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If you want to learn more about the different Tom Clancy’s The Division game editions and pre-order bonuses (Attention: Release is on March 8th, 2016), or simply can’t decide which one to buy, then take a closer look at our overview below.

Please also notice that some of them are only available in certain regions or countries.

Are you looking for The Division 2’s editions?

Standard Edition

More versions as well as the Season Pass can be found here.

Gold Edition


The Gold Edition contains

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Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition named “Sleeper Agent Edition” contains

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Smartwatch Unboxing

Here’s a short video made by a fan who won the smartwatch at Milan Games Week. The unboxing process starts at 01:00 and gives a good view of the watch case itself and how the orange glowing display looks like. The watch doesn’t only show the time, but comes with the following functionality:

  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • World clock mode

Season Pass

Tom Clancy’s The Division will also come with a Season Pass including dozens of content drops, events and much more. Find out more about it here.

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National Guard Gear Set


Every player will be able to unlock the National Guard Gear Set sometime during the game’s progress, while buyers of the Season Pass, which implies the Gold EditionSleeper Agent Edition and “SHD Edition” Steelbook [AU]can use it on day one.

Furthermore this gear set has nothing to do with any of the available pre-order bonuses.

  • National Guard outfit
  • Go Bag (with increased Armor Perk)
  • POF P416 Assault Rifle (+ Skin)

Limited Edition [UK]

The video games retailer GAME has an exclusive limited edition in its offer, that is sadly for the consoles Xbox One and PS4 only and consists of main game plus two additional DLC packs. The packaging might look like a bit misleading, but both packs listed below seem to be actually part of it.

Firefighter Pack


Featuring a unique look for your agent, a Go-Bag that increases resistance to burn damage and an early access to this exclusive custom skinned Super 90 shotgun.

  • Firefighter Pants
  • Firefighter Jacket
  • Black Cap
  • Go-Bag with increased burn damage resilience
  • Super 90 Shotgun

Police Pack


Featuring a unique look for your agent, a Go-Bag with increased ammo capacity and an early access to this exclusive custom skinned M870 shotgun.

  • Cargo Pants
  • Police Jacket
  • Black Police Beanie
  • Go-Bag with increased ammo capacity
  • M870 Shotgun

Exclusive Edition [RU]

The Tom Clancy’s The Division Exclusive Edition (ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНОЕ ИЗДАНИЕ) is sadly only available in Russia and currently listed for just 2499 Rubel ~ € 30,63 in the shop OZON.ru and also purchasable through the game’s official website.

The Exclusive Edition contains

  • Main game with the Limited Edition box art
  • Steelbook
  • “Save What Remains”-Poster
  • 4 gear set packs
    • Survival kit
    • NY Firefighter pack
    • NY Police pack
    • NY Paramedic pack

Exclusive Steelbook Edition [SEA]

This is an exclusive steelbook edition for (South East) Asian regions. Unfortunately we haven’t found a single place where it’s available to buy and the following video is the only information we have got about it. More about its announcement.

“SHD Edition” Steelbook [AU]

EB Games Australia as well as Amazon.de have a special Steelbook version of the game in their offer. Also mentionable is, that the version at EB Games additionally includes the Season Pass.


Pre-Order Bonuses

Guaranteed Beta-Access

Standard Pre-Order Bonus
For pre-ordering the game you will receive a guaranteed Beta-Access. The beta starts this December on Xbox One first and will be available on PC and PS4 early 2016.

“Hazmat” Gear Set

Standard Pre-Order Bonus
Also the “Hazmat” DLC-package is available when pre-ordering the game and contains the following items:

  • Hazmat outfit
  • Hazmat Go-Bag (with increased Health Skills)
  • POF P416 Assault Rifle (+ Skin)

The “Hazmat” Gear Set as well as other gear sets and pre-order bonuses from the Season Pass can be redeemed by unlocking your Base of Operations first and then speaking to the Rewards Claim Vendor who is located inside.

Uplay Shop Steelbook

Uplay Shop Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus
the-division-uplay-pre-order-steelbookAn exclusive Steelbook can be grabbed in the Uplay Shop, in case you have chosen a version with physical disks.

3 Skin Packs [CH]

This pre-order bonus was spotted in a Swiss store called World of Games. They are offering 3 skin packs in total, including the New York ParamedicPolice and Firefighter pack.


The contents of the Paramedic pack are pretty much comparable with those of the Hazmat gear set (Standard pre-order bonus) and National Guard set (Gold Edition only) and the other two packs. It contains the following items:

  • Paramedic Pants
  • Paramedic Jacket
  • Paramedic Cap
  • Go-Bag with increased healing
  • POF P416 Assault Rifle (+ Skin)

GameStop Steelbook [DE, AT, CH]

You will receive a steelbook if you pre-order at GameStop (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

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