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Found 19 results

  1. Join our #XboxOne community for #TheDivision! 1) Trade classified gear set pieces (Dark Zone) 2) News from the official Division Twitter account 3) LFG messages to find games (PVE AND PVP) 4) Theory-crafting, builds and more. Discord: http://discord.gg/Pqypg8R
  2. I just want to play legendary mission and have failed due to others in public lobby's always leaving dying and not knowing what to do i have four spots open message me on my gammertag UnderW4terBear, im male 23 years old. just so u know im not a child.
  3. rG Jstewart757

    Rapture Gaming is Recruiting

    Hey, are you looking for an awesome group to game with? If so rG is currently looking for members that want a mature, fun gaming experience. We are a XB1 gaming community made by gamers for gamers. Must be 17+ with a mic. Just go to http://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=2185 and join us today!
  4. Linix

    Looking for a Clan

    Mature player looking to join a mature clan. My gearscore is 192, my dps is currently 181k, health is 56k and electronics is 11k. I play on the xbox one. My gamer tag is Linix420, feel free to add me.
  5. D1N0ST1FFY


    Looking to do some operations on hard or challenging difficulty my gamer tag is D1N0ST1FFY (the o is a zero) my underground rank is 5
  6. Hey! My name is Pink and Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We're not like other clans; we are forum based with game nights, tourneys, a friendly, family like atmosphere, and there is always someone to team up with!We do, however, break our community into Battalions sorted by game (CoD: BO3, Hardline/BF4, Destiny, Rainbox 6: Siege, The Division and Battlefront) so that you're not'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members! You'll need a mic and daily/weekly access to the forums. Requirements for joining: a working mic and access to the forums. How to join Dissension Gaming(DGC)? 1) Visit website: dgcgaming.net2) Create account for Forums (Put DGC Pink LS, as referrer and I'll keep a lookout for you)3) Once you have created an account, go to Join a Battalion and choose the Battalion that best suits your game preference.4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the game battalion of your choice5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on what to do next.6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people, and start gaming!!If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on Xbox @ DGC P1nk LSHappy Gaming!!!
  7. Jeff Semtex here looking to put together a 4-man crew that I can run with in the DZ05 DZ06 0-160 bracket. I'm also open to doing Incursions and Challenging Dailies / HVTs. Let me know agents!
  8. rG tider1

    rapture Gaming Community wants you!

    Hello all, the friendly folks at rapture Gaming are recruiting like minded adult (17+) gamers who like to hang out and have fun. We have many players from the US to Britain, from Australia to South Africa, so we have members on almost 24/7. We have an awesome Division Battalion, as well as ones for Destin, CoD, and OverWatch. We add battalions as new games come out that enough people want to play. I personally have never had more fun gaming than with these guys and girls, and if you join I'm sure you'll feel the same. 17+, working headset required. Just click here http://rapturegamingcommunity.net/forum.php?referrerid=607, and start enjoying rG today!
  9. We're an Xbox One Exclusive Clan We our the TMFD Gaming Clan, meaning "The Mighty Fightin Disciples" otherwise known as the (Disciples). - A little Bit About Us - We are a social/positive clan that is not like any other clan out there, we're not just your normal clan that have game battle matches and plays one type of game all the time. We are the type of clan that plays any type of game and game type, are members are pretty skilled in almost any type of game you want to play. And are members are all mature people that you can actually enjoy playing with. Yes we do have clan matches held on Game Battles web site from time to time, but we are mostly the type of clan for everyone 18 or older. For all those times you tried out for a clan and we're turned down or where told you we're not good enough, your always good enough to be able to join the TMFD Clan. All we ask is for you to be a mature adult 18 or older and be respectful to all other members. The TMFD Clan is a social clan in every way, where on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube you name it and I bet you we're on it. We also have loyal members that wear are gear everywhere they go, and enjoy the clan and members that are apart of it. - Our Mission & What We Represent - - Our Mission: Is to spread positivity, happiness, laughter, respectfulness and most important fun times spent playing games Together. - Our Goal: Is to be a clan that spreads positivity and fun times to those who really need it in the hard times we all live. - We Represent: The type of clan that doesn't always push each other down, but tries to pick each other up and pushes towards victory in the hard times of loosing. - Our Requirements/Requests - We don't ask for much of you to be able to get in the clan or while your even in the clan. We have no skilled try-outs, or clan meetings to see if your good enough to be in our Clan, you don't even have to be good at any or all games, we just want you to have fun. You'll just need, 1.To have an Xbox One 2. Be 18 or older 3. Have a Mic And just try and be a mature person, and respect all current members of the clan. For all of our requirements and info to join Go To: SignUp.TMFDClan.com
  10. hey all, I'm just wanting to get some feedback of an fan website that I have made by myself the website http://nathan8150.wix.com/-shd is a fan website made for fans of the Division, I own no rights to the content shared and that all rights belong to ubisoft. The website is still been made but you are more then welcome to drop some feedback and any ideas or comments on what you wish to see on there. The fan website is not the Official website but more of a sharing fan website where the Public can share photos and such and even then it may run or act like this website but it will not
  11. go Morning or afternoon The Division fans, The only thing I can find that never is out of stock is an ID Card made by famous ids there website for the ID Card https://www.famousids.com/products/strategic-homeland-division-the-division Please also find a photo on what it looks like as even then I'm not doing this for Advertsig but I'm doing this as it goes part of an Cosplay thing so really I hope the Admin(s) don't mind at all.
  12. nathan smiddy

