Backpack trophies (keychains) are vanity items in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 to change your character’s appearance.

Some of the trophies like Tommy, the Teddy Bear, are not available anymore as they were given out as a pre-order or beta participation bonus for the game. However, there are several other backpack trophies you can find for free in the game. Here’s a short list to find them all, including their locations.

Please click/highlight the secret/blackened texts as they might contain spoilers.

  • Tommy, the Teddy Bear: Pre-order bonus (no longer available).
  • Capitol Hill: Participate in the Open Beta (no longer available).
  • Supply Crate: Complete the Dark Zone East Introduction Mission in the Open Beta (no longer available).
  • American Flag: Unlock Division Shields Tier 4 (The Division 1).
  • Plush Hippo: Requires two Theater Settlement upgrades. Can be found in a box on the rooftop terrace.
  • Plush Flower: Requires three Campus Settlement upgrades. Move up to the very top area above the Stage. It’s inside a box in front of the sunflowers.
  • Hunter’s Axe: Ivory Chest loot in The White House.
  • Contaminated Area (Traffic Cone): Collect all 15 Intel Collectibles (Comms) from the 5 Contaminated Zones.
  • Washington DC Flag: Reach Commendation Level 5.
  • Total Control Point Capture Trophy (Chesspiece): Capture all Control Points on the map.


  • Space Shuttle: Air and Space Museum Mission; search the cockpit when the Space Shuttle crashes through the roof.
  • Lincoln Bust: The keychain can be found between two shelves in the gift shop in the Lincoln Memorial Mission.
  • Tiny Skeleton: DCD Headquarters Mission; once you jump down the elevator shaft and reach the DCD research morgue, explore the area to your left and search the human skeleton model.
  • Speaker’s Gavel: Rescue President Ellis.
  • Gold Bar: Bank Headquarters Mission; enter the vault and move to the right to search the area.


  • Spray Painted Bobble Head (Ice hockey player): District Union Stronghold (Hyenas); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the end boss.
  • Arm Patch and Dog Tags: Capitol Building Stronghold (True Sons); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the end boss.
  • Sample (Blood) Vials: Roosevelt Island Stronghold (Outcasts): Can be found in a dresser on the right before dropping down to an underground tunnel.
  • T-Rex: Tidal Basin Stronghold (Black Tusk); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the Wyvern boss (any difficulty).
  • T-Rex Black: Tidal Basin Stronghold (Black Tusk); random, non-guaranteed loot drop from the Wyvern boss (Heroic difficulty).

Dark Zones & PvP

  • DZ East Trophy: Enter Thieves’ Den 5 times in any? Dark Zone.
  • DZ South Trophy: Kill players in Conflict/Rogues or a random drop from the “No Honor” Dark Zone perk in Thieves’ Den.
  • DZ West Trophy: Complete activities in DZ West (see DZ East/DZ South; not confirmed).
  • Conflict Trophy: Reach Conflict Level 100.

Classified Assignments

Classified Assignments are only available to Year 1 Pass holders.

  • Hotdog: National Bond Armory; Follow the yellow line from the keypad into the next room and shoot the electrical box.
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