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  1. Texas_Viper


    if you are in WT5 and want to run challenging, just do matchmaking, I have had some really great rounds that way and met some good folks, made new friends that I now play with on a regular basis
  2. Texas_Viper

    Survival Game Play Experience and Thoughts

    I agree, I still have not extracted. I have called for extraction once now, to get shot in the back and electrocuted and killed by a Hunter (PVE) without ever seeing him...LOL......but I am having a good time with it anyway!
  3. So I'm not really sure where to post this but was wondering what everyone else's opinions and experiences are like with the Survival DLC. I'm on PS4 so I have only recently started playing it with the latest release. While I really like it overall (the new challenges it brings) and have been feeling like I was doing OK learning how to approach the game in PVE mode (I've only called for extraction once) and progressing a bit further every time I play, this past weekend I played around 8-9 rounds and got wiped with very little progression. Anyone else had similar experiences or did I just have a bad run of it? I had previously been finding myself spawning south or west of the DZ but this past weekend all of my spawns were East of the DZ and for me it seemed much more difficult making progress from this side of the map. Any similar experiences?
  4. Texas_Viper

    Hello, PS4 player looking for teammates

    thanks judge - I just reached level 30 last night and figured that out!
  5. Texas_Viper

    Any other old codgers playing The Division?

    I'm 51 and get on when I can but most of the time its not every night. Been playing mostly solo, am a level 28 now and only been in the dark zone 5-6 times. I don't last long in there but I have fun anyway
  6. Texas_Viper

    Hello, PS4 player looking for teammates

    Hi guys, clearly a newbie here but can you guys tell me how to find my Gear Score.....I'm a level 25 overall in the game and I think level 11 in the Dark Zone (I've only been in there maybe 10-12 times trying to get a feel for it. Thanks in advance
  7. Texas_Viper

    PS4 Old guy

    Hi Kosowns, you just think you are old, I'm 51 and still kicking it in games (but yeah my reflexes are there too and I die alot). But like you said, its all about fun.. Like you I have only been playing the Division about a month now and still trying to feel it out, but its a sweet game and I am really enjoying it. I have only been in the Dark Zone about a dozen times now and have not even paid any attention to my ranking in the Dark Zone, I'm a level 25 player overall, but still learning and feeling my way, but send me a PM if you want to pair up. I also don't like going Rogue and can't stand trash talk and BS. My game time is my time to unwind and just chill. I am in Texas and play most nights, but am a couple of hours ahead of you I guess. You can find me on PSN as Texas_Viper.