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  1. Hey guys and gals just wanted to get some feedback on what everyone will be running or plan to run in 1.6. My current thoughts are striker with savage and specialized backpack. All mods will be 267 stamina mods with skill haste and electronics with skill haste. For the Weapon I'm going with Fumas with sawed off shotgun with adept and comp. so save up all those max armor strikers they will be the new DPS meta. For my 2nd main gun Navy MP5 adept , vicious , responsive.
  2. I'm running 2 final and 4 alpha which is giving me 300k dps 300k toughness and 100k skills power
  3. Always always go for Armor for the main stats, Also health on kill and , critical hit chance and critical hit damage. The other important stat is Stamina and just enough firearms to unlock your gun talents. Hope it helps if so please add a reputation point. Thanks!
  4. Add me bro GS 220 LVL 30 PSN Gloryroad187
  5. Sounds like you need to review your talents and skill power my friend. Talents: Critical Save , Strike Back , Triage , One is none. Skill power is the most important after mitigation is 75% the more skill power the faster your heals with cool down and so when being attacked you can pop a heal every 20 sec. you should never die in 20 sec even with 4v1. Use cover to cover movement or stay super close to them in PVP they won't be able to hit you. Also the weapon talent that cools down signature skills is bugged if you leave any weapon in your inventory you will get this perk. this will allow you to have the big signature every 45 sec or so. Hope it helps. Also Run with health over 90k
  6. There is no rules in PVP and if your unhappy with how the DZ currently works stay out until they fix these issues to avoid get upset and not playing the game. I love when they run away sniper with fire bullets always ends a runner quickly. My bullets always run faster. If you guys are coming into issues with greifing please add me to your friends list I will be happy to hunt them down. The dark zone is an area of the game meant to be controlled by both good and bad. Get a group or two or three of players willing to fight these groups of rouges and kill them all. We need a clan or guild system to allow bounty hunter clans to deal with this problem. No need to wait for the game makers to make a fix. We are the strength the DZ need to clean out these cheap crappy players and they wont want to come after being killed over and over by a group of enforcers. !!! PSN Gloryroad187
  7. Friday nights PST 8PM fight club in the DZ add me on PS4 PSN#Gloryroad187
  8. Gear score means nothing I'm using a 182 GS Aug which does more dps then the same GS 204 Aug. 100% of this game is talents and stats of each item. What I did to get my setup which is always being reworked is in the BoO the gun range and just find which gun put the highest numbers on the target.
  9. Always run as host with randoms! if your on PS4 add me ill run any mission np for you Gloryroad187
  10. Yeah they need a roll cost cap of 50k however I don't think that allowing to re-roll every stat is was to over powered and would make farming gear useless. We need it to be hard to get gear to help keep players online in the end game. I really think we need more then group sizes of 4 more like raid groups for DZ at least and clans would be great additions that would allow us to have massive battles in the DZ>
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