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Alone in NY aka Tohka

Any guide about location controll points?

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Hi, where can I find a guide about the settlements and the control points. For example:

1. What happens when I take all control points

2. How to make control point save? So I don't have to revisit it everyday I log in...

Is there any endgame about this like will be there more? Or is this the endgame? You take control points, stop the enemy activity around and next day you log in, you got to do the same? Or will be there more like you can rly power up control points and taking more so they help each other and you build the city up again? 

3. Is there any endgame or deep game mechanics about control points and settlements or is this just for mission, show purpose only? So I take the control points and then next day I have to retake them all again?
Any info?

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Hi, here are some answers to your questions. Feel free to ask more of course!

  1. When you take over all Control Points, you should unlock a Commendation, but there is really nothing else to this besides cleaning the city from the enemies.
  2. The enemies will always try to regain control of the Control Points, so there is no permanent state to "save" this state. There is one endgame component to it as certain hostile activities on the map are connected to Control Points (there is a line between the activity and the point). By clearing out these side activities, the Alert Level of Control Points will be raised, which automatically raises the difficulty level of the enemies that are defending the Control Point. Maximum Alert Level is 4 (Heroic), which makes it really hard to take over the Control Points, but there is a chance for better loot and rewards in the end.
  3. The Settlements are really just important through the campaign walkthrough and later on allow you to maybe visit the on-site vendors or manage your Projects. There is nothing more to it. For Control Points, please see the description above.

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