    the division cosplay

    Hey all the division fans, I'm just wanting to know on where I can buy the full set of the the division cosplay clothing as most websites I visited even have them out of stock or don't sell them :/ I am looking for the following items the division Jacket the division Hood the division watch the division beanie the division scarf I would be very grateful if anybody out there would know!
  13. Does any one wanna join me on XBOX ONE? Rogue hunting (Dark Zone PVP scenes) XBOX ONE
  14. L0G0S

    Team of 4

    looking to throw together a rag tag team of 4. For the dark zone. Objective: Rogue Agent hunting. With possibility to going rogue our self. Depending on the circumstances. And I'm talking if we go rogue its NOT camping up in some building like a punk bitch. You go rogue. It's looking someone straight in the eye and giving them a fighting chance. Requirements: If you role with me. You gotta be 18 or older with a sense maturity and a decent sense of humor. Better way of looking at it. If you enjoy south park & firefly. Then we will get along great. Also need to have a MIC. Because I do Xbox live party chat. Communication is key for me. Ultimately my rule is simple. Don't be a dick. if this interest you. Pm my account for my gamer tag. happy hunting agents.
  15. Salty Baca

    Dark Zone Team?

    THE SPOILER JUST AN INTRO. SKIP BELOW THE CUT TO THE IMPORTANT INFO. ...I've come to the conclusion that I might as well Dark Zone team! I'm really hoping to get myself a High End Marksman Rifle. My weapons are pretty low compared to most other people; like i've said, I had only recently beaten the campaign. That's why I need help! Please, if you're using XBOX ONE, then please add me: StickingtonMC I'll be on for most of the day today, so please dont hesitate to add me! Also, if voice chat is a thing you would feel comfortable with, let me know! I dont use it often, but I dont have a problem using it. Thank you for taking a read! Hope someone out there decides to help.
  16. LaunchedColt564

    Mature gamer wanting to play in a group

    Hey. I am 42 y.o. and looking for mature gamers to play with in a group. I am still learning to play shooter games so patience is a must. Do not want senseless chatter. Xbox One only. Just a relaxed dude who likes to play The Division.
  17. FREAKISHBudder7

    Question: Dark Zone

    Do I need to Pre-Order to get in the Dark Zone, Just Picked The Game Up Yesterday, didnt get season pass, I want to go in DZ once im farther into the game but from what ive heard you need the season pass or you need to preorder the division
  18. D4rkAngelV0rt3x

    Clan Recruitment

    hey guys Legends of tomorrow recuriting here request to join and message me at D4rkSh4d0wFl4re on xbox and request to join too http://divisionclans.com/clan/profile/f34r personal clan http://divisionclans.com/clan/profile/shadows
  19. theLoudBear

    DARK ZONE - recruiting

    Recruiting group members for regular dark zone grinds and daily challenging missions. Add theLoudBear to xboxONE and send message "Squad" to my inbox.