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  1. I've been trying to do the falcon lost incursion since yesterday, but it keeps saying that my group is in a no respawn zone, when none of us is even entered the sewer yet. It also says I've completed the mission, when clearly I haven't. What's going on with the incursion now???
  2. Hey, I added you. Do you happen to have a mic?
  3. I've been looking everywhere for one... I cant find one though. Do I need to farm some of the main missions or do I have no hope but the dark zone?
  4. THE SPOILER JUST AN INTRO. SKIP BELOW THE CUT TO THE IMPORTANT INFO. ...I've come to the conclusion that I might as well Dark Zone team! I'm really hoping to get myself a High End Marksman Rifle. My weapons are pretty low compared to most other people; like i've said, I had only recently beaten the campaign. That's why I need help! Please, if you're using XBOX ONE, then please add me: StickingtonMC I'll be on for most of the day today, so please dont hesitate to add me! Also, if voice chat is a thing you would feel comfortable with, let me know! I dont use it often, but I dont have a problem using it. Thank you for taking a read! Hope someone out there decides to help.
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