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Found 2 results

  1. Xbox Gamertag: The Jonesssssy Level 30, DZ 99 Hit me up guys Ill play with anyone if you stay cool and keep a level head. Be open to critisism because the only way I learned to play was by someone tearing me up because they gamed the game better than I. I think I can run Challenging Incursion with the right crew. Havent found the talent yet. I am basically a maxed out firearms build. I have not cheated for any gear or dark zone rank. 300k dps, 74k health, 65% armor, 60% crit chance, 4 sentry. I am an active player and I enjoy the DZ. Currently leveling a skill bomb build. Usually slam hard incursion in 20 minutes with a minimum 1 other guy with 200k dps. I am friendly to everyone, but I usually am manhunt in the dz. If you farm checkpoints, miss me. I get my rogue status and bounce to keep the server in the balance. I am not invincible as a player and not ignorant enough to think I can't be killed. I have been killed by weaker players and stronger players; usually because I over-extend. If you are wearing 240 gear and you say anything about how good your stats are then I dont care to play with you. I do not like these guys who literally can only rely on gear they cheated to get. Anyway, I do have friends that wear 240 out of the glitching but they are humble about it. So if you got it cool, but if you're cocky because you cheated for your stats...miss me with that. And I will be seeing you and your crew in the DZ everytime I get the chance - count on it.
  2. I'm currently looking for a group that I can roam around with. I've been playing for awhile mostly solo and the pug groups are starting to get annoyingly bad (occasional ok group). I'm looking for mature players, that preferably have a mic for coordination. I don't mind helping to gear up some (hopefully no one under 140), but my main gripe is that you know how to play your character. I would prefer not having to try and pick someone up from being downed in challenging mode every 2 minutes and have one run lasting an hr and half. Little about my style, I prefer PVE environment and compeleting content for gear pieces. I rarely have the desire to go into the DZ as i'm not into the whole PVP aspect, and will mostly bow out if its suggested to go in. On the off chance i do go in, i still prefer the PVE aspect. so i would not be looking to go rogue or hunt down any rogues as the main point in going inside. I will most likely be the more quiet person in the group as i just don't really spark up conversations but i will talk and coordinate, as well as just chat if its something i have interest in. Hit me up on my gamertag with a message about this post so i know and we can group together. (Gamertag is same as Display name)
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