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Found 36 results

  1. Hi community! Please watch my channel on YouTube with funny videos with great music.have a great day guys!
  2. Join our #XboxOne community for #TheDivision! 1) Trade classified gear set pieces (Dark Zone) 2) News from the official Division Twitter account 3) LFG messages to find games (PVE AND PVP) 4) Theory-crafting, builds and more. Discord: http://discord.gg/Pqypg8R
  3. I have bought two backpack skins and can't find them ?
  4. I have bought two backpack skins and can't fond them ?
  5. Hello fellow Division Agents... Nice to be a member of one of the biggest and still growing gaming communities. The Division is one of those games you love and hate but for some reason it keeps calling you back for more. Looking forward to Update 1.7, a lot of changes coming our way but don’t expect update until at least either mid August and near the end. As long as Ubisoft doesn't give in to the winging gamers who want 1.7 now. be patient and let the PTS iron out the bugs and glitches before the update is rereleased.
  6. if you need help in what to run or have any problems go to my YouTube and look at all my builds you can use any of them witch are usfull and if u have and problems message me ive been playing division from 1.0 so i would love to help anyone that needs it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbBzazAWpgbkfWXe4aKynJQ plzz subscribe
  7. With The 1.6 PTS Ending This Week, Check Out The Full Update Review And Discussion Of Major Changes, Expansions And Key Info For The Division 1.6 Update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdJJT7DHutA Like And Subscribe To The Forum &Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/DaRealLegendOfGaming Twitter :https://twitter.com/DaRealLegend?lang=enTwitch :https://www.twitch.tv/dareallegendofgamingMobcrush :https://mobcrush.com/dareallegend
  8. This is got to be the biggest rip off since they nerffed weapons made a good game easy. Well here's my rant. My son wanted the Christmas sweaters, clothes and weapons skins for christmas, well against my better judgement what type of father would I be if after doing really good in school & even trying harder at other things if I didn't an autistic boy his christmas wish. Today I sign in to do some grinding to try & get the short bow knee pads and maybe Joe Ferro's mask, I get the "Claim your reward at the Resource Vendor" message well it's not the 1st yet to receive my monthly weapon skin or such. I go to find out what it is. I check & as I get to the bottom of the list after all the Back Pack their it is the Weapon Skins and Sweaters. So what I am pissed about is that I paid hard earned money for my son & they decide to give them away for free. Now I wouldn't be upset but when they talk about coming out with a 2nd season pass, charging some but giving away other & still not fixing glitches or creating others that's jus wrong on a whole another level.
  9. Hello all, the friendly folks at rapture Gaming are recruiting like minded adult (17+) gamers who like to hang out and have fun. We have many players from the US to Britain, from Australia to South Africa, so we have members on almost 24/7. We have an awesome Division Battalion, as well as ones for Destin, CoD, and OverWatch. We add battalions as new games come out that enough people want to play. I personally have never had more fun gaming than with these guys and girls, and if you join I'm sure you'll feel the same. 17+, working headset required. Just click here http://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=607, and start enjoying rG today!
  10. Each week on Friday Night I post the Weekly Vendor Reset on my YouTube channel NALYO GAMING which can be seen here http://YouTube.com/Nalyo44 I head to the Base of Operations and visit the Special Equipment Vendor followed by the DZ 5 & DZ 3 Safehouses to see what those vendors have new that week. I also give you my thoughts on the items available that week. Please check out my videos give them a Like, Subscribe to my channel and Share with your friends. I appreciate you stopping by. Cya.. https://youtu.be/_oXAWEdl5Zw
  11. SYBINK reporting for duty...
  12. Help needed to get trophy, will also help to get it. PSN: Daltonion I can go online now, just comment and I'll be online to start.
  13. Did anyone else get the book? I have been reading it and found a few things but was wondering if anyone here was also reading through it trying to find its secrets. If so let me know. I dont know if we should post them in a thread or start a DM but let me know. I'd love to compare what we've found. 2 set of eyes (or 8) are better then 1.
  14. Hey guys im looking for nightly EST olayers as well a weekends, i prefur mature players with a mic good comm skills and dont mide running Dz Incursions, etc... Im currently level 79 in dz and pushing about 208 GS normal build i wanna find players with similar specs so im not carrying people... Sorry guys this is my first welcome post please be generous PSN- Xx_MATONTI_xX add me or post yours up if your under a 180gs sorry but dont bother. P.S. Beat FL CM over 5 times and am working on my second character at level 19....
  15. go Morning or afternoon The Division fans, The only thing I can find that never is out of stock is an ID Card made by famous ids there website for the ID Card https://www.famousids.com/products/strategic-homeland-division-the-division Please also find a photo on what it looks like as even then I'm not doing this for Advertsig but I'm doing this as it goes part of an Cosplay thing so really I hope the Admin(s) don't mind at all.
  16. Hey all the division fans, I'm just wanting to know on where I can buy the full set of the the division cosplay clothing as most websites I visited even have them out of stock or don't sell them :/ I am looking for the following items the division Jacket the division Hood the division watch the division beanie the division scarf I would be very grateful if anybody out there would know!
  17. Looking for three high level players to complete the Incursion on Challenging.
  18. Leave your game on while at work and let it level up for you! Video removed by Admin
  19. Hello to all you other agents out there! Let me start of by saying my name is Christian Duong, my Xbox One gamertag is TheGoldenSkillz. I live in California, also love to do youtube videos for my channel (I'll leave a link for that below!) I do Division videos on glitch tutorials, guides, live streams, review, and many other things! I also love staying updated with The Division news, that's why I joined this amazing Forum website! Reply below the links to your youtube channels and I'll be more than interested in checking them out! Stay Fresh! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38-xtp-Jh_XLxG0IaleLUQ
  20. In this episode we cover the Remington Adaptable Combat Rifle or the simply ACR. We’ll inform you on the general information, weapon statistics, modifications, variants and a class recommendation. The general information consists of the full name, weapon category, size, weight, rounds, magazine size and fire mode. The weapon statistics cover the damage, optimal range, maximum range, rate of fire, stability, accuracy, reload speed and weapon bonus. The modifications consist of the optics, magazine, underbarrel, muzzle and skin. The variant cover the different variants of that weapon and the statistical difference. Finally the class recommendation summarizes the best class build around this weapon. The focus is on the primary, secondary, side-arm and the three skills. Please leave a rating, subscribe for more related content and if you have any questions or constructive feedback leave those in the comment section down below.
  21. So what's the thing that everyone is most looking forward too in the April 12th update?
  22. The weapon modifications in The Division aren't just attachments without benefits. Every modification (optics, magazine, underbarrel and muzzle) have their own statistics that improve the weapon it is applied to. To discover what effect the different modifications have watch the video.
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