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Found 7 results

  1. There are a few serious issues that need to be addressed in the Dark Zone. 1) Body-Blocking & Multi-Teaming -- The max amount of people in a group is 4, and one can assume the developer intended for it to be that way. There is a serious problem with multiple groups teaming up in the DZ (or just friends circumventing the system) and using non-rogue players to protect the rogues. I can't imagine that the devs intention was that during PVP fights a player can't kill a rogue because his friend is running circles around him attempting to cause the DZ police to get flagged rogue. Yes, a person is just flagged for 19 seconds as an accidental rogue -- but we all know that 75% of the time they're attacked anyways by people looking for easy kills etc. Especially with most of the 201+ DZ players running around at 300,000+ toughness now, it can basically be impossible to kill a rogue (or a group of rogues) if they have assistance outside of their in-game group helping them circumvent the system. Fix: If a player is within 10 meters (or whatever, pick an appropriate distance) of a rogue, accidental fire on them will not cause an innocent player to be flagged rogue. AT LEAST make it so that it takes 3 or 4 times the normal amount of damage on a near-rogue-target to cause a player to go rogue. 2) Dark Zone Transfers/Phasing While in Rogue Status -- This is another serious problem in the DZ. Players can murder someone multiple times and get all the way up to Manhunt status (potentially having cost other players in their DZ instance hours of lost progress) and then they can still be phased out to a different DZ instance while in manhunt/rogue. It is ludicrous. A rogue player (especially a player that has caused so much damage that he is on a Manhunt) cannot be allowed to leave their Dark Zone before their timer has counted down to 0. Also, I'm not sure exactly what happens now as I've never done it, but the game should not allow a rogue player to log out either. If a player turns off his xbox while rogue/manhunt, his character should stand there until death or until the rogue timer is gone. To players who lose internet connection while rogue -- that is simply unfortunate. Fix: No rogue/manhunt players can leave their DZ (via phasing to different DZ, logging out, turning off xbox, etc) until the rogue status has ended. 3) Manhunt Players Are Harder to Find Than Regular Rogues! -- This is a head scratcher. If you kill one player, you're marked as rogue and pretty easy to find on the map. If you stand out side a check point griefing players for 10 minutes and get all the way up to manhunt... you can basically run down into a sewer (or go up into some buildings?) and disappear off the map. After 500 hours of play I still haven't completely figured this out. It also seems to be affected by what DZ level they are in (DZ01-DZ06). As they cross the imaginary barrier from DZ02 to DZ03, I will see rogues just disappear off my map/radar or if I'm visibly tracking/watching them I'll see the rogue displays disappear. Fix: Make manhunt players the easiest to find. If they have murdered 4 or 5 people, the server should know about it and be looking for them. Manhunt groups are griefing other players and getting away with it because they're so hard to find on the map that people don't even bother with it.
  2. Hey everyone, by now I am sure most of you have heard of or are actively using the " division tracker" - Leaderboard system (See how you really stack up). Anyways to the point, I am looking to put together an Elite Team from the top 100 Players in California. If you are not in the top 100, then don't count yourself out, reply to this thread with your accolades. I am currently the # 22nd Ranked player in the Golden State and #1 in San Jose-Santa Clara-Mountain View- Palo Alto, I can switch between DPS or skill if needed. I am also ranked in the top 200 in the United States. I want to form a chilled laid back (California Style) team that can have fun, but most importantly dominate the competition. About me: Currently at San Jose State University for my Masters in Software Engineering, B.S from UC Berkeley in Computer Science, with a minor in Marketing. Hopefully we can find a group that can mesh, if you are in the top 200 players in the United States, you are more than welcome to join as well. I would prefer to keep this team with players who are over the age of 18 as well. Lets get this party started. #GoldenStateDomination
  3. Does any one wanna join me on XBOX ONE? Rogue hunting (Dark Zone PVP scenes) XBOX ONE
  4. Getting on in an Hour , about to Farm named Bosses , DZ credits and go rogue with a few good Agents. Xbox one Gamer tag : Chiraq Stylez
  5. Rage is looking for more players to join our fun and friendly group. We are a well established outfit and have some insanely good players and also some players that are much more casual. What ever your needs as long as you are 18+ and can take a joke then you should give us a try. Players from - All over the world mainly UK and Europe but we also have some nice American chaps as well Voice communications - Team Speak 3 dedicated server. Highest player ranks - top 20 in the world at rogue kills (no kill trading) Gear score 222 (no glitching) (http://divisiontracker.com/profile/uplay/RAGE_evil.jesus) Do we agree with glitches and hacks? - Glitches meehhh as long as it is not mega game changing and/or taking the piss then do what you want. However hackers are not tolerated. If you want to play better practice don't cheat! What do we like to do in game? We PVP lots but we also like to clear all content on release and hope for more challenging content. How to contact - Add one of these players on UPlay to discuss anything else you would like too. RAGE_Evil.Jesus RAGE_Joreal RAGE_Outzbad What people get like playing against us (have to love the hackusations lol) We are the "LIAR" team as we changed our clan tag not so long ago. Enjoy, these guys get really salty. Have a great day all Hope so hear from some of you soon.
  6. With the 3/22/2016 update, do you guys feel like the dark zone will see more popularity? I would like to see more killing and more rogues. Playing bounty hunter seems like it would be fun. Also, what other changes would you like to see be made to the dark zone in the future?
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