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Found 9 results

  1. I'm 46 and I really enjoy military and strategy games, and Division is a keeper in my opinion good fiction that borders on possible reality it is intriguing . I've played division over the last year off and on - and really enjoy the game play and the story line. I have a question for those players who like to teach and just share knowledge. I'm currently 256/17 I would like to know how to team up with some one and learn the ropes of dark zone : not a total stranger to weapons ,but when it comes to some of the mods and there functions id like to get a another view on specialized weapons and there function in the game. My fire power is 152,045 fire arms 5440 Toughness 232,586 stamina 2564 Skill power 151,870 electronics 4582 .... Just looking for some advice on how to get better and faster with the process , some gamers don't want to play with you if your not a certain level and I get that , but we all started low at one point. Just looking for some friendly advise and direction...
  2. I am currently DZ level 74 and thought newer folks getting their first taste of the Dark Zone might appreciate a guide to help set themselves up for success. Whether you group up with your friends, friendly randoms you run across in the Dark Zone, or you're brave enough to fly solo, this guide should help put you in a good position to succeed. Before I dive in, here are a couple quick links to display my Division Tracker rank and gear setup, just so you who is publishing this post. Division Tracker Results - currently #7 for Items Extracted and #22 for Dark Zone level on Xbox High-level Overall View of Stats and Gear This build could also be labeled "End-Game Solo & Co-Op Dual Purpose Build Guide (PVE & PVP)", considering I make only slight variations to my Skills when playing with a group versus solo, and Missions versus the DZ. It was inspired by the approach I found myself taking when clearing DZ 1 & 2, but the reason I enjoy it so much is because it is multi-purposed. Skills Signature Move: Tactical Link - Increases damage and critical hit chance to the user and all nearby allies. Although my Skills remain the same in group versus solo play, it is worth calling out one group dynamic with this. When attacking a named elite group at various landmarks (particularly in DZ3-6), try to pair this with the security signature move for a powerful duo of high damage mitigation and damage output values. You should be able to clean up the majority of the pack during the 12 second window and simply clean up the scraps thereafter. First Aid: Booster Shot - Temporarily increases damage for the affected targets in addition to the normal healing effect. Yet another source of damage boost on this build. Noticing a trend? It's all about the quick clears to keep the 30% damage mitigation up from 'On the Move' at all times. Pulse - Damage is increased when attacking any hostile targets identified by the pulse scan. With my current skill power, this boosts my crit hit chance by 31.30% and my crit hit damage by 57.50% Abilities Solo Play On the Move - Kill a hostile while moving to reduce incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds. Critical Save - Use a medkit during low health to increase damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds. Strike Back - Reach low health to reduce active skill cooldowns by 20% Tech Support - Kill a hostile while any skill is deployed to extend any active skill duration by 10% Rationale: On the move is the focal point of this build. Assuming a certain quality of gear is already in place (relatively high DPS, decent health pool, and respectable damage mitigation), this build focuses killing enemies while on the move. As long as the 'On the Move' damage reduction is activated - which only requires you to kill something once every 10 seconds - that, coupled with the inherent damage mitigation from the armor and various other stats on your gear, should be enough to keep you up under normal volumes of enemy fire. When things get sticky and your health gets low, great! Now you have 20% CDR. Eventually, you may need to pop a medkit, which will grant you an additional 40% damage mitigation. Keep in mind, you will also occasionally be using your First Aid skill, too. The bottom line is this... as long as you're killing at least one enemy every 10 seconds and cycling your First Aid and medkit heals when necessary, you will have enough damage mitigation to not be all that concerned about moderate amounts of incoming fire. If things really get hairy, well then alright, I guess you can take some cover and play a bit more methodical until your 'First Aid' skill is off cooldown. Group Play One the Move - Kill a hostile while moving to reduce incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds. Critical Save - Use a medkit during low health to increase damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds. Triage - Heal an ally with a skill to reduce skill cooldowns by 15% Combat Medic - Use a medkit near allies to heal group members and proxies within 20m by 40% Rationale: Triage and Combat Medic are the two variations in comparison to the solo build. They are fairly self-explanatory, but the bottom line is you are offering some added healing to your team members and effectively replacing the solo ability, 'Strike Back', with a more effective solution for your group. Now, instead of 'Strike Back' only offering CDR when your health is low (which, in all honesty, doesn't happen that often), your CDR is triggered