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  1. I am back!!!!

  2. The Fox

    Server Maintenance: April 21st, 2016

    It seems like Ubi is playing catch up and losing fast. Read some of the fan comments. 90% of them are about the bad state of the DZ gameplay and the other 10% is dealing with hackers.
  3. The Fox

    Server Restart – April 12/13

    I also believe that the servers are still down at the time of this post.
  4. Looks like a solid update to me. I'm ready to see how this gear score really affects gameplay!
  5. The Fox

    New York Collapse Book?

    There is a physical book you can buy on Amazon, or wherever, that ties into this game. The survival guide pages that you find in-game are excerpts from the book. Google New York City Collapse guide book.
  6. The Fox

    New York Collapse Book?

    Yeah, I saw that and it made me happy because I remember that part in the book.
  7. Okay, I think I can help you with the RNG problem. The answer? Scavenging stat. Raise it. How? Equip gear that has the stat. Some electronic gear mods have it as well. Where do you check said stat? Go to inventory, tab over to the "character" menu, scroll down to "Exploration" and check the level of the stat. The higher the scavenging stat the better chance for a good drop. Happy hunting, agent.
  8. The Fox

    New York Collapse Book?

    West 23rd St echo - you will find April going through a door.
  9. The Fox

    People are blind

    Very true, but the game gives you a visual clue as well as an audio clue that a teammate is down. Yes we all get focused on the combat but in order to play as an effective team you have to pay attention to each other's health and line of fire. Me playing support roles has trained me to keep my eyes and ears out for these clues, but others just shoot and don't pay attention to anyone else around them (and they're the ones going down often screaming for a pick up. Haha)
  10. The Fox

    Tactical Gaming is Recruiting!

    I personally recommend Tactical Gaming! I was with them on BF4, PC Division and loved the gamers I met and the organization of the whole experience. If any of you agents are torn about what group to join this should be it! (formally TGx7Rossomando, Thunderbolts Squad)
  11. The Fox

    Perks of Making Multiple Agents

    Yeah, you just need to be level 30
  12. The Fox

    New York Collapse Book?

    Yeah, I saw you had it in there and was tempted, but I want to try it a couple more times before I cave haha!
  13. The Fox

    New York Collapse Book?

    DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO FIGURE THESE MINOR ONES OUT YOURSELF! Okay, what I've found so far... PAGE 24 the bottom portion of the node connections spells out THERE ARE DIVISIONS WITHIN THE DIVISION PAGE 32 in the insert box, if you follow the number order match with the letters it reads VARIOLA VIRUS MADE FOR US PAGE 153 if you count the letter corresponding to the number of virus icons is spells out DR LIU CAN HELP PAGE 169 where it has the Song of the Solders insert, if you read how the alias was made you can determine that "Warren" has to be the name of a street in-game (however I haven't located it yet) As for the transit card I'm still struggling to find where to use it. I looked at that sticky note over and over. The phrasing in it is strange (possible a clue hidden) and that it says "you're you're" don't know if that was a typo or another clue. Hope this helps, Agents!
  14. I'm sure you all have noticed that you are able to create up to four different agents on one account. Other than gathering more cosmetics what is the point? Well, for one, Pheonix Credits! Pheonix Credits are the only in-game currency that is shared across the account! Which means, if you have two level 30 agents you can double your daily PCred amount running daily missions! Happy Elite hunting! P. S. I haven't come across the forums noting this info so I decided to share. I you have seen this on our forums already let me know.
  15. I'm really happy about being able to heal neutral players in the DZ!