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The official Tom Clancy’s The Division Original Game Soundtrack was created and composed by Ola Strandh in cooperation with Massive Entertainment.

tc-the-division-original-game-soundtrack-coverOla Strandh already worked with Massive on the past games like World in Conflict, or Ground Control Ground Control II: Operation Exodus and had also been active in the field of film music.

For more information about his work and the music in The Division, check out The Division Insider episode: Behind the Music.

The soundtrack of The Division 2 can be found here.

Full Tracklist

The soundtrack is available on iTunes and Amazon while it consists of 18 tracks and has a total length of 1:18:24.

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# Name Length
1 Prologue 2:18
2 We Are the Division 3:45
3 Precinct Siege (Full track: UBI LOUD) 4:39
4 The Garden 5:39
5 Dyer 4:23
6 Safehouse 3:57
7 Mortuary 4:36
8 Times Square 6:44
9 Grand Central 3:00
10 Lexington 5:37
11 Mall Rats 3:37
12 Skyline 2:24
13 Amherst 7:06
14 Ferro (Full track: UBI LOUD) 5:29
15 Power Plant 3:15
16 The Academy 4:26
17 Bliss 3:43
18 Dark Zone (Full track: UBI LOUD) 3:46

Take Back New York OST

He is also responsible for the legendary atmosphere in the E3 2014 Take Back New York Trailer.

The Division Soundtrack 6436 downloads

Survival Official Game Soundtrack

This is the OST for The Division’s second major expansion Survival, which was again composed by Ola Strandh.

Full Tracklist

The soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon and consists of 12 tracks. Total length is 41:44. You could already start listening to it for free on YouTubeSoundCloud, or many other ways listed here.

# Name Length
1 Crash 1:59
2 Heatseeker 3:32
3 Alone in the White 3:30
4 Welcome to the Village 3:42
5 Set 3:23
6 Vandra 4:05
7 I Am Named 4:30
8 Dogs 2:02
9 Barrel Intimacy 3:47
10 Nomad 3:29
11 Midtown Manifest 4:59
12 Diffusor 2:46

Also in the The Division community there is the one or other talented composer, who share their soundtracks on different platforms. The following tracks have been created by fans for fans!

The Division Extended Soundtrack

Composer: The Division Game + ? / Length: 2:24

New York Tactics

Composer: Maximilian Euler Music / Length: 2:04

Manhattan Aftermath

Composer: Maximilian Euler Music / Length: 2:28

Preparation is everything

Composer: Timo Hoffmann / Length: 1:30

Menu Theme

Composer: Timo Hoffmann / Length: 2:15

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