any time you hit a teammate with 'First Aid' OR you simply use a medkit. Medkits are a dime a dozen in the DZ, since you can replenish them at any safe house. Detailed Overall View of Stats and Gear (23 image gallery of all weapon/gear base stats and attributes) High-level Stats DPS - 216,567 Firearms - 3116 Health - 57,780 Stamina - 1926 Skill Power - 19,080 Electronics - 1908 Gear Talents (see image gallery for detailed gear stats and attributes) Armor: Reckless - Increase damage by 13% and increase incoming damage by 10% Operator Mask: Rehabilitated - Heals 2% every second during Status Effects Pads: Perceptive - Item find and Credit find bonuses are increased by 25% Pack: Resourceful - All healing is also applied to skill objects Note: This is not an ideal talent. I would prefer "Specialized: Adds 13% of Firearms and Stamina to Skill Power". Since this build primarily stacks firearms - and secondarily stamina, if applicable - you leverage 'Specialized' more than any talent on the pack gear slot. I previously used this talent but sacrificed it for more optimal stat rolls. Gloves: Savage - Critical hit chance is increased by 13% against targets out of cover Holster: Steadfast - Health regeneration kicks in twice as fast while in cover Weapon Base Stats and Talents Tactical AUG A3P Weapon Talents Fierce - Critical hit chance is increased by 8% when using this weapon Sustained - Killing a target increases your health by 6% Accurate - Accuracy is increased by 46% Weapon Mods Magazine 98.0% Magazine Size 28.4% Rate of Fire Scope 7.50% Critical Hit Chance 22% Headshot Damage Muzzle 38% Stability 35% Critical Hit Damage Underbarrel 33% Hip Fire Accuracy 20% Accuracy Black Market AK-74 Weapon Talents Self-Preserved - Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for 3% of the damage dealt. Destructive - Armor destruction value is increased by 18% when using this weapon. Restored - Killing a target with this weapon removes all negative Status Effects. Weapon Mods Magazine 97.5% Magazine Size 24.20% Weapon Damage Scope 20% Headshot Damage 22% Accuracy Muzzle 33.50% Stability 20.50% Accuracy Underbarrel 20.0% Accuracy 35.50% Stability Final Thoughts Here are a couple items worth noting that aren't called out elsewhere within the guide: Tip: When focusing on itemization, take particular note of item level 31 versus item level 30. It makes a big difference when you itemize with i31 gear across the board. The build is primarily centered around using the SMG. This build previously contained a Tenebrae as the second weapon, simply because I hadn't crafted an AK-74 worth using yet. The Tenebrae still maintains it's spot for Challenging missions, but for the Dark Zone, the damage output of an AR exceeds that of a Marksman, in my personal opinion. both of my weapons have plenty of room for better talents. Feel free to post the talents you have on your SMG and AR for comparison's sake. With this build, my scavenging is at 179%. Try to keep your scavenging as high as possible. You do this by getting the 25% talent on the pads, rolling a minor attribute on your pads and mask to scavenging, and for an extra boost, using gear mods with scavenging. This build was previously 197% scavenging, until I dropped to mods in favor of % increase signature skill resource on kill. [Edit: My scavenging has dropped a bit, but I'm leaving the original comment intact, because the value is still there.] As I just mentioned, consider adding mods to your gear that contain % signature skill increase. Especially when running solo in the DZ, simply adding a couple of these mods will virtually guarantee that you will have your signature move available during every named elite encounter. That's pretty huge, because without it, you're looking at only having it available for every other encounter at best. I run two mods for a total of 6%. [Edit: I have played around with 9% and 12% as well. I would encourage you to balance '% signature skill resource' with 'increased crit hit %', based on personal preference.] Increased XP % works in the Dark Zone. Dependent on which chest I use (increase ammo capacity or increased XP %), I run between 65% and 43% increased XP. Once you have reached DZ 50, it really does not matter, so it is not an attribute worth chasing. But, if you're interested in climbing the ranks, or simply reaching DZ50 to get your blueprints and be done with it, increased XP% is worth using. Be sure to hit your Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics marks to unlock your talents. This is a big DPS boost that isn't always realized in your overall DPS calculation (which we know to already be inflated by stats that don't directly impact damage output). The basic threshold for most High-end items is 1889. Hit that for all three! (you'll notice that I just barely hit it for electronics - that's intentional) The higher threshold is 2362. You won't be able to hit that for all three, so pick your poison and prioritize it. Mine is Firearms. I think that about covers it. I encourage folks to share their thoughts about this build. This is build version 2.0. Constructive feedback on the layout of the post itself is certainly welcomed. I keep an eye on the thread every so often, so feel free to ask questions. If there is anything missing that you would like to see included, feel free to let me know. It still has it's opportunities, but this should offer folks a something to work towards in terms of piecing together a top-tier Dark Zone build. Thanks in advance for the views and replies! I enjoyed throwing this together.
