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  1. UPLAY Name: DutchRudder003 How old are you: 33 y/o Where are you from: Portland, Oregon What level are you | Gear Level : GS: 256 / DZ:33 / UG: 14 / LS: 6 Why do you want to join the clan: I'm am getting so tired and bored of not really having anyone to join up with, and, since I play everyday I have began to start losing interest but I don't waqnt that to happen so I am branching out and trying to find new Agents. Do you join the Dark Zone for PVE or PVP? Where do you find the PVE Dark Zone? I straight PVP the hell out of the DZ, sooo much fun especially because I love playing tactical with team mates making call outs, placing points of interesxt to arrive at, and the normal ambushing other DZ players. Plus, my play style is that of a Hybrid style player, meaning I really like playing my Tactician Healer/Roller Mine DPS Damage Dealer (more focus on healing my team mates FIRST). But I also like playing my Hybrid Alphabridge Build (DPS/Skill Power) and also my straight DPS Damage Dealer Striker's -or- Sentry's Call. Main point, I think only playing as a team, a cohesive unit, is the only correct way to play this game. Other: 6 solid well built assorted builds (Tactician/Reclaimer/Alphabridge/Strikers/Sentry's Call/Banshee). Current build I am wearing right now is my Tactician Build (2788 F (123,202) / 3862 S (261,202) / 8245 SK (367,547)) with 47% Skill Haste. * I play everyday and would love to join some like-minded Agents for some fun, exciting, Division Shoot 'em UP!
  2. I am AmericanLegend3 and I am looking for anyone to join with me. I am playing right now (11/2/16 @ 10:30pm PST) and would love to meet some new people to play with. I'm 100% a team player and don't like ever going Rogue just to take other peoples hard earned equipment. Message me on Uplay or send me an invite NOW!!!
  3. Application How old are you: 32 Where are you from: Portland, Oregon What level are you | Gear Level : 213-235 Why do you want to join the clan: Tired of ALWAYS playing alone. I thoroughly enjoy communicating with other like-minded players like myself. Do you join the Dark Zone for PVE or PVP? I never go Rogue or attack other players unless attacked first.
  4. Adam/32/Portland, OR Level: 30+ DZ Level:39 Gear Score: 180 I want to join because I play everyday and I am 100% the team player but it get's really boring when I get online and don't have even one person to play with. Joining a mature clan will definitely be better than playing alone like I have been doing way to often. I find it to be a lot of fun when you have 2, 3, or 4 other players that are joining because of the same reason that you are which for me is to help other players achieve goals and collect items. But in turn with me doing that, I end up getting the items and leveling up too so it's a win win. When I go into the Dark Zone I play PVE, I have actually never gone rogue because I hate when some Rogue asshole stalks you and then takes the stuff you have worked hard to get. When I see other players I just tend to avoid them if possible but if I do come across them I make they know I don't mean them any harm since there is already enough things in the Dark Zone that want to kill you anyways! IF I AM ABLE TO JOIN PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON UPLAY SINCE I MAY FORGET TO RETURN TO THIS SITE OFTEN ENOUGH TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT JOINING. I ALREADY HAVE TEAMSPEAK DOWNLOADED SINCE I USE TEAMSPEAK FOR MY BF4 PLATOON AND A FEW OTHER GAMES. THANKS!
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