100% Completion Guide

The Division will also reward you when collecting all the available Field Data in the Intel menu. Although there are two types of Intel, namely Evidence and aforementioned Field Data, only Field Data is required and counted in order to unlock some special achievements/trophies as well as cosmetic items.

The following guide shows what is necessary to reach 100% ingame completion status.

100% Intel Field Data Completion / Credits: My5t3ry

Field Data

293 intel collectibles are waiting for you to be collected in Tom Clancy’s Division.

Tip: Unlock the Canine Unit Upgrade in the Security Wing to retrieve the Intel Discovery Perk. This would allow you to see all undiscovered Intel on the map, provided that you have completed all Side Missions and Encounters of a Named Area.

Achievement/Trophy Name Gamerscore Rank
tc-the-division-achievement-survivalist Survivalist
Recover 24 Survival Handbook pages.
New York Collapse Survival Guide
Reward: Meadow Jacket
25 G Bronze
tc-the-division-achievement-agent-diaries Agent Diaries
Extract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.
Reward: Shoreline Jacket
25 G Bronze
tc-the-division-achievement-incident-reports Incident Reports
Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.
Reward: Highland Jacket
25 G Bronze
tc-the-division-achievement-droning-on Droning on…
Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.
Reward: Frost Jacket
25 G Bronze
tc-the-division-achievement-the-finder The Finder
Retrieve 20 missing First Wave Division Agent profiles.
Reward: Sierra Jacket
25 G Bronze
tc-the-division-achievement-shadows-of-the-past Shadows of the Past
Activate 63 ECHO scenes. (All ECHO locations)
Reward: Rose Jacket
25 G Bronze

See full list of achievements/trophies here.

By collecting all items of one of the 6 sections listed above, not only the achievement/trophy will be unlocked, but you will be also rewarded with a vanity item – a jacket.

The following rewards can be claimed at the so called Rewards Claim Vendor, which is located in the back area of your Base of Operations.

Outfit Rewards

Meadow Jacket

Unlock this jacket by recovering all Survival Handbook pages.


Shoreline Jacket

Unlock this jacket by extracting all phone recordings.


Highland Jacket

Unlock this jacket by extracting all audio incident reports.


Frost Jacket

Unlock this jacket by extracting all aerial photos from crashed drones.


Sierra Jacket

Unlock this jacket by retrieving all The Division Agent profiles.


Rose Jacket

Unlock this jacket by activating all ECHOs.

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