Ongoing Directive is a Gear Set in The Division 2 that heavily focuses on the handling of your weapons as well as applying status effects to enemies which makes it ideal for players with the Survivalist Specialization.

Set Bonuses

  • Set Bonus (2/6):
    +20.0% Weapon Handling
  • Set Bonus (3/6):
    25% Burn Damage
  • Set Bonus (4/6):
    Bleed Damage
  • Set Bonus (5/6):
    Emergency Requisition: Combat resources (armor kits, armor, grenades) within 40 meters of you are automatically collected. This occurs every 30 seconds.
  • Set Bonus (6/6):
    The Right Tool..: Killing an enemy with a weapon grants some special ammo (incendiary, explosive, shock) to one of your other weapons.

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