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The weapon arsenal in The Division consists of 7 different types, ranging from pistols to more powerful calibers from the Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle sector.

tc-the-division-agents-weapon-arsenalFor lashings of extra boom, various skill-based gadgets like Turrets or Seeker Mines round off this offer. Guns can be adapted similarly to the equipment to your individual needs and several modifications ensure that the role-playing aspect isn’t missed out. Also mentionable is that most of them come in different variants.

During the development process, the developers put a lot of emphasis on authenticity, which is why they got the for video game titles like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon famous and well-known developer studio Ubisoft Red Storm on board, to assist with creating the weapons and all related stuff (3D-Design, sound recordings).

Handling & Inventory

The player can carry up to 3 weapons simultaneously, namely a primary and secondary weapon plus one sidearm (Pistol), while the latter has infinite ammo.

But this should not detract you from collecting new ones. Quite the contrary! Your inventory can accommodate multiple weapons at once, but is limited by a certain number of free slots which is defined by the quality of your Backpack. Additional weapons can be stored in the Stash, which can be found in the Base of Operations, in Safe Houses and in Dark Zone Checkpoints.


The strength of a weapon is primarily defined by the following 3 characteristics,

  • DMG: How much is the weapon capable of doing per shot. Scales with Firearms.
  • RPM: Defines how fast – how many Rounds Per Minute – your weapon can fire.
  • MAG: How many rounds can be fired before your magazine needs to be reloaded.

while the other 4 are telling you in which way it affects your gameplay and gun handling.

  • Accuracy: How fast the reticle for this weapon changes size when fired. The smaller the reticle, the more accurate the shot.
  • Reload Speed: How quickly the weapon can be reloaded.
  • Range: Max distance (Optimal Range) before the weapon is no longer effective. The damage applied to enemies at greater distances is lower.
  • Stability: How hard the weapon is to control when firing for a prolonged period.

Exotic Weapons

Exotic Weapons have 3 unique Weapon Talents and can be acquired once your character has reached level 30. While there is no guaranteed way to get them, the best chance might be through completing missions on Legendary difficulty as well as killing Named Bosses, but also other sources of loot can drop them.

All Weapons

In the following section you can find a list of all weapons that are currently available in the game, grouped according to their archetype. The overview is based on screenshots, artworksvideos as well as several interviews and data-mining.

Weapon Archetypes (by MarcoStyle https://twitter.com/MarcoStyleNL)
Weapon Archetypes (by MarcoStyle)


Pistols, or sidearms, are very accurate at short distances and easy to handle. All sidearms (also includes a couple of Shotguns) have infinite ammo and are basically your last resort in combat. As a side note, the below listed Flare Gun is not a real item, but is automatically used when calling for an Extraction in the DZ. In Survival, however, it needs to be crafted first.

NameRPMMAGReload SpeedOptimal Range
586 Magnum35061.8s18m
Centurion (M1911)31071.4s12m
Custom PF45600151.6s14m
Damascus (M9)450151.6s16m
First Wave PF45600121.6s14m
First Wave X-45625151.6s16m
Flare Gun----
Golden Rhino35061.8s18m
M45A1 (M1911)31071.4s12m
Military M9450151.6s16m
Officer's M9 A1450201.6s16m
Police 686 Magnum35061.8s18m
Px4 Storm Type F45091.6s16m
Px4 Storm Type T45091.6s16m
Rhino Special35061.8s18m
Snubnosed Rhino35061.8s18m
Tactical M191131071.4s12m


Shotguns are designed for shooting at short distances and are ideally suited for urban warfare. They offer high mobility and high damage, but with very limited range and rate of fire. NPCs can be staggered when being hit by a Shotgun, while it causes the aim to flinch of real players in PvP.

NameRPMMAGReload SpeedOptimal Range
Black Market SASG-12 S18073s13m
Cassidy (Double Barrel Shotgun)20020.8s11m
Custom M870 MCS7550.6s9m
Defiler* (Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun)20020.8s11m
Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun20020.8s11m
Double Barrel Shotgun20020.8s11m
Fireman's M870*15080.6s9m
Hunter M870*7550.6s9m
M870 Express7550.6s9m
Marine Super 9015080.6s9m
Medved (SASG-12)18073s13m
Military M8707550.6s9m
Police M870*7550.6s9m
Showstopper (AA12)240202.2s14m
Super 9015080.6s9m
Tactical SASG-12 K18073s13m
Tactical Super 90 SBS15080.6s9m
* Available in DLCs, Season Pass

Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns (SMG) are fully automatic handguns designed to fire pistol cartridges. When using an SMG, your Critical Hit Damage is increased.

NameRPMMAGReload SpeedOptimal Range
AUG A3 Para XS725252.1s18m
Black Market T821550321.8s17m
Burst Fire MP-5 A4 (MP5)800322.1s16m
Converted SMG-9825322s13m
Converted SMG-9 A2825322s13m
Converted USC (UMP45)650202.4s14m
Eir (SMG-9)825322s13m
Enhanced AUG A3P725252.1s18m
Enhanced PP-19700532.35s16m
First Wave Vector 45 ACP750201.9s15m
Hildr (SMG-9)825322s13m
MP-5 ST (MP5)800322.1s16m
Midas (T821)550321.8s17m
Navy MP5 N800322.1s16m
Police T821550321.8s17m
Police UMP45600302.4s14m
Tactical AUG A3P725252.1s18m
Tactical UMP45600302.4s14m
Tactical Vector 45 ACP750201.85s15m
The House (MPX)850302.4s17m
Thompson M1928600302s16m
Tommy Gun (Thompson)800502.2s16m
Vector 45 ACP750201.9s15m

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are relatively lightweight and compact multi-purpose military rifles. They are well-balanced fully automatic weapons with a moderate amount of recoil, most useful at medium range. In The Division they are well suited for shredding the enemy’s armor due to the additional Enemy Armor Damage bonus. In PvP, a percentage of the target’s armor equal to one-third of the shooter’s Enemy Armor Damage is ignored.

