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DPS build with skill power

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You should try going first to Underground the new weapons are by far superior to ones you can normally get, just yesterday i was doing a hard mission there and with little effort I got a new G36 AS that beat my AK-74 by far I easily got to 200k in dps then I just put in my tactician gear set with stamina mods so I can run with good dps damage high skill power and still being able to handle a couple of shots.

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On 29/06/2016 at 3:58 PM, GreyBeard_Hitman said:

I am trying to create a character to use in the 201+ DZ bracket. What is the best way to increase my DPS. Get better gear? Re-roll gear attributes (which ones)?

Mods with firearms + skill power value

Good talents on your gun

Roll gear attrib. More dps = crit dmg (kneepads, backpack, gloves)

Mask = Skill power on main attrib.

Gloves with crit dmg + crit chances + bonus gun

Pulse with crit dmg + crit chances bonus


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