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Found 12 results

  1. We are a platoon of Military veterans and patriots. Looking for chill team members that PTO and have a good time doing it. Mic required Platoon: [USA] Clan [OathKeepers] PM: SGT_BART_USMC
  2. Build: Predator + Barret + Savage Gloves.Base: 7200 Firearms / 369k ToughnessWeapon: Lvoa-c and M4
  3. I have noticed a few things and have a couple comments/suggestions about a couple other things. The DZ has always been a topic of serious contention imho, and I know there are 50 sides to every story concerning the DZ. In spite of this, I would like to register my comments/ideas and request that other players provide honest, thoughtful and non-antagonistic responses to what I am about to offer. First, unless there is a mechanism in place to "turn off" PvP, I really wish you would remove all Daily and Weekly achievement opportunities/missions. I am the type of player who actually likes to complete these achievements; whether in the DZ or not. However, it really sucks when my solitary goal is to just get those 40 'purple' enemies killed, or to just get those 15 rioters, or the 3 elites killed or whatever it may be and, I am shot from behind by some jackass that I didn't even know was there. Note that most of the time I don't even have that little yellow fanny pack because I haven't picked anything up. But nonetheless, I am murdered without any provocation on my part, once again, by some jackass who comes up on me from behind; most of the time it's a group of 4 jackasses that do this. And to make it worse, they actually stand there and clap like they actually have accomplished something by ganging up on a single player who didn't even have a chance to begin with. If it's just not in the cards to have this feature, then at the bare minimum make the rewards for completing these daily and/or weekly mini-missions much more lucrative for the guy taking the risk. I've heard plenty of people asking for a switch so that they can let the system know that they are not interested in going rogue. This switch would allow them to "accidentally" shoot other players without doing any damage and therefore not going rogue in the process. The DZ is seriously broken in this regard and really needs some type of this switch added. Most recently, I have been seeing rogue groups of 4 with a 5th person (obviously they are on party chat when they do this) running with them and "mingling" in the middle of them. This guys "job" is to get hit by jumping in front of other players' bullets when they are shooting at the real rogues, thereby making the other players go rogue against their will so they can be shot by the "group of 5" players. This is nothing short of a douchbag move/strategy that groups are now using in order to (I imagine) rack up their rouge kills. This type of bullshit really needs to be stopped. Additionally, when a group of rogues who are manhunt status takes cover in one of those places on the map that is hard to get to (like the one in DZ02 on the West side of the map), it really is fun to try to kill them. And yes, sometimes they will get me in the process; so be that. However, if one of them gets killed while holed up in one of these locations, they need to be on a timer of more than 30 minutes that does NOT allow them to just come right back out that checkpoint door and start shooting people. I have witnessed this time and time again. Eventually, a person in the manhunt will get himself killed on purpose, just to get the upper hand on the players down below trying to "fairly" kill the boxed in rogues. Once again, this bullshit strategy needs to be stopped. I mean seriously... The whole point of them getting boxed in is for a standoff to occur. But the way it is now, one of the rogues just dies on purpose only to be allowed to get back into the fight. But this time he has the upper hand in that he is now not rogue anymore, and can also come in behind the other players (as a NON-rogue mind you) and start shooting them at will. This just ruins the whole fun in getting those rogues in that boxed in area. At the very minimum, the player should spawn "still in rogue status" so us non-rogue players can immediately begin shooting at him when he comes blazing out that checkpoint door right behind us. But I'd rather he not be allowed to come out that door at all. Like I said previously, the whole point in getting them boxed in is to eventually be able to eliminate them. Not to have the fight go on for hours with no end in sight. Finally, if players want to go rogue then the penalty for dying as a rogue should be far, far greater than it is now. And the penalty for dying in manhunt status should be even greater still. This just makes sense imho. However, I still think the DZ needs some type of switch, or queuing in place (much like you did for survival) that would even things up for players who opt not to go rogue as a rule. This 4v1 bullshit needs to be stopped immediately. And when rogue players opt to group up in more than 4 person groups, they should likewise be penalized accordingly. The way it is now, if a group of rogues gets killed, they seem to take it too personally and simply call in their buddies so they now have a group of 8 or even more ( I once saw a group of 10 people acting as a single group). This is total crap and needs to be stopped. One thing that I think would be a good idea, and on the right path to eliminating this, is to simply increase the "threat level" of the group based on size. Just like the shield has 200% increased threat, which makes more of the AI enemies attack them, so should these large groups of rogues. If you made their threat level increase to around 1000% -or even higher- perhaps they would tend to stop getting these large groups together just to bully other players who are simply trying to get that daily achievement completed.
  4. Hi, It should be great if we can creat bases in the Dark Zone with friends and be able to attack other player bases, and or defende ourselves from NPCS, when al least 4 players are online, and also build our base with defenses systems, and place a tag of the squad in our uniform and base.
