The Division 2 Year 1 Pass

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s Year 1 Pass is an optional addition to the full game and is included in the Gold, Ultimate, Dark Zone Definitive and Phoenix Shield Edition.

It will also become available as a separate purchase when the game launches and more importantly doesn’t give any advantages over players who don’t own the pass.

The first year’s season pass includes the following content:

  • 7-Day Early Access to Episode Narrative Content
    • Owners of the Pass will have a 7-day early access to the narrative content only, included in all Year 1 Episodes.
  • Instant unlock of the Year 1 Specializations
    • At launch, The Division 2 will include three Specializations, instantly available to everyone when reaching max level (Level 30).
    • Throughout Year 1, three additional Specializations will be released. Year 1 Pass holders will unlock them right away.
    • For those who do not have the Year 1 Pass, Specializations will be released at the same time, but must be unlocked over time through gameplay.
    • Year 1 Pass holders will also be able to earn exclusive cosmetic items with each Specialization’s release.
  • Exclusive Access to Classified Assignments
    • Throughout Year 1, Pass holders will have exclusive access to 8 Classified Assignments, which will provide more story behind the events leading to your arrival in D.C.
    • Completing each assignment will award players with a unique and exclusive backpack trophy to customize your Agent’s look.
  • Additional Bounties and Projects
    • Bounties in The Division 2 are special tasks to eliminate specific enemy targets, while Projects are assignments to complete various tasks around D.C.
    • As a Year 1 Pass holder, you will get access to one additional Bounty per week and one extra Project per day for a Challenging mission.
    • This perk ends on March 1st, 2020.
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Items
    • Year 1 Pass holders will get access to these exclusive rewards: the Agent Ward Outfit and the Scout emote.

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