True Patriot is a Gear Set in The Division 2 that comes with three different debuffs the whole group can benefit from. It’s suitable for support-oriented players.

Set Bonuses

  • Set Bonus (2/6):
    +10.0% Damage to Armor
  • Set Bonus (3/6):
    10% Protection from Elites
  • Set Bonus (4/6):
    Total Armor
  • Set Bonus (5/6):
    Red, White and Blue

    When you shoot an enemy, apply a debuff to them. Debuffs are applied in the order Red/White/Blue, cycling every 4 seconds.

    1. Red decreases damage dealt by the enemy.
    2. White restores armor to friendlies that shoot this enemy.
    3. Blue boosts skill cooldown reduction to friendlies that shoot this enemy.
  • Set Bonus (6/6):
    Full flag: Shooting an enemy that has all three debuffs will deal 25% damage to other nearby enemies that have at least one of the debuffs.

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