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Hello all, I'm fairly new still to the division and I've got one agent at 30 and Max gear score  that's just my general play character, but I'm working on a pure dz solo build and a shield build, anywho my current agent is setup as follows. I'm still learning what playstyle I enjoy more than others. FA 6108 STA 5536 Ele 3054 I run lightweight M4 responsive, destructive, and deadly. Navy Mp5 N responsive, brutal, deadly Barrett's chest piece rolled with health armor and ammo capacity, prototype FA and Ele mods with armor boosts. Spec ops mask with rejuvenated damage to elites at 9% EAD at 8.50% with prototype STA mods plus 3% skill haste. Banshee kneepads armor, And EAD at 11%.Sentry backpack armor and ammo capacity rolled on. Skull MC gloves 16% critical damage and 5.50% critical chance and marksmen damage, the marksmen damage isn't set in stone yet but I do switch to a rifle every now and then. And gunslinger holster with armor and pulse crit damage. I run support station: life support, seeker mod airburst, tact link, talents are strike back, battle buddy, wildfire, chain reaction I would use critical save but it's glitched out for me. This isn't ideal for solo but I'm only looking for input to maximize my efficiency.

PS the shield build is most fun right now with a pistol for me but I know the dz is full of trigger happy folks ALWAYS looking for the easy smash and grab. And this game reminds me a lot of diablo as far as the detail to which one can customize their character builds.










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