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  1. Of course, the rogue could assemble his own team, but I just think it would add a whole new flavor to the DZ if it gave solo agents the option to go into solo servers if they wanted.
  2. QXARE, I have thought about that, but with a solo only server you would probably end up working with other agents to clear out landmarks, with mics it wouldnt be hard to assemble a "team" to run with (of corse you would have to watch your fire), and then there is also the fact that when you're rogue everyone knows where you are and the rogue could easily end up outnumbered.
  3. Haha, it's not that I have any more or less trouble. Hell most casual players are under 200k dps and 100k health. I've exceeded those numbers but regardless of that your not going to stand up against 4 or more of the people with those numbers.
  4. Imagine going into the DZ without any teams. No 8 man rogue teams. I think it would add a whole new feel to the dark zone for lone wolfs. What do you think?
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