Survivalists control their surroundings using traps, status effects and are equipped with a precision crossbow to take their targets down, even in the harshest of environments.

Signature Weapon: Explosive Tipped Crossbow

General Modifiers

  • Elite Defense (Level 2)
    20% increased Protection from Elites.
  • Triage Specialist (Level 2)
    15% increased outgoing healing.
  • Crunch Time
    10% Skill cooldown reduction when in cover.
  • Vital Protection
    Reduce the chance you are critically hit in Conflict by 20%.
  • Survivalist Tactical Link
    Group members get 10% bonus damage to targets with status effects.

Weapon Modifiers

  • Incendiary Grenade
    The incendiary grenade applies Burn to targets within the radius.
  • Survivalist D50
    A .44 Magnum Revolver with optical attachment slot.
  • Gunslinger
    10% increased Sidearm damage.
  • Signature Weapon Damage (Level 3)
    • Tier 4: 145% increased Signature Weapon damage.
  • Running The Gun (Level 2)
    • Tier 3: 15% increased Shotgun damage.
  • E.M.I. (Level 2)
    • Tier 3: 15% increased Assault Rifle damage.
  • Infantry 5.56 Mag
    Custom magazine for 5.56 Assault Rifles.

Skill Modifiers

  • Mender
    The mender seeker mine follows allies and repairs their armor.
  • Magnetic Disc
    Mod to reduce the seeker mine cooldown.
  • Larrea Tridentata Infusion
    Mod to increase the seeker mine healing.


  • Distributed Repair
    Armor kits now repair over 5 seconds instead of instantly, but the repair effect now also applies to group members within a radius of 10 meters.
  • Explosive Bolt Acquisition
    Enemies killed while under status effects may drop crossbow bolts (Signature Weapon ammo).
  • Group Signature Ammo Supply
    The group has a chance to gain Signature Weapon ammo when a target with status effect is killed.
  • Scraping By
    Gain 5 ammo per second for your current weapon while performing a cover-to-cover in combat.
  • Survivalist Uniform
    An outfit for the Survivalist.

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