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Found 4 results

  1. We are a small clan of only 3 currently looking for like minded players. We are active almost every day and just about to hit level 30. We are looking for members with a good sense of humor, a mic, and who are mature. Anyone is welcome and we are willing to help with whatever we can. Conflict playing is not a must. We will be playing the actual pvp(Conflict) occasionally. Message OTOGAKURE_HERO on PS4 if interested.
  2. Clay

    Gear Rolls

    Hello everyone, I have a question about gear rolls with the new 268 gear sets. I have 268 gear but I don't have anywhere near the stats I see online and posted here. (250K DPS 400K Toughness). I know it has to do with the specific rolls of the individual pieces. Min-Max armor, secondary attributes, etc. Just because it is 268, I know it can still be junk. My question is what should I look for in the rolls? What is the man armor now for each piece? Secondary attributes to look for? I know Marcostyle (sp?) had a video once for 1.2 but I haven't seen anything else for 1.3. Thanks in advance! Clay
  3. Me and my squad was trying to get some extra base wing points and stumbled across a curious mission. We decided to do it not realizing it was the last main mission of the game. By the time we finished we were all level 28. Got to say I was sad realizing this but have hope about the expansions being around the corner. The main missions (I found out) make sense if you watch the "evidence" videos (via your intel menu) after you complete them. Ubi went all out when making these short clips. I still have plenty of side missions and collectibles to locate but I know the DZ is where most of the end game goes to. I guess my point is that I wish there was a little more of the main missions. Don't get me wrong we still have to play them on the Hard/Challenge modes and even in the "normal" setting they were hella fun! I haven't had this much fun shooting baddies in a long time. My word to my fellow agents, don't rush through and enjoy the main missions while you can. See you guys in the DZ! P.S. Has anyone else finished the main missions. If so how did you feel about the overall PvE experience? (please do not include spoilers for other agents that have not progressed this far. Thanks)
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