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 Or are you experienced and your regular crew has since moved on from this game? Or have you mostly been a solo player who sometimes needs some help with certain activities? 

Join this club on XB1 xxDivision Agentsxx

We run search and destroys on Mondays or Tuesdays so that on Thursday you'll have plenty of intel to run all the HVT's. The owner of the club has four characters and will run these non stop until they're done on all characters. Join the club and shoot him a friend request. 

Or maybe you need some bird bucks and don't have an efficient farm squad. We run CS in about 10-15 minutes for 350 PxC's. 

Do you like to hit the DZ? We'll farm rank, keys, loot, players, etc. This is a great opportunity to learn some great tips on PVP. 

Or are you a new agent looking to power level or even if you have an alternate character; we dedicate time during the week to power leveling members as well. 

We're also huge into Survival. If you're struggling, let us know and we can help/provide tips. Or if you have another activity you're up for the club is over 600 agents and all you need to do is throw up an LFG in the club.

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