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Hi, just need a little help/clarification with the Alpha Bridge set. I have 4 pieces and so equipped 2 weapons of same type which should allow weapon talents to go active, but they do not highlight up when I set it up. Is this the norm or are they supposed to highlight up as normal??

Cheers for any help..




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I found Alpha Bridge to be one of the best builds overall with 2 final measure to shake off those grenades. try to mix and match so you are using all 268 Gear. Be strategic about your Gear attributes snd remeber this increaseing your armor after you max out at 75% is not doing you much good. Keep crafting Firearms and Stamina Mods that are level 32 with armor until you are at 75%. Try roling other Attributes that max out your main Firearm or Stamina or focus on Damage and Damge Resilience... SMG damage, Assult Rifle damage...

The 2 best guns I found were PP19 and Enhanced G36 229 then before you role them craft a yellow lower level of the same class SMG and Assult Rifle. Crafting is wy easier and cheaper to get 3 great talents on your second weapon. Must have Deadly, Destructive, and Brutal. Competent is nice also increase damage as it grants over 12.5% plus damage after using a skill which is all the time when running challenge and heroic. One important thing I found actually a couple very important things to consider. try to get the Stable talent on your G36 and don't always fire looking through the scope, burst fire at the chest to head while poping up and down out of cover while using the Smart Cover skill with the Mod: Trapper. Always check your skill mods. Also use Support Station with mod Immunizer. This will greatly increase your contribution to a 4 man stike team.

Share your Alpha Bridge builds and weapon talents. Love to learn what others are using. - Bonanza 

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