  3. I'm somewhat new to the division (started about midway thru 1.3) I've got my character up to 30 and have all 182 gear as of right now. I'm wondering about a gear build for DPS, considering running a 4pc Predator's Mark (cause I'm partial to Assault Rifles and Sub Machine guns) with a 2pc Lone Star for the ammo capacity. Anyone tried this? Or maybe have better suggestions? And I could use some help on recalbrating gear as I have never even attempted so I'm pretty dumb to it. Please look for me online PSN-dogsfan4714 any help is very welcome
  4. Hello everyone. I have a question. I plan on maxing out my 268 gear to optimize my builds. I have a question and need your guidance. Should I recalibrate my gear and shoot for more armor or stamina (depending on the individual piece) and use the slots for electronics only? It seems with mods, there is a bigger opportunity to get higher rolls for electronics than the stamina and firearms mods. Any help would be appreciated!! Clay
  5. Will devs balance the gap between those who cheat/exploit/glitch and those who strive to be legit and play the way it was intended to be plyed. I find it quite frustrating and overwhelming that after grinding and farming endlessly, I still stand no chance against those who have exploited their way to the top. I've come to the conclusion that ubisoft and the devs are highly aware of the situation and coming up with a fair solution is problematic, but I find myself losing interest, due to the fact that I cannot compete against top tier players, regardless of the time I put in. Something needs to be done or forever, ubisoft and moreover, Tom Clancy will be known for this broken game. It is not my intention to offend the devs or discredit their hard efforts and talents, but I refuse to accept that this will continue to be a black stain on a franchise that has brought endless joy to me from ps1 till now. Tom clancy will always be a legendary title, but my interest dwindles.
  6. I recently reached DZ level 40 and my gear seems not to be holding up very well during challenging difficulty missions and bosses in the DZ compared to other players around my same level. The gear I have now is HE Strike Vest gs 163, armor 1,174, Mask of Nomad gs 191, armor 401, Tac knee pads gs 182, armor 878, Strike Pack gs 163, armor 848, Spec ops gloves gs 182, armor 427, Rush Holster gs 163, armor 712. My weapons are Vector 45 ACP DPS 92,934, Tactical ACR DPS 90,619, First Wave M1A DPS 86, 818, Classic M60 DPS 85,483 all are High end. Any suggestions for a better setup and what talents & skills to use to better my chances in the DZ and for Falcon Lost or challenging missions will be greatly appreciated.
  7. So I finally hit level 30 and I got a Blueprint I was looking for, the Socom M1A, my "Sniper" rifle of choice. So I looked at its range for damage and said yes to the dress. So I made one, but it was only 200 more Damage than the Blueprints minimum value for damage, and I thought I would roll another, hoping for 2 or even 3 more thousand damage. When I finally scraped enough parts together and made another one, I was left totally disappointed and rather confused. Looking at the above picture you can see the value for the Socom M1A Blueprint's damage (DMG) to yield the range of 21,613 to 24,100 damage (DMG). However when I crafted the second weapon my value of the crafted items damage was 21,052. This is 561 damage less than the blueprint's possible range. This is really messed up, as I got something worse than the lowest value that I was promised by the blueprint. As anyone else got a weapon or gear that was a lesser value than the blueprint's lowest possible value?
  8. The title says it all really. I'm just wondering cause I did normal preorder cause I was tight on cash, but its nagging at the back of my mind. I don't know if it has anything to do with the passholders or if its just really bad RNG for me. EX: I go and do a mission with friends, one has a Season Pass(Passholder) and I don't, we both get SRs, but I get a Bolt-Action M44 Custom that does 25.5K, but my friend gets a SRS A1(A weapon I really want with high damage) that did 42.5K. Please, someone tell me it isn't the deal with Passholders and its just a RNG thing, cause if it isn't RNG, I will be pissed.
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