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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I just recently purchased the game and I've been playing it a lot (80 hours since 4th of may). It's an awesome game, but I feel like I'm missing out on most of the fun, since I've been playing solo for most of the time(barring random pickups). Even in the dark zone I can't seem to find anyone. I'm from Georgia(that's the country not the state in the US), I'm online from somewhere 22:00 GMT+4 'till the late, late night(some might even call it early morning). I understand/speak English pretty good, and I'm fluent in Russian. My gear score currently is ~229. I mostly use DMRs'(designated marksman rifles) combined with ARs'. Uplay ID: GiorgiGulua Steam ID: gaaxure
  2. Hi, It should be great if we can creat bases in the Dark Zone with friends and be able to attack other player bases, and or defende ourselves from NPCS, when al least 4 players are online, and also build our base with defenses systems, and place a tag of the squad in our uniform and base.
  3. Really loving this game. Just made lvl 30 DZ lvl 10 and would like to find people who use mics and do some DZ runs. Platform PS4, PSN ID ZedGeek
  4. Hi all! So basically i've been activated since day 1 with the gold edition, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstance I haven't been able to rack up many hours as of yet. I'm basically writing this seeking friends / teammates to play with, power through to level 30 (currently level 13) and then DZ, daily challenge etc on a schedule we can agree to and maintain! :-) If this interests you & / or you would like to help a fellow agent out, that would be great! The platform I play on is PS4, PSN ID : R1ckmister *edit* Sorry I also forgot to state, I do play with a mic!
  5. I'm level 16 something on PS4 my psn tag is OverDose_25 and I'm looking for some people to go into the dark zone with. I've never been in and I'm not going in alone. Please PM or add me. Whatever you want.
  6. Recruiting group members for regular dark zone grinds and daily challenging missions. Add theLoudBear to xboxONE and send message "Squad" to my inbox.
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