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Outlaw Gaming Community (OGC) is looking for members

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Hey everyone I am OGC xLOLLIPOPx from Outlaw Gaming Community (OGC), OGC has just recently split off into 3 games MW remastered, The Division, and BF1 for the Xbox One.. I am the General that runs all 3 squads for these 3 games. I am Mostly looking for people who are interested in The Division, but I am will also be accepting people for the other 2 games if they are interested. We are a mature Gaming Community 18+ you must have a MIC. This does not include the xbox Kinect. We are a ever growing Community and will always be looking for people to join. If this sounds like its a good fit for you please message me on here or over Xbox once again my GT is OGC xLOLLIPOPx.  I look forward to meeting everyone that is interested. Thank you!

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