  5. Xbox Gamertag: The Jonesssssy Level 30, DZ 99 Hit me up guys Ill play with anyone if you stay cool and keep a level head. Be open to critisism because the only way I learned to play was by someone tearing me up because they gamed the game better than I. I think I can run Challenging Incursion with the right crew. Havent found the talent yet. I am basically a maxed out firearms build. I have not cheated for any gear or dark zone rank. 300k dps, 74k health, 65% armor, 60% crit chance, 4 sentry. I am an active player and I enjoy the DZ. Currently leveling a skill bomb build. Usually slam hard incursion in 20 minutes with a minimum 1 other guy with 200k dps. I am friendly to everyone, but I usually am manhunt in the dz. If you farm checkpoints, miss me. I get my rogue status and bounce to keep the server in the balance. I am not invincible as a player and not ignorant enough to think I can't be killed. I have been killed by weaker players and stronger players; usually because I over-extend. If you are wearing 240 gear and you say anything about how good your stats are then I dont care to play with you. I do not like these guys who literally can only rely on gear they cheated to get. Anyway, I do have friends that wear 240 out of the glitching but they are humble about it. So if you got it cool, but if you're cocky because you cheated for your stats...miss me with that. And I will be seeing you and your crew in the DZ everytime I get the chance - count on it.
  6. There are a few serious issues that need to be addressed in the Dark Zone. 1) Body-Blocking & Multi-Teaming -- The max amount of people in a group is 4, and one can assume the developer intended for it to be that way. There is a serious problem with multiple groups teaming up in the DZ (or just friends circumventing the system) and using non-rogue players to protect the rogues. I can't imagine that the devs intention was that during PVP fights a player can't kill a rogue because his friend is running circles around him attempting to cause the DZ police to get flagged rogue. Yes, a person is just flagged for 19 seconds as an accidental rogue -- but we all know that 75% of the time they're attacked anyways by people looking for easy kills etc. Especially with most of the 201+ DZ players running around at 300,000+ toughness now, it can basically be impossible to kill a rogue (or a group of rogues) if they have assistance outside of their in-game group helping them circumvent the system. Fix: If a player is within 10 meters (or whatever, pick an appropriate distance) of a rogue, accidental fire on them will not cause an innocent player to be flagged rogue. AT LEAST make it so that it takes 3 or 4 times the normal amount of damage on a near-rogue-target to cause a player to go rogue. 2) Dark Zone Transfers/Phasing While in Rogue Status -- This is another serious problem in the DZ. Players can murder someone multiple times and get all the way up to Manhunt status (potentially having cost other players in their DZ instance hours of lost progress) and then they can still be phased out to a different DZ instance while in manhunt/rogue. It is ludicrous. A rogue player (especially a player that has caused so much damage that he is on a Manhunt) cannot be allowed to leave their Dark Zone before their timer has counted down to 0. Also, I'm not sure exactly what happens now as I've never done it, but the game should not allow a rogue player to log out either. If a player turns off his xbox while rogue/manhunt, his character should stand there until death or until the rogue timer is gone. To players who lose internet connection while rogue -- that is simply unfortunate. Fix: No rogue/manhunt players can leave their DZ (via phasing to different DZ, logging out, turning off xbox, etc) until the rogue status has ended. 3) Manhunt Players Are Harder to Find Than Regular Rogues! -- This is a head scratcher. If you kill one player, you're marked as rogue and pretty easy to find on the map. If you stand out side a check point griefing players for 10 minutes and get all the way up to manhunt... you can basically run down into a sewer (or go up into some buildings?) and disappear off the map. After 500 hours of play I still haven't completely figured this out. It also seems to be affected by what DZ level they are in (DZ01-DZ06). As they cross the imaginary barrier from DZ02 to DZ03, I will see rogues just disappear off my map/radar or if I'm visibly tracking/watching them I'll see the rogue displays disappear. Fix: Make manhunt players the easiest to find. If they have murdered 4 or 5 people, the server should know about it and be looking for them. Manhunt groups are griefing other players and getting away with it because they're so hard to find on the map that people don't even bother with it.
  7. Does any one wanna join me on XBOX ONE? Rogue hunting (Dark Zone PVP scenes) XBOX ONE
  8. Rage is looking for more players to join our fun and friendly group. We are a well established outfit and have some insanely good players and also some players that are much more casual. What ever your needs as long as you are 18+ and can take a joke then you should give us a try. Players from - All over the world mainly UK and Europe but we also have some nice American chaps as well Voice communications - Team Speak 3 dedicated server. Highest player ranks - top 20 in the world at rogue kills (no kill trading) Gear score 222 (no glitching) (http://divisiontracker.com/profile/uplay/RAGE_evil.jesus) Do we agree with glitches and hacks? - Glitches meehhh as long as it is not mega game changing and/or taking the piss then do what you want. However hackers are not tolerated. If you want to play better practice don't cheat! What do we like to do in game? We PVP lots but we also like to clear all content on release and hope for more challenging content. How to contact - Add one of these players on UPlay to discuss anything else you would like too. RAGE_Evil.Jesus RAGE_Joreal RAGE_Outzbad What people get like playing against us (have to love the hackusations lol) We are the "LIAR" team as we changed our clan tag not so long ago. Enjoy, these guys get really salty. Have a great day all Hope so hear from some of you soon.
  9. So I recently got home and started playing again and checking forums again, and ran some dz with randoms and got some ok blue and purple drops, (only a level 21). I was wondering what are some good loadout pieces to run, any tips on getting more HE drops, and anybody wanna run the dark zone together and farm?
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