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Found 4 results

  1. Adult Gaming Community: Why play with randoms who don't have your back? Join our growing family! We are currently undergoing some changes to our community and growing into a more multi-gaming group for mature (some what lol) gamers. Join and help shape our future. All of humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment full of diverse threats. We are equipped with incredible Tech and weapons. We are a splinter faction of Division network who seek to tip the balance in mankind's favor with values of the original Division core. We will succeed! We must succeed. GT: Justsilver Join us in the fight: Xbox Live: Dawn of Games (going to change) Discord: Link Facebook: Link
  2. Wir sind eine Multigaming Organisation, die am 09.Nov 2016 gegründet wurde und vertreten ist in den verschiedensten Games. Pro-Gamer & Casuals es ist alles dabei! Unser Clan ist ab 18 Jahre zugänglich. Wir spielen aktuell: Rainbow Six Siege \ Overwatch \ The Division \ League of legends \ \ Counterstrike :GO \ Heroes of the Storm \ Playerunknown's Battlegrounds \ H1Z1 \ World of Warcraft \ Rocket League\Destiny 2 \ Call of Duty:WWII\Fortnite battle Royale Was hat Ryzing Gaming e.V. alles zu bieten: - Homepage: Ryzing Gaming e.V. - Teamspeak³: ts.ryzing-gaming.de - Offizielle Iphone App : Iphone App - Offizielle Android App : Android App - Firefox & Thunderbird Clan Banner: Facebook & Thunderbird Clan Banner - Facebook-Gruppe: Ryzing Gaming e.V. Facebook - Steam-Gruppe: Ryzing Gaming e.V. Steam - WhatsApp-Gruppe für jede Sektion - Discord Gruppe - Familiäres und harmonisches Clanleben - Gemeinsames Spielen, Teams, Interne Spiele ect. - Competitive und Casual Gaming ! - 3 Music Bots. - Wir besitzen 7 Counterstrike : Go Trainings Clan Server !! - Wir besitzen 1 Counterstrike : Go Retake Clan Server !! - Ark Survival Evolved Server Cluster - The island/Scorched earth/Ragnarok je 50 Slots pro Server. - Conan Exiles Server - 70 Slots. - Dark n Light Server - 70 Slots. - Rust Server - 50 Slots. - Arma III Altis Life - 50 Slots. Was erwartet Ryzing Gaming e.V. von dir: - Mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein - Spaß an Games haben - Die Nutzung unseres Teamspeaks - Keine Cheats (VAC Bann etc) - Teamfähig - Kritikfähig - Fähigkeiten in Wort & Schrift Was suchen wir? Wir suchen aktive Gamer. Alle Skill-Level sind in unserer Organisation willkommen von Anfänger zu Fortgeschrittener bis Profi. Schlusswort: Solltest du also eine familiäre und harmonische Multigaming Organisation suchen,Bei der man schnell und einfach eigene Teams gründen kann? und ein großes Angebot an Spieler & Games hat.Du dich auch direkt an der Entwicklung des Clans beteiligen kannst ohne weitere Verpflichtungen zu haben, dann bewerbe dich direkt bei uns Ryzing Gaming e.V. im Forum oder melde dich direkt bei uns im Teamspeak³: ts.ryzing-gaming.de
  3. Join our #XboxOne community for #TheDivision! 1) Trade classified gear set pieces (Dark Zone) 2) News from the official Division Twitter account 3) LFG messages to find games (PVE AND PVP) 4) Theory-crafting, builds and more. Discord: http://discord.gg/Pqypg8R
  4. Hello!! My name is The Real Jeno and Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We're not like other clans, we encourage a fun, organized friendly community, forum based, game nights, tourneys, friendly atmosphere, always someone to team up with but we break our community into Brigades (by game: Division, Destiny, Call of Duty, BF4) so that you're not 'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members! You'll need a mic and daily access to the forums in order to join. We offer the following for members: Graphics Team, Podcast Team, Event Team, Competition Teams, , and others! How to join Dissension Gaming? 1) Visit website: Dissension Gaming (www.dgcgaming.net) 2) Create account for Forums (Put The Real Jeno, as referrer) 3) Read this thread: Apply to Join Here http://www.dgcgaming.net/application-forms.php?appid=2&tabid=8 4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the console and game brigade of your choice. 5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on how to get in the group, and onto the Brigade list. 6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people (add them on xbox), and start gaming!
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