main map and the dz map but now it seems like just a new game mode.
  3. Jiggy517

    Clear Sky Cutscene

    Interesting. Life has kept me away from games here lately and I haven't played the new incursion. Maybe it's a plot twist or something? Bliss survived maybe?
  4. Jiggy517

    Lonestar gear

    You dont gain full ammo it gains full ammo in the mag. Gaining full ammo would be ridiculous. It is beneficial for it to reload your weapon though since as soon as you switch back you'll be able to continue to fire and keep that up until you run out of ammo otherwise you would be basically unstoppable. There has to be balance.
  5. A lot of great changes coming it looks like. Hopefully execution is there this time.
  6. My apologies i read it incorrectly then. Can your return the game? If its that bad can you recoup any of your money? I didnt mean my comment to come across being rude. I was speaking on the fsct that if you go up in brackets then the enemies are hard but if you think about it if there was an ability to go down everyone that is high ranking would destroy all the low rank players in these lower brackets. Thats all I was saying. So my apologies. On another note getting this salty over a video game is really not that necessary. Its a game. Yeah you spent $60 or more same as me. Is it the best game in the world? No its got its issues but so does every game. If you dont like it return it if you can. Every single game out there has the potential to get bought and you not like it or your group of friends not like it but the game cant change based on just that. Ive hated many games that I purchased but thats an opinion not a fact im sure plenty of people loved that same game so just chill.
  7. Jiggy517

    Update 1.2 Conflict, May 24th!!

    Being able to cut an extraction rope adds another level of intensity. Cant wait. Curious about what these new gear sets will bring as well. Another month until our first paid dlc as well. Super stoked!
  8. Jiggy517

    Reporting Cheaters

    Please read the notes on this pinned thread to know how to ACTUALLY report someone. Posting it in this forum does nothing. Posting screenshots in this forum does nothing. PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST IN THIS THREAD!
  9. Really? I jumped in the DZ for the first tune with a friend that was way higher then me. I joined his bracket and ruled with him staying in the lower levels and ranked very quickly. He managed to help keep me alive no problem and i did what i could to help. I don't really see an issue with it. Just sounds like everyone that complains about it just wants an easier game to play. Personally the challenge would be what keeps me.
  10. If they have an invisible mode the loot, xp and dz funds would have to be dramatically reduced when active. If not the game will not work. No one would be in the dz without being invisible to other players because it's easier to not have people kill you.
  11. Its the nature of the game man. I know many dont like it because theres no balance for llayers but thats the point isnt it? The dark zone is suppose to be a place where you dont know whats going to happen. Where you really want to either be the cat or the mouse. Either be the agressor or be the one in the shadows on the defensive. I have not had the issues that some people claim to have woth rogues killing me evety time I log on. Im level 52 i believe now so i havent max leveled. Im a 196 gear score also. I try to avoid rogues most of the time but sometimes i search them out. Some times I want to go rogue. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but I go in knowing anything is possible and thats why I enjoy it. If you dont i suggest maybe trading it in? Again its not for everyone but if you stick with it understanding that the dark zone is meant to be strenuous like that then you may start enjoying the rush.
  12. Seriously does anyone do any research before posting? Between the loop of these complaints, bugs and "cheaters" or "hackers" someone should put me out of MY misery.
  13. Jiggy517

    Gearscore or DPS ?

    You can get the other pieces from beating the incursion. As far as gear score or dps I've been running gear score. Usually the lower level items may increase dps but you lose talents, mod slots and even higher numbers in firearms, stamina and electronics. I apply my highest gear score stuff and use the mod slots to add firearms or stamina to get my stats where i need them to be
  14. Jiggy517

    Patch 1.2?

    I'm sure this Thursday we will get more info on that during the "state of the game" stream. There's only do many weeks in may so it can't be much longer.
  15. Jiggy517

    Character features change

    Yeah once everything else is fixed it would be nice especially if they add more character faces or hair options. Everyone looks the same lol