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  1. My understanding is that the loot you receive is greatly impacted by your scavenging skill. A friend of mine, since getting his scavenging skill above 200% has noticed a significant increase in high level drops and even got some emeralds from the supply drops. Not to mention in the DZ purples and golds were dropping at a high rate instead of blues/greens
  2. One way to add further competition to getting the supply drops is after the timer expires, the chest becomes like any other chest/item in the DZ and will need to be extracted. Considering the reason you don't need to extract them is bc they haven't been contaminated yet, it makes sense that after the 5min countdown has taken place, the items need to be extracted via helicopter. This will increase PvP and maximize an idea already in place. As an added bonus, it will eliminate the frustration you get after clearing out the area only to miss the chest by a few seconds.
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