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  1. Everyone has I believe, a 1% chance each run. The 1% does not stack. It is a pure 1% drop rate per player, each time you run it. That is how it was explained to me. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. It is pure luck. I know people who bought the game and got the drop on the first run. I know people who stopped playing and first day back they got it. I also know people who don't care much for the named items, yet they own every single one of them. I own 1. Until recently I finally got a ninjabike backpack. Which is useless to say the least. I gave up on hunting. It has sapped me dry. The grind in this game, since it is forever changing, is redundant. There is no point to the endless grind. I still to this day have never found a caduceus, midas(When I actually did, it did not end up in the dz stash.), bliss's, shortbow.. Just the backpack. I have given up on the game at this point. it is sad for the fact I spent 15 days straight of 8 hours plus and not getting anything valuable. not to mention that the 15 day run was after doing Lex almost everyday for a few(3-5) hours since November/December(Running Solo or with a crew). Even if it was two and a half to three months of doing that same mission every single day, to have nothing of value show up, is just horrible. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Bad armor rolls, lowest stamina, skill or firepower. Nomad like crazy. Snipers, when I never use them and a lot of performance mods. Enough performance mods that i received 4 four item drops from Larea, all of which had 2 performance mods. I haven't done a run on any mission in weeks. This maybe a complaint or me bitching but i am telling it how i have experienced it. Not fun. Not enjoyable. Burned me out of this game. I know you can't always get what you want. But I have felt like I worked/grinded my ass off for something that has never or will never show up. And to the people who say keep trying it will show up.. Well it hasn't. Being positive don't mean shit with an evil RnG. RnG doesn't care about positive vibes hahaha. end rant/complaint/whining/bitching
  3. Said I couldn't crack 200k.. finally did it. Managed to get a few Alpha Bridge out of the DZ and have a 4 piece Alpha and 2 Striker. Sitting at 3450 Firearms, 420 toughness and 27 Skill Power. I can switch between AR's and SMG's. Best set up I found was SMG's, AUG Para and PP-19. Currently can't remember all the talents but all 6 are active.
  4. Four man team. 4 Shotguns. 3 Shock Turrets. Immune bag... Needless to say last night was a joke. Glass Cannons can walk all over me now. 1 shot from a shot gun is not cool if I cannot have a 1 shot sticky bomb. Shotguns are the new sticky bomb. 1 shot body hit and get dropped. The headshots are even more hilarious.
  5. Nice. Only question. How. No matter what combo I use I cannot get past 197 DPS with all talents unlocked. Reckless doesn't help me. 5 Piece Striker can only get to 197 DPS for both primary and secondary with 3789 fire power. Boosted to 4500+ and still was at 197 DPS. It makes no sense to me. Again it is great to see someone get to this but I get completely frustrated. I have the talent that speeds reload for every crit hit with a potential of 1 second reloads. Still does not affect my DPS. Just odd I cannot crack 200K dps.
  6. If you are on Xbox let me know. I seem to be getting some good luck in DZ. BiggshowKF
  7. I keep getting 268 Tact, Sentry, Striker, Lone Star and Final Measure in the DZ as of late. Picked up some more 268 gear in there last night although I have some 240 pieces doing better then that stuff. I really wish I had a better answer. I did pick up one Alpha when someone tried to go rogue on us. So it is in there. Just need to be lucky enough to get it I guess.
  8. Not going to lie I got almost all of mine out of Supply Drops. I have no clue how I lucked out but I managed to get 3 solid Tact pieces (finally), 3 268 striker pieces, 4 Lone star (From 1 HVT), some sentry and final measure. I have not found one of those in the Underground. Most of this was in the DZ04-DZ06. Some were boss drops but only a few. I was in the same boat when the update came out and still don't know how the drop rates work. Just luck I assume.
  9. The only times I have ever seen anything like this happen was on Clear Sky Incursion. Three of us died for the second time so we left the fourth man in the actual Incursion to go and get med packs. We all ran through and got to the container that you blow up to continue, walked through and I dropped. So one of those who were following me ran up to revive me and they dropped. Same with the third man in. The fourth man came in to revive us all. The second time was on CS and I went in after we all died. One left and two disconnected as I walked through the container just to test some stuff out. Same thing happened at the container. Could not quit. Could not revive. Had to start the game over. I have never seen this one though. It seems like it would be a major piss off.
  10. BiggshowKF on Xbox One. Please let me know what you are planning ahead of time as I have come across a few people who have not done this in the past. It just leads to a bad run and people getting mad at each other. I am laid back and don't mind farming. Doesn't matter which zone we are in either. Few things: Please have a mic. It is hard to communicate and know what players are wanting/thinking to do with out one. Let me know your thoughts on Rogues. If you want to fight that's cool. If you want to steer clear, that's fine too. But please be clear. I don't like figuring out what to do when being shot at. Send me a message or add me if you want to run the DZ. I am on usually every night. BiggshowKF
  11. Couple reasons. One it is current the best set I have to keep my stats where they currently are. Two, most of these are 2 mod slot pieces where the other do not. As far as I have now, no other pieces will fit in that build. It would be nice to have a Sentry or maybe something else. I do not need EDR from Final Measure. Currently at 28% so I am good there. The lone star pieces are maxed out for the most part on everything I need. Possibly the best rolled set I have to tell you the truth. Last but not least, it is easier to switch just a backpack and chect piece with ammo cap, then to switch all 4 pieces to get max ammo. Also.. this game KEEPS giving me Lone Star. I took it as a hint to use it and so far I can't complain (Although I was before.. I just grew to accept that was what I was getting :D). Will I be changing it if I come across two pieces that match the ones I currently have in place? Most likely. But until I get something as good I would be hurting my build.
  12. This is probably the answer. Same issue I had. Once the mission is completed it will start up everything for the UG DLC.
  13. Yeah it's insane. Still struggling. I managed to get 2 good rolls at the crafting table but the rest I just picked up in dz05 and dz06 in chests. Firearms seems to be the only one that will produce but I don't need what it is giving me. In the end the EDR rolls did help out with the new build. Just not what I really wanted haha
  14. That is roughly how I have my current set up. I have 2 Tactician, 2 Striker and 2 Lone Star with 185K DPS (3000 Firearms) 415K Toughness (75% Dmg Mit.) and 37500 SP. Most of my mods are set up for EDR which put me to 28% and stops sticky bombs from dropping me in one shot. I have one or two mods with skill haste and skill power. If I dropped/rolled one firearms gear set piece I could easily have 500k. But I like the more balance set up I have currently. All 268 Gear with 229 Pistols, Shotguns, SMG and AR. Sticking with G36 C and Tactical SASG-12 K, So far those two seem to do amazing damage.
  15. This had to be done by a glitch. Otherwise I have never seen it done. Unless I missed something
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