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Looking for a 4th team member

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We have a consistent group of 3 looking for a 4th so we can do some of the challenging, an now heroic, challenges as well as some DZ farming. We are pretty casual players, but do play a few hours each week night (around 9 EST) and typically much more on weekends. Shoot any on us an invite or message (k2a3c, killerlysol, josietheman).



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Would be willing to help you out. Starting a gaming community - HellFireGaming. We have a Xbox Club and Discord-Just a group of chill guys/girls looking to play the game and meet new people. You may message me here/ On Discord @ Keg#5525 or on XBL @ Phinks.  

If your just looking for a fourth and no one else im willing to join you. 

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