NameRPMMAGReload SpeedOptimal Range
Black Market AK-74 (AK-47)600302.6s26m
Bullfrog (Famas)900302.2s28m
Caduceus (SCAR-L)600302.3s28m
Classic ACR760302.3s27m
Classic AK-47600302.6s26m
Classic FAL650202.45s32m
Custom P416 G3750302.3s26m
EMT P416 G3*750302.3s26m
Enhanced ACR-E760302.3s27m
Enhanced G36750302s32m
G36 C750302s32m
Hazmat P416 G3*750302.3s26m
JTF P416 G3*750302.3s26m
LVOA-C (M4)850302.55s28m
Liberator (M4)850302.5s28m
Lightweight M4850302.5s28m
Military AK-47M600302.6s26m
Military G36750302s32m
Military P416750302.3s26m
Military SA-58 (FAL)650202.45s32m
Police M4850302.5s28m
SOCOM SCAR-L600302.3s28m
Survivor AK-47*600302.6s26m
Tactical Mk16 (SCAR-L)600302.3s28m
Tactical SA-58 (FAL)650202.45s32m
Urban MDR Assault Rifle350202.4s28m
Warlord (AK-47)600302.6s26m
* Available in DLCs, Season Pass

Light Machine Guns

Light Machine Guns (LMG) are high-powered fully automatic weapons with large capacity magazines, but which require some time to stabilize when firing. Although the enemies’ AI can be easily suppressed and forced into cover, making use of the increased DMG to targets out of cover should be your goal when using an LMG.

NameRPMMAGReload SpeedOptimal Range
Big Alejandro (Ameli)1000555.5s28m
Black Market M60 E65001005.75s40m
Black Market RPK-74 E650452.7s28m
Classic M605001005.75s40m
Classic RPK-74650452.7s28m
Custom L86 A2610302.4s32m
Hungry Hog (M60)5001005.75s40m
Infantry MG5800505.5s30m
M249 B5501005s35m
Military L86 LSW610302.4s32m
Military M60 E45001005.75s40m
Military MK46 (M249)5501005s35m
Military RPK-74 M650452.7s28m
Pakhan (RPK-74)650452.7s28m
Tactical M249 Para5501005s35m

Designated Marksman Rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) are self-loading rifles with a telescopic sight and high-powered precision. A DMR closes the gap between an Assault and Sniper Rifle. Extra Headshot Damage bonus is applied when such a weapon is used in the game.

NameRPMMAGReload SpeedOptimal Range
Classic M1A300102.9s60m
Classic M44 Carbine5551.9s60m
Covert SRS5371.95s42m
Custom M445551.9s60m
Devil (SIG 716)275152.55s60m
First Wave M1A300102.9s60m
Heel (SIG 716)275152.55s60m
Historian (M1A)300102.9s60m
Hunting M445551.9s60m
M700 Carbon5473.2s42m
M700 Tactical5473.2s42m
Military SCAR-H275202.5s60m
Model 700 (M700)5476.73s42m
Paratrooper SVD260102.3s34m
Police Mk17 (SCAR-H)275202.5s60m
SOCOM M1A300102.9s60m
SOCOM Mk20 SSR (SCAR-H)275202.5s60m
SRS A15371.95s42m
Surplus SVD260102.3s34m
Tenebrae (SCAR-H)275202.5s60m


The Division also comes with a half dozen different grenades, which can either deal high damage or apply certain Status Effects to targets.

More details about Grenades


Mod Slots

Weapons can be equipped with modifications that are nothing else than items. The number of modifications that can be attached is based on the number of mod slots the weapon has, which in turn depends on the weapon’s archetypeitem level and rarity level. 

Beginning with classic silencers to magazine extensions, the modifications ensure that you can build the perfect weapon of your choice. The following modification types are available and also separated into sub-categories:

  • Handle
  • Underbarrel (Short/Long)
  • Magazine
  • Muzzle (Small/Large)
  • Optic (Short/Long)

Because mods are handled as items, their quality is also based on a rarity level and item level and can have multiple random bonuses.

The Division also supports aiming down sights (ADS) if you apply a proper scope to your weapon. This means that the camera switches its position so that you can directly look through it which makes aiming more accurate. However, it is not supported by all of the scopes.

Skin Slot

In the fight rather meaningless, but for many players of great value are weapon skins. An additional mod slot allows you to apply either a color or a whole skin camouflage pattern to your gun. You can get new weapon skins by looting any kind of chests in the world, enemy NPCs/players or by helping out civilians.

Here are 2 examples of the Hazmat (pre-order bonus) and National Guard (Gold Edition exclusive) skin, both for the POF P416.

National Guard

Weapon Talents

Weapon Talents are passive abilities or perks that can be found on High-End weapons. Depending on its archetype, a weapon can have up to 3 of them.

Full List of Weapon Talents

Firing Modes

The Division handles weapon firing modes in a more uncommon way, meaning that you are not able to switch between firing modes like automatic, burst and single shot on the fly.

However each weapon item drop defines or preselects its firing mode, e.g. you can find a normal MP5 that is fully automatic, while also MP5s with burst firing mode can be found.


Different guns require different ammunition types. In addition to the guns’ default ammunition which is shared with other ones of the same archetype, you can use special ammo consumables that can temporarily buff your weapon’s efficiency. The number of bullets you have left can always be looked up in your inventory.

Render Shots

The following render shots are taken from a presentation held by Red Storm Entertainment at the zBrush Summit 2014. Besides the 6 images, you can also watch the video of the presentation here.

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