As an agent of The Division you don’t only have to fight the consequences of the man-made virus, but also bring the increased threat, posed by those who have brought it into circulation, under control.

Character Customization

Before you can actually take on this journey it’s necessary to create an appropriate in-game character and customize it at your will.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an open world shooter with MMORPG approaches, in short, a role-playing game. Therefore, countless options exist in in the game to individually change and adapt your characters in their look, items, items’ appearance, weapons, skills, talents, perksand equipment.

Character Slots

q-a-november-start-menuYou can have up to 4 characters at the same time. The start menu is the place where you can switch between them and it’s up to you if you want to help out your friends with your mastered char or start right away with a brand new one, as different character levels won’t prevent you from playing with them.

Classless System

Usually, it’s common in RPGs, that the player has to select a specific class (short and long-range fighter, mage, etc.) at the beginning of his adventure.

Tom Clancy’s The Division does not take this approach of a strict class system. The developers explain that decision so that the player initially cannot even know what class he commits or whether he likes to play the class at a later point in the game.

It is still possible to form a class-like char by using abilities that can be unlocked throughout the game, or just to create a universal character, which is tailored to the needs and preferences of individuals.

Unique Look

By creating a new character you have to select whether it’s a female or male one and can choose between various options in form of presets. Important to notice is that the appearance cannot be changed once your journey has begun.

  • Face type
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Hairstyle/color
  • War paint
  • Tattoos
  • Scars
  • Glasses
  • Piercings

Multi-Layer Customization

Almost every part of your gear can be provided with cosmetic slots with a visually adjust-/togglable layer-system behind it, which works completely independently to the items themselves.

While their stats remain untouched and allow your gear to scale properly during the player’s progression, you are always able to change the look and feel of your agent by applying vanity items.

This means that you could wear these vanity items whenever you want, even if you have found an upgrade (stat wise) for your character and have to sort some of them out. From certain authentic color variations, hats, boonie hats, beanies, customizable backpacks to other countless visual options, it’s up to you on how your agent will look like – from start to end!

The way this works doesn’t only reduce the chance to meet other players that look identical to yours, but also contributes to the end game content.

Clan- and Guild System

An extensive clan and guild system on the basis of a web-based portal should complete the character system. Currently, the developers have no plans to set a maximum limit for players in clans, but have neither talked much about the system itself.

World Realm

Play with all the other players in the The Division universe without having to change the server/realm – no matter in what regions your teammates live.

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  1. Yan Katsuhiro Tasaka
    Feb 07, 2016 @ 05:43:00

    Guys, there’s a ortographic error in the text, “Guild” not “Gild”.


    • QXARE
      Feb 07, 2016 @ 13:12:00

      Thank you very much for the info, fixed!


    • PedanticMan
      Mar 11, 2016 @ 12:00:00

      It’s “orthographic” by the way. :p


  2. CcKoBi22
    Feb 20, 2016 @ 16:43:00

    Is game having any kind of Guild house with Guild storage? Or even mount transportations or PVE dungeons? And finaly the partys will only have 4 players or we can get larger party for clans and allied clans?


  3. Adam Pilon
    Mar 22, 2016 @ 17:20:00

    in the dark zone who are the players with red writing above there head instead of white been attacked from them twice


  4. Terrence Harris
    Jul 28, 2016 @ 04:54:00

    Characters need more customization. I like the clothing but it would be cool if they had a leveling system such as destiny. Like you should go from ordinary to like a vigilante. Better, badass clothing selections with leveling up would be cool. I’d also love to change my hair color or get some glasses at anytime I want lol.


  5. Terrence Harris
    Jul 29, 2016 @ 23:02:00

    I just hope the developers don’t get TOO CAUGHT UP IN FIXING DROPS! And forget this is a game. Update the character mods, the open world environments. Everyone who plays this game for the guns. I play it for the world, story and character development.


  6. Aaron
    Oct 01, 2016 @ 17:24:18

    You’re able to tell us you can’t change your appearance later but can’t even tell us why… I don’t see any good excuse to not